Elder Scrolls Online Rumor Surfaces Again

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Earlier this month, a rumor was going around the net that ZeniMax Media had purchased the domain name “elderscrollsonline.com”, although the company had yet to comment on even the remote possibility of an Elder Scrolls MMO – the speculation had people either up in arms, or so excited that they were doing the pee-pee dance in the streets.While the acquisition of the domain name is indeed true, no word of even the possibility of multiplayer or said MMO has been given on the lauded series, so the news was filed under “rumor” in most gamers minds.

Today, however, the rumor is gaining new ground now that ZeniMax Online ,which is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, has announced that it acquired the rights to use Simutronics’ HeroEngine. We are all well aware that the HeroEngine was designed specifically for crafting MMO titles, therefore, this has given gossip and speculation junkies something more to talk about.

Launched on August 1 with the intention of focusing on the MMO market, ZeniMax Online may actually be working on a new MMO, but to jump to the conclusion that it is an Elder Scrolls related game before an official announcement has been issued is just plain silly. Granted, it may actually come to fruition, but until we all know for sure – we need to maintain a collective form of restraint before we either: a) get our panties in a wad, or b) get our hopes up only to be disappointed.

From a personal perspective, I am hoping against all hope that an MMO version never happens, as I would rather have a new single-player expansion (or an entirely new game) than see one of my favorite games of all time become the next disappointing MMO. Yes, it could be cool, but what would the game loose in the process? A lot if you ask me, and if they do intend to take the Elder Scrolls online, they better make damn sure they do not ruin the franchise as a whole.

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11 Comments on Elder Scrolls Online Rumor Surfaces Again


On May 24, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Dude Elders Scrolls Online will be AMAZING. It has the background, they have all ready created the areas they just need to jam them together and fill in any gaps. They have the fan base to make it start really well… wait a minute these are reasons why World of Warcraft is the number one MMO. Seriously FINAL FANTASY has lots of players but because it’s so freaking boring and FINAL FANTASY in my opinion really doesn’t work as an MMO, it has failed compared to WoW.

So Elder Scrolls Online could work but… they are having to go against World of Warcraft which just pwns all MMO’s to be honest (don’t say it isn’t just cause you didn’t like it… it has over 10 million players and it is crashing the MMO industry, all new MMO’s just get lol’ed at and sit in its shadow). As long as Bethesda give it good gameplay and not some stupid crap like loosing experience (FINAL FANTASY XI) when you die or loosing all but three of your items (Runescape). And not crappy small dungeons like there are through out Oblivin, well they aren’t crappy in Oblivion cuase they work cause its single player, but in groups those dungeons would be over in minutes, or bosses where you get hundreds of players trying to farm but don’t get the kill cause there group didn’t attack first and yada yada.

The only other problem I see is that Elders Scrolls is first person, in group situations that could be a bad idea as you can only see everything in line of sight – though that would make it more challenging, but tanking could prove difficult (speaking from experience as a level 70 Protection Warrior in WoW, its hard enough with a good view, espeically when you pull to many).


On July 5, 2008 at 8:04 pm

Well, it might not be a complete MMO, but it would probably go on the grounds of a 2-4 player co-op (i.e. Two Worlds, but not crappy like Two Worlds) traveling around Tamriel. Just a thought. Be pretty cool either way, MMO or not.

Andy B

On July 15, 2008 at 3:37 pm

would love them to make elder scrolls online aslong as it has the open endedness and quest variety as oblivion has. Just think of the possibilitys if its anything like oblivion was to morrowind it should be good hope they make it.


On July 15, 2008 at 7:27 pm

I hope to god they do not make it. They will just be ruining a great series with an MMORPG POS. I can see COOP but not a WOW-styled thing cause that will be the death of Elder Scrolls.


On July 15, 2008 at 7:27 pm

They should also leave the SP alone and make it optional.


On July 18, 2008 at 12:53 pm

personally i think it would make a great basis for a mmo. I crave a first person mmo! sure their are a lot of small dungeons through out oblivion but im sure they will make large ones for the MMO. Oh maybe they can make casting spells more difficult then just pressing a button? like combinations, now that would be fun. I think AoC is doing that (i wanna play it xD)

anyways i dont think that its a bad idea. I mean i really enjoyed oblivion but it got boring after awhile ya know? I hated how the monsters leveled up with you so when i trained my mage to 20 i went for the first main quest and got pwned due to my un-preparedness. Oh i made a thief to b.c i really enjoyed breaking into houses… Yep would make a great mmo.


On August 20, 2008 at 1:26 pm

I think an online Elder Scrolls would be a killer game,Have it where you can go to all the places like Morrowind and Skyrim, ya know just throw them all together,I honestly think they could destroy WoW or be very close to it, I think they should make it in my opinion


On September 4, 2008 at 10:42 pm

Ever since I basically quit WoW for 3 months to play Oblivion, I have wanted an Elder Scrolls MMO.

- Skill-based leveling (instead of class-based leveling) allows players to change their characters into whatever they want without needing to start all over.
- Being able to design your own spells and enchantments based on a library of spell effects (as seen in both Morrowind and Oblivion), though it poses balancing challenges in terms of PvP, would be revolutionary in the realm of MMOs.
- Bethesda already has a brilliant world created with existing geography, races, distinctive mythical creatures, and a vastness of culture, politics, and religion interwoven throughout. I can’t imagine a better place than Tamriel to live out the remainder of my gaming days.
- Bethesda has a solid record for developing superb games. With people eagerly throwing their $50 into new developments from companies with much shoddier records (Mythic, SOE, Funcom, and Turbine), I foresee the buzz and anticipation of a Bethesda MMO being the greatest in the history of the genre.

- MMO development is a never-ending process and requires additional personnel resources that console-type games do not (a year-round development team, a subscriptions management department, a customer service department, etc). While it is undeniable that they make excellent games, they may be met with failure when tasked with maintaining an excellent game.

- No real dichotomous factionalization among playable races (ie. good vs evil) to build a conflicting populaton. Part of the success of WoW stems from allowing players to choose a side in an ongoing race war. It is one of the elements that is going to make Warhammer successful and (I believe) the lack thereof is main reason AoC and LOTRO did so poorly. However, an Elder Scrolls MMO where you can play as both the typical races AND the Daedric races would surmount this issue.

I really hope it happens.

Jeromy Boyd

On October 15, 2008 at 10:07 am

For starters, I must speak against the argument that it will ruin the franchise. It would change the way many look at what an Elder Scrolls game is, however, it will not ruin the franchise in whole. Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion; these were all developed by the teams of Bethesda, whereas if their is an mmo in development, it is being headed and developed by an entirely different team, therefore they could easily, and assuredly will, continue development of the same quality single player rpgs that the TES series is known for. I would expect the two companies (which are owned by the same people) would work closely together to ensure lore and mechanics would be as true to the original games could be for an mmo platform. So it would not necessarily ruin the franchise persay, but it would change how people look at the franchise and what that name carries.

To continue though, both sides have very good ground for argument, BUT, that does not make either side correct. There are always pros and cons, and with a franchise of this caliper, those pros and cons for a massively multiplayer and a single player platform are numerous. Because of this, neither side can deny or argue the other sides points (by side I am speaking of those who are for an mmo, and those who are against). Both are right, both are wrong.

Onward and beyond, I am looking forward to TESMMO, and I am looking forward to TESV, both will be worth playing if both are made. I am prepared for an MMO, however, and will begin development of a community site for it in the future. My hopes are set high for a persistent world where role-play can thrive where mechanics are strong and character development are limitless; and yes, with the proper planning and development, I believe that an MMO could be made true to the franchise while broadening its reach through the genres (of sorts). Am I right? Does it matter? Are you right? Does it matter?


On October 15, 2008 at 6:06 pm

I know this is really old news but the fact is Oblivion was fun and addicting even in single player. Add that gameplay experience(realtime first-person) with massive amounts of people and actually do the entire of all of Tamriel, this thing would destroy all other MMO’s on the market.


On July 31, 2009 at 11:19 am

If you read ‘A Brief History of the Empire’ in Oblivion, and many other historical accounts in the other games, you will realise that most of history of Tamriel has involved much war and bloodshed. Reading the origins of the Fighters Guild, for example, will tell you about the continent of Akavir (hence the Akaviri Katana’s the Blades weild in Oblivion).

If each server started with no Emporer on the throne in the Imperial City, it would open up the possibility for massive PvP conflict as various individuals attempt to influence different regions into supporting their ascent to the throne. This is where the PvP element could arise from. It wouldn’t even need set factions for PvP to arise.

Secondly, if PvP battles become too intense (like whole armies marching against each other), or too calm (everyone is kissing and making up), then all the game moderators need to do, is throw in an Akaviri invasion, or have Oblivion gates start opening up all over the place, forcing previously warring factions to ally with one another to prevent their total destruction.

This is why I like the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO. The lore gives rise to meaningful PvP and PvE, immense role-playing opportunities, epic quests, enormous batttles, player choices having real effects, and a dynamic world that could go one way or another (even the complete destruction of the whole empire and enslavement of entire population of Tamriel).

If done right… it could be the most immersive and player centered MMO ever made.