Electronic Arts E3 2009 Press Event – with Liveblog at 5pm EDT

Following the revelations of earlier today with the Microsoft E3 2009 kickoff events Electronic Arts hits the stage in California at 2PM California time (yes that’s an official time zone… California is more important than the rest of the Pacific time zone… just ask them). We’ve included the embed link to G4TVs JustinTV feed for the event.

I’ll attempt to do a liveblog of the event in the same post as well if you’re interested in my insight into the whole thing.

You can see the embed and the liveblog after the jump.


4:45 – Watching on G4TV and on the web.. lets see which is more convenient shall we…

4:57 – Did you know the government is authorized to seize foreclosures in your area? Call now!

5:04 – Lights going down.

5:05 – Visceral Games, Dante’s Inferno Teaser.. still not sure how EA will make this a winning game.. but we’ll see. It looks like
they’ve excised all the political commentary from the original.

5:06 – Dante sure knows a lot of people in Hell.. I wonder what will happen as he makes his way up the ladder..

5:07 – Sims 3 launch at Midnight… showing a little preview.. the whole town concept is looking interesting but I’m still not sold on doing it without micromanagement.

5:08 – 12 games to show off today

5:09 – EA loves Wii.. whoopeee.. sigh.. pardon me for being a fallen member of the Nintendo Faithful. Littlest Petshop.. glad my daughters are getting older now… I won’t have to worry about these titles much.

5:11 – EA getting into the Webkinz market – 5 years too late.

5:11 – EA has such a good arrangement with Hasbro, wonder what will happen when the Atari D&D deal ends in a few years.. now that Bioware is an in-house studio.

5:13 – EA Girls branding – nice to see finally.. I just worry about the stereotypical promotion of popular bitchy girls with these games – “What’s great about being a girl” – pajama parties, shopping.. sigh… I know quite a few girls and women who would find that conceit a bit patronizing.

5:15 – Need for Speed: SHIFT – 2 year dev cycle.. redefines racing experience.. sounds like Forza 3.. the definitive racing game of this console generation..

5:17 – How you drive on the track defines who you are – Drive like a pro and you have a great experience hit top speed, pull corners.. etc. Aggressive drivers – bump, pull general dick moves.. whatever you want and we’ll reward your play style… drive like an idiot and we’ll delete your save game! Ok so he didn’t say that.. but wouldn’t it be cool? You define your own profile.

5:19 – Live race footage. Nice cockpit view.. but its still just a racing game guys.. you drive around in circles trying to take first place..

5:20 – Dragon Age Origins – I wonder if it’ll look less like a bad Lord of the Rings in the cinematic this year.

5:22 – Another world saving fantasy game.. wow! That’s a great and original idea Bioware!

5:24 – Wow.. its The Witcher by Bioware:)

5:24 – Boobies! Looks like another sex rile is on the horizon..

5:25 – Mass Effect 2 – continues story as we know.. surrounds a suicide mission.. intense shooter action.. that worries me.. but we’ll see.. I hope we can drive around for no reason on even more generic rock planets!

5:25 – Gameplay Trailer.. same one that’s been out on GameTrailers plus some. Great soundtrack and pacing.. just a big big tease. Poor poor Normandy…

5:27 – EA Sports is up to bat.

5:28 – Peter Moore on deck. Fight Night Round 4… why do I not care? I mean its a gorgeous game, but I prefer fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom to Boxing or Wrestling games.

5:30 – I don’t really care about the games but man is Peter Moore a good PR guy.. I always enjoy his segments – last year was great also.

5:32 – Fight Night Rd 4 – June 25th

5:33 – Mixed Martial Arts.. how is this different from UFC or the others?

5:33 – Sports games at the forefront of connected entertainment? I’m not sure I can agree to that.. especially after the EA DNA stuff with NBA Live this year. Though FIFA has awesome online modes.

5:36 – Ok.. the online tie in is actually very impressive.. NCAA 10 looks great.. and TeamBuilder might just make me pick it up.

5:37 – Online Franchise for Madden 10.. wow.. online drafts.. trades.. message boards.. funny teaser.. ok.. Madden just went back on my want list..

5:38 – EA Sports Active – more coming.. which is great.. one real reason to use a Wii.. far better than Wii Fat.

5:40 – Really need to pick it up now that the Wii is free in the mornings..

5:42 – over 600,000 units in 2 weeks! Now how is supply Peter? Expansion pack coming this holiday season. 30 more activities.. and tropical presentation.

5:44 – EA Sports Wii Grand Slam Tennis – Why has SEGA not done this with their Tennis title? Sampras showing up is typical Peter Moore:)

5:46 – “Let me explain how to play tennis Pete”.. lol awkward.

5:48 – EA Sports done.. now to hope for SW:KotOR … nope Pandemic is up with their next game The Saboteur.

5:50 – WWII Splinter Cell.. Paris.. sandbox game.. nice. Hmm… maybe its more Mercs WWII than Splinter Cell

5:52 – EAPartners – usually the most dry part of the show.. id, Epic, and Valve ;p (I’m kidding)

5:54 – Brutal Legend! Nice. Tim Schafer is one funny dude.. as always.

5:56 – “He has fabulous hair.. so nice he can fly with it.” Quote of the show so far.

5:57 – Ok.. the Lita Ford comment beat the last one..

5:58 – Ozzy? Awesome! Not that I could want the game more? Of course he’s playing Ozzy himself… the god of metal:)

5:58 – New trailer – full trailer Tuesday.. I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

6:00 – Brutal Thoughts Part 2 – Tim is the best part of these promos.. How could Activision dump this game??

6:02 – Crytek – Crysis 2 announcement.. am I the only person who doesn’t think Crysis is that interesting a concept.. yet its cranked out 3 games in 2 years.. its a very pretty engine tech demo.

6:04 – New team – RealTimeWorld – APB is going to EA.. rumor confirmed.

6:05 – Now if only APB was merged with inFamous or Crackdown.. then I’d be sold.

6:07 – Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer… prepare to be amazed visually and disappointed in reality.. I am.

6:08 – Ok.. cheezy.. Bioware Jedi.. sigh..

6:09 – Did Lucas forget Sony exists.. lol.. ‘When we wanted to make a Star Wars MMO we thought of Bioware of course’.. lol

6:10 – Fully voiced game.. nice. This worries me.. based on the limited voice pallet of the other Bioware games.

6:10 – Empire class? Republic Class? Does he not know the history of the setting? There is no Empire in the Old Republic.

6:11 – Exclusive cinematic trailer – The music always makes me giddy.. John Williams rocks.

6:13 – The Sith uprising.. destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Massive Jedi on Sith action.. what about the Mandos?

6:15 – Exciting trailer.. I only worry about how it’ll play and how much it will cost. Especially with the false “Your Republic shall fall” line.. we know that does not happen for a few thousand more years.

Show over.. what do you guys think? Will SW MMO be a good MMO?

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2 Comments on Electronic Arts E3 2009 Press Event – with Liveblog at 5pm EDT


On June 1, 2009 at 5:22 pm

That Old Republic trailer was sweet. That and the overall length of the press conference almost made me forget about the Littlest Pet Shop and PJ party (but not completely EA, do some audience analysis).

Saboteur looked like Crackdown meets the 1940s, it made me lol.

Shawn Sines

On June 2, 2009 at 12:31 pm

Well the demographic is more than core gamers.. so I understand.. but the tween obsessed fashion game thing bothers me.. it perpetuates the girl/boy stereotypes that society and traditional marketing seem to thrive upon.