Elite: Dangerous – How to Make Easy Money

The beta for the space-faring simulation Elite: Dangerous is upon us, and newbies might be lost in the vastness of the galaxy — especially on financial terms.

Earning money when you’re competing with the whole of the universe isn’t always easy, so we’ve scrounged up a handful of tips to get pilots started.

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How to Make Easy Money

In the beta for Elite: Dangerous, there are two major methods for earning cash when you’re just starting out. You can either haul cargo or hunt bounties.

Those early activities might sound simple, but with a little thought you can rake easy profits.

Method #1: Buy Low, Sell High

Be aware of the economies of each space station you visit. Every colony specializes in something, and will buy certain cargo for high prices.

For example; an agriculture station will buy fertilizer for a higher price than a high-tech station. Similarly, a station at war will purchase medical cargo or weapons for a higher price than an agriculture station.

The idea is simple — purchase extra cargo at stations where the product is cheap, then travel to stations where that cargo is needed. Make note of each station’s product and use a little logic to deduce what they might need.

This is a boring method for earning cash, but it tends to be safe and effective. Basically, you’re a space-trucker hauling goods from one location to another.

To make trading easier, try using Thudd’s Elite: Dangerous Trade Tool.

Now if you’re looking for a more exciting way to get cash, keep scrollin.

Method #2: Bounty Hunting

Leave for a Low-Intensity Combat Zone. As a starting player, you probably don’t want to risk more dangerous areas yet. While in a combat zone, scan the area and avoid other players — for now. We’re talking about easy money here, and other players are trouble.

Instead, look for wanted NPCs or NPCs of an opposing faction. Pick your faction and start hunting lonely ships to earn cash for every kill.

This is one of the most straight-forward methods for earning cash, but if you’re looking for an even easier score…

Method #3: Gold Frenzy

One valuable resource found floating around the galaxy is gold. The LP 98-132 System is full of discarded Gold containers.

Keep up a safe speed and rush through space in search for unidentified signals. Keep an eye out for clusters of discarded cargo containers full of the gold resource. There are other resources too, but focus on gold for maximum profits.

With the cargo hold full, return to Freeport and sell the gold to the Blackmarket for an easy infusion of cash.

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2 Comments on Elite: Dangerous – How to Make Easy Money

CMDR Hawkenfox

On August 7, 2014 at 7:12 pm

But stolen goods gets you in trouble near station police scans. All goods picked up from space are considered stolen. Best way to make cash in Elite D would be to run solo and trade , since you could switch to online mode later when you have some in-game cash to spend.

nil point

On September 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

not in anarchic systems , there isnt a police presence