Enemy Front: One Shot, One Boom Achievement Guide

Blowing up Nazis isn’t an exact science, but we’ve got the tips you’ll need to unlock your first achievement in Enemy Front with our step-by-step stealth guide below.

To get “One Shot, One Boom” you’ll need to destroy the Axis armory and score a kill on an enemy officer in one shot. It doesn’t take bullets to get this tricky challenge done — all you need is a little patience and stealth.

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One Shot, One Boom Achievement Guide

This achievement can be unlocked during “First Victory” — the very first mission of the game.

To unlock the achievement, you’ll need to sneak to the Nazi armory and steal explosives, then destroy the armory and an officer with a single shot.

How to Sneak Into the Nazi Armory:

  • Stay in the shadows. Crouch and move to the brick wall, then move along it to the left, staying in the shrubs and behind the crates.
  • When the way is clear, cross the street covered in shadow then climb into the window. Wait for the guards to turn their backs on you, then stealth kill the first guard on the lower floor once the second guard goes upstairs.
  • Past the guard, move down the lower floor hallway and turn right. Enter through the open double doors and turn left to reach the armory.

How to Unlock the “One Shot, One Boom” Achievement:

  • If you manage to sneak into the armory without the Office in the adjacent room noticing, you can unlock this achievement easily.
  • After stealing the explosives, plant one inside the armory. Give yourself plenty of time and sneak out the way you came.
  • When you’re in safe distance, the explosion in the armory will also kill the officer in the nearby room. One armory down, one Nazi defeated, and one achievement unlocked.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • One Shot, One Boom (10 points / Bronze):
    Kill an officer and blow up the armory with one shot in ‘First Victory’ mission

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