Enemy Front: Prison Break-In Achievement Guide

Take a less explosive approach in Enemy Front with our Prison Break-In achievement guide, where you’ll find tips on how to effectively sneak in the WW2 shooter’s first mission.

While the option to shoot everyone is always open, sometimes it’s more fun to challenge yourself. Stealth has its own systems, giving you an edge while crawling through greenery and hiding in the shadows. Don’t let the fascist oppressors get you down with trial-and-error attempts at success. Get our step-by-step instructions below.

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Prison Break-In Achievement Guide

This achievement can be unlocked in “First Victory” — the first mission of the game.

To earn this achievement you’ll need to sneak into the prison without raising an alarm. That means sticking to the shadows and creeping up on Nazi troopers for silent takedowns.

This is a lengthy process, so stick to our specific instructions to make it to the prison without getting spotted.

Don’t forget that you have the minimap in lower left corner that shows nearby enemy positions. It also shows which direction they’re facing. Even when hidden, a close enemy can spot you so always pay attention to their direction.

How to Sneak into the Prison:

  • Just as you exit the sewer, stick to the bushes and shadows while crouching. Follow the low wall left. Wait for a guard to ponderously patrol up the steps in the back left corner of this sunken area.
  • Sneak behind him at the top of the steps and use a silent knife takedown. At the top of the stairs, turn right and enter the small courtyard across the street to reach the next waypoint.
  • Leaving the house, you’ll enter a larger stone terrace area full of Nazi guards. Don’t fire your weapon, instead creep along the back wall to your left. You’ll want to reach the left stone wall. Stay in the shadows and creep along.
  • Against the left walls, use the parked car and shrubbery. Sneak toward the sandbag pillbox — there’s a guard watching the machine gun nest, so wait for him to turn around.
  • Crouch and enter the fortification, carefully taking the single guard inside down with a melee attack. Wait for the guard to the right of the main entrance to turn around before killing the pillbox soldier.
  • Pass by the nest with the guard still turned around and look for the prison entrance to your left. Here, you’ll have to breach through the door. Once the building is breached, you should unlock the achievement or trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Prison Break-In (25 points / Bronze):
    Get into the prison without raising alarm in ‘First Victory’ mission

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On June 12, 2014 at 11:54 am

I think the idea with achievement in the game is very good. Sometimes when we finished the mission but don’t collect all achivements we can play in this mission again and try do everything. I think Enemy Front will be great game.