Enemy Front: Resistance Symbols Locations Guide

Leave your mark with all 14 resistance symbols hidden in the singleplayer campaign for Enemy Front.

These tricky painted walls are hard to spot while trying to dodge incoming Nazi fire, so get a little help from us. Find every location with ease and earn an achievement with the complete locations guide below.

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Resistance Symbols Locations

There are 14 hidden Polish Resistance Symbols in the campaign. They are only located in Warsaw levels.

These tricky collectibles are marked on walls, and they’re tricky to spot from far away if you’re not looking for a glowing sheen. Interact to mark the wall with the symbol.

Mission: First Victory

  • Symbol #1: After your ally pics you up at the start of the mission, move forward and look at the corner of the beige brick building to your left. It’s to the left of the open sewer entrance.
  • Symbol #2: Leaving the sewers through the left exit, you’ll reach a street with a good view of a large building covered in Nazi flags. Look for the open wooden door. On the exterior brick well to the left of the open door and windows you’ll find the symbol.
  • Symbol #3: On the way to the armory, sneak up the steps and through the bushes to a large building with open windows on the left side of the courtyard. Look on the corner building wall to the right of the open windows to paint on another symbol.
  • Symbol #4: On the way to the prison, you’ll go upstairs and leave a building. Before continuing toward the prison, turn right as you exit the structure and look on the exterior corner.
  • Symbol #5: Another symbol is inside the prison itself. After fighting or sneaking past the sandbag machine gun nest, you’ll get through the exterior gate. There’s a breach to the right. Don’t do it yet, instead continue down the hallway to the interior gate and paint on the symbol.

Mission: Warsaw Calling

  • Symbol #6: On the ruined street at the start of the mission, hug the right wall until you reach a stone tunnel. You’ll reach it just before crossing the burning building to the left of the road. Inside the tunnel, keep your aim over the right wall to find the painting point about halfway down.
  • Symbol #7: Moving through the office building near the end of the chapter, you’ll go downstairs into a hallway with two-toned white/green painted walls. Turning right, you’ll enter a short hallway into the wrecked area ahead. Before going through, look on the right wall past a window.

Mission: Past Assault

  • Symbol #8: This symbol is had to miss. After leaving the trenches, you’ll enter a building and go upstairs to the second floor. On the way up, with the halfway landing, you’ll find the symbol icon on the wall.
  • Symbol #9: Passing through the burning buildings and going upstairs, you’ll reach a white hallway with an ally down the path. Look on the dirty right wall for a symbol.

Mission: Home Army Victorious

  • Symbol #10: Leaving the building and going out to street level, you should see a flashing sign with the letters “zen” going on and off in the distance. Just as you leave, cross the street and look across on the opposite brick wall to get the first symbol.
  • Symbol #11: The next symbol is in the same courtyard. Dash down the street, sticking to the right edge of the road. You should pass another burning car. At the end of the path there’s a crashed bus. To the right of the bus, look on the brick wall for the second symbol.

Mission: The Final Day

  • Symbol #12: Leaving the starting firefight, you’ll need to enter the sewer ahead of the crashed trolley. Exiting the sewer and returning to the street, you’ll need to enter a covered alley to the right of the main road. Just to the left of the entrance on your main path, there’s a symbol on the wall.

Mission: The Fall of Warsaw

  • Symbol #13: Before entering the large station with a trolley car outside the huge metal doors, look on the closed gates to the right of the car still on its tracks. Right on the small brick section between metal doors, you’ll find the symbol location.
  • Symbol #14: Leaving behind the last sewer section, look on the building wall to your right as you reach the streets. That’s the final resistance symbol.

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On June 17, 2014 at 11:04 am

So now we have full lists of Resistance Symbols Locations:) I finished Enemy Front on 9,5 hours but I’m sure I don’t collected all of them:P Now when I know where I can find it can start play one more time and collected all of Resistance Symbols for fun:) Very good article.


On June 23, 2014 at 9:56 am

Oh, I found a few .. now I know where to look;) I went through the game just 10 hours. 10 well-spent hours. one day;) Now I want to go to the expert level., I hope that it will be even more interesting;)


On June 24, 2014 at 2:17 pm

I think on expert level will be hard to collect all this resistence symbols but I don’t try do it yet. yes I agree with you time spent on the game definitely was not the wasted. Now I spend time on multiplayer with friends.