Enemy Front: Secrets Collectible Locations Guide

Go treasure hunting all over Europe in Enemy Front with the absolute secret collectibles locations guide, pointing out each hidden trinket.

There are 48 of these “secrets” spread over every single mission. Unless you’re planning on multiple tours of duty, finding every single item on your own isn’t what we’d call easy. Don’t kill yourself just for a few achievements, make the process easy with the exacting details for each missing gold piece below.

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Secrets Collectible Locations Guide

Secrets are scattered across every map in Enemy Front. Find them all to earn a load of easy trophies and achievements.

Mission: First Victory

  • Secret #1: The first collectible is found in the sewer. An ally lights up the area ahead. Follow him down the path just after dropping in and look down the left path. It’s just next to the junction, and can be very tricky to spot in the dark.
  • Secret #2: Taking the left path through the sewers, enter the Nazi-decorated building across the street through the open wooden door. Take a turn right through another opening to reach an office with a missing wall. There’s a storage room with empty metal shelves. Look on an eye-level cabinet in the back right corner of the room.
  • Secret #3: On the way to the prison, you’ll need to get through a courtyard and pass through a building to reach the prison exterior. You’ll have to interact and open the door of the building at the half-way point. Once inside, look in the office to the right of the hallway and you should spot a secret on the desk.

Mission: Battle for St. Cross

  • Secret #4: Breaking into the church, you’ll unlock a new objective to clear the building of enemies. At the front of the church, jump over the divider wall and look on the lavish altar.

Mission: French Resistance

  • Secret #5: After meeting up with the team of resistance fighters, move down the road until you pass a farm house on your left. Enter the log home and look for stairs leading up into the attic near the back entrance. Upstairs, there’s an overturned bath tub with the next collectible.
  • Secret #6: In town, a small Panzer tank will appear where the road turns left. Destroy it and look inside the partially destroyed yellow building to the right. It’s to the right of a wheelbarrow. Go downstairs and look in the back room, on a wooden shelf.
  • Secret #7: Continuing on, you’ll eventually reach a huge white French chateau. There’s an entrance into the cellar to the left of the front entrance. In the far back left corner of the Wine Cellar, there’s an ammo crate. Next to that, look for some pallets leaning against the wall. The item is under those.
  • Secret #8: Entering the old castle festooned with two huge Nazi flags, continue through two courtyards and turn right, up the steps and hill into a ruined tower. Enter the tower base to find the collectible just to your left.

Mission: Siege of St. Cross

  • Secret #9: Once you get the objective to place a machine gun on a sandbag emplacement, work your way through the church to the location. Before mounting the weapon, look in the back left corner to find a collectible on the ground.
  • Secret #10: During the battle, you’ll need to go into the towers to continue the defense. Enter either stairwell, but stop halfway up and search the balcony with the pipe organ. Near one of the doors, there are two chairs. The collectible is right nearby.
  • Secret #11: At the front entrance to the church, go down the steps to the left and look on the ground. It’s on the stairs, not quite in the rubble, near the church exterior wall. Look left of the burning fire in the rubble.
  • Secret #12: Returning inside the church once the tank is destroyed, a group of enemy soldiers will exit the door on the left. Go inside their spawn area and run to the far back of the library behind the banisters to find the collectible on the back wooden shelf.

Mission: Sabotage in the Loue Valley

  • Secret #13: Moving down the path at the beginning of the mission, look to your right and enter the back door of the two-story house. On the second floor, look on another wooden shelf (Just like the previous collectible!) out of the sunlight.
  • Secret #14: On the way to the train bridge, look for a smaller stone bridge to your left. Follow the path to an abandoned camp with tents. There’s a radio table in the center with your next collectible.
  • Secret #15: Continuing up into the logging camp, enter the storage shack to the left of the dirt path. It’s on a wooden crate inside.
  • Secret #16: Entering another castle and moving through the enemy camp inside the ruined walls, you’ll want to find a large white tent past a truck and armored car. The last secret is on a crest between two cots inside.

Mission: Officer Hunt in the Loue Valley

  • Secret #17: Moving down the dirt road at the start, you’ll reach an abandoned farmstead. Go inside the larger building on the right through a hole underneath the exterior stairs. There’s an end table next to the chair with your collectible.
  • Secret #18: Leaving the previous area, you’ll continue on a dirt road to another Nazi checkpoint with several buildings to the left of the path. Go inside the back building with the low ceiling. There’s an open door along the left side of the building. Go in and look on the office desk, next to the fireplace.

Mission: Chateau Assault in the Loue Valley

  • Secret #19: Entering the town, the road will fork up left and right. Instead of going through the roads, use the stone steps in between. Continue forward, going downstairs with arches to your right. Go through the arches and look on the stacked crates.
  • Secret #20: At the end of the mission, once the gates are open you’ll be able to explore the arena. Look for a three-story building that’s been painted a pale orange. Go upstairs and enter the storage room. Look on a crate in the back left corner, near an opening out onto a balcony.

Mission: Warsaw Calling

  • Secret #21: As the level begins, move down the wrecked street and look to your right for a stone tunnel. Near the street entrance, there’s an open doorway in the left wall. Go inside and turn right to find a collectible on the ground.
  • Secret #22: Moving upstairs, you’ll have to deal with snipers in the attic shooting through the missing sections of roof. Move through the middle hallway to the second attic storage room until you reach an ammo crate. Look on the crates past the sofa with a bike leaning against it.

Mission: Past Assault

  • Secret #23: Leaving the dug trenches and entering the first building, there’s a door to the right of the entrance. Go inside and look on the piano in the back right corner.
  • Secret #24: Entering the radio offices, work your way past the two radio parts collectibles and go upstairs. Halfway up is a small room with a wooden cabinet. Look on it for a collectible before continuing up.

Mission: Winter in Vemork

  • Secret #25: At the start of the mission, dash down the hill and look inside the barn to the left of the path leading to the bridge. It’s on a box to the left of the entrance.
  • Secret #26: Fighting through the district, you’ll eventually reach an area with cable-cars above. Just as you pass the brick building, look inside the shack on the raised concrete next to one of the cable towers. The secret is inside on the desk.
  • Secret #27: Riding the cable car up and to the summit, your comrade will open the door so you can access the snowy path outside. Turn left and enter the open garage with a metal shelf in the back corner, up some steps.
  • Secret #28: Pushing open the double doors into the power plant, turn right and move underneath the stairs to find a workbench with the collectible in the alcove.

Mission: Fortress at Oscarsborg

  • Secret #29: Cross the bridge and enter the Nazi HQ building past the armored troop carrier. In the central room of the ground floor, look on a wooden desk to grab the next secret item.
  • Secret #30: Ahead, you’ll reach two sets of stairs leading up off the road to a large house above. Get to the second floor and look on a bunk bed with two piles of linens.
  • Secret #31: Continuing past the gates to the huge Nazi building down the road, there’s a smaller wooden warehouse outside the parking lot. Go inside and look on the metal shelves to get another collectible.
  • Secret #32: Blowing open the doors into the fortress itself. Go down the smooth angled ramp and enter the first open metal door to your right. Look on the workbench for your next secret.

Mission: Home Army Victorious

  • Secret #33: Once you’re in control, you’ll appear in a small storage room. Look down and to your right between the crates.
  • Secret #34: Going through the hospital, you’ll walk past a bleeding man on a stretcher. Enter the room past him, it’s full of bodies. Look in the left corner after squeezing between the bunks to find the item.
  • Secret #35: Entering the outside streets, enter the building with archways on the facade to the right of the flashing “zen” sign. Once you’re inside, go to the room on your right and look on the back desk to find the item.
  • Secret #36: Enter the building with the flashing sign through the hole in the second floor. You’ll need to use the ramp of wreckage to reach it and get inside. Climb up, then enter the room to your right and drop down through the hole in the wall. Once you do, turn left and look at the rubble below.

Mission: V2 Attack

  • Secret #37: Before reaching the facility, you’ll need to take the dirt path forward. There’s a guard tower to the right of the road near the start. Climb up and grab the secret.
  • Secret #38: Entering the enemy camp proper, remove the wooden board sealing the door shut. Go inside and turn left to find the next secret on a desk.
  • Secret #39: Moving on to the stone prison building with the electricity box to the right of the door. Before saving your objective, look inside the open prison cell. The secret is at the foot of the bed on the right.
  • Secret #40: Entering the large wooden house late in the mission, you’ll be able to breach inside. Look for a glowing clock inside that opens a secret door with the collectible on the desk inside.

Mission: Fire from the Sky

  • Secret #41: Just as you enter the compound through the open gate, turn right and go upstairs inside the garage. There’s an office on the second floor with a shelving unit where you’ll find the secret.
  • Secret #42: On the main story path, you’ll move into a metal bunker hallway and step through a door where you’ll need to turn right to continue. Turn left instead and run into the far storage room. In the alcove there’s a secret on one of the wooden crates.
  • Secret #43: Entering the testing chambers full of computer banks, look for a table out in the open with a side-quest rocket part on a table. From here, continue toward the blocked windows to find a collectible in the dark area straight ahead.
  • Secret #44: Reaching the factory assembly room, sneak ahead and take the stairs on the right side down. On the floor below, turn left and check out the work bench against the wall.

Mission: The Final Day

  • Secret #45: Just as the mission starts, move toward the crashed trolley car and jump into the sewer below. At the first path left, look in the lit alcove for the first secret of the mission.
  • Secret #46: Before exiting the level at the end of the large building behind the street fortification, look in the office to the left of the entrance. There’s a dark room with a shelf covered in pots. Crouch to get a good look at the level’s last secret.

Mission: The Fall of Warsaw

  • Secret #47: Once you complete the sniping section, move toward the objective marker and look for a crashed red trolley on the street, stuck in rubble. Look inside near the back left door for the secret.
  • Secret #48: Entering the trolley repair station, look underneath the first raised car in the room. Go underneath it to find the collectible at the food of a dead civilian.

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On June 17, 2014 at 2:18 pm

What a great article about secrets location. I think I was not even half of them:P So now when I finish campaign must start play on it one more time and find all of these secrets locations.

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Excellent guide. Really easy to follow.

Regarding Secret #6. In have destroyed the small Panzer tank; found the partially destroyed yellow building to the right. Found the wheelbarrow and gone down the stairs. However there’s no back room so no wooden shelf. Just a closed door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. The door will not open. Could there be another version of this game? I’m playing this game on a PS3.