Enslaved Writer is Totally a Gamer, Used To Hate the PS3

Fun fact: despite being primarily a writer of things that aren’t games, Alex Garland is actually a gamer. As a writer, he could fo’ sho’ see the potential in gaming as a storytelling medium, and he wanted in on that. “I just see games as being like cinema was in the ’20s and ’30s,” he told Edge. “It’s moving at a more accelerated pace than cinema but it’s got unbelievable potential. And I wanted to be at the coalface at some point, trying to figure out that potential.” And then bro wrote Enslaved, and he did a hell of a great job on it.

On to the flame-bait. Mssr. Garland has long had both an Xbox 360 and a PS3. (He’s rich, so maybe he was like, “Why not?”) But he hadn’t played Heavenly Sword when he started doing his thing with Ninja Theory.

I had not played Heavenly Sword at the moment I met Tameem [Antoniades], then I went and bought it. The reason I hadn’t played it is because I’d bought a PlayStation 3 along with an Xbox 360, and by the time I met Tameem I’d already stopped playing on the PlayStation 3 because I was so f**king sick of it. There weren’t any original games that really blew me away. I was really into Xbox Live; I was much more into playing Call Of Duty 4 on Xbox Live. So Xbox really had its claws into me, and I just never bought Heavenly Sword.

Well, hopefully he’s since stopped dedicating all his time to the inferior console.* The rest of Garland’s interview with Edge is quite interesting and great reading, so I’d suggest heading over and taking a look at what else they’ve got.


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1 Comment on Enslaved Writer is Totally a Gamer, Used To Hate the PS3


On October 8, 2010 at 4:41 pm

like the flame-bait good one :D I don’t understand why these console gamers hate each other, but I went with PS3 because I like the games that are released on it, plus I had a PSX when I was in 6th grade or was it fifth…anyways I just grew up playing Playstation and PC and I like both but the big beef I have with playstation and its shooters is that F%#@ing sticky aim!!(its what i call aim assit)
It is very stupid and I hate that for console games because it just saying that those players don’t know how to aim, so most of the time I never experience with games with true aim like Lost Planet 2, BC2, and Borderlands I would buy more PS3 games, plus like I said in other posts that aim assist f#&$s you over more than help you out, so no point. Another thing I want to get off my mind is that why do people make these videos of owning players online, oooh so some of you used aim bot or some of you decided to post your console owning skills. to tell you the truth if your good at cod on console or any other game that requires you to have a retarded game to assist you out, you my friend suck at fps, because your not aiming the game is aiming for you, you just point and shoot then the game helps you out! Seriously Xbox360 and PS3 game developers stop that f%*#ing s#*t and start making people learn how to aim your making most of the gaming community in fps genre that plays console versions of the game seem like they are retarded and they don’t know how to aim!!Just stop it please that is all I ask for crying out loud stop the retard treatment.