Epic Shifting Focus to Consoles Due to "Disarray" in PC Gaming

cliffy bEpic’s Cliff Bleszinski has claimed that PC gaming is currently in “disarray” and because of this, Epic will now be concentrating more of its focus on console titles. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Cliff had this to say about the current state of PC games:

“I think people would rather make a game that sells 4.5 million copies than a million and “Gears” is at 4.5 million right now on the 360. I think the PC is just in disarray… what’s driving the PC right now is ‘Sims’-type games and ‘WoW‘ and a lot of stuff that’s in a web-based interface. You just click on it and play it. That’s the direction PC is evolving into So for me, the PC is kind of the secondary part of what we’re doing. It’s important for us, but right now making AAA games on consoles is where we’re at.”

Cliff did not name names on which games he feels are detrimental to PC gaming, and also in the interview he was asked about a sequel to Gears of War, but refused to comment on that as well. He did, however, mention that he will continue to cater to his core demographic and while he does indeed like the Wii and love to play it, he is not interesting in making what he calls “soft games”:

“I don’t want to win over [someone's] little college sister, because that’s not the kind of game I do,” he said. “I’m not going to make f***ing Cooking Mama.”

So basically this means that he will continue making the same style of gameplay. While he admits that sometimes “you need to step back a little and take a break. If I was tasked with creating a new universe I might just step back and say, “Okay, maybe no marines in this one. Let’s make it cops or pirates or something, ” he has no plans of going soft.

So there you have it folks. Cliffy B has spoken. No soft games, less focus on PC games, more hardcore titles. How is this any different than what he was already doing? Sometimes I think he talks just to hear himself. There are two reasons why PC gamers are flocking to games that “you click on it and play”. One being the fact that the majority of MMOs give you tons of new content all the time instead of sporadically, and two being the fact that even with the popularity of XBL, most gamers would rather log on to their PC to play multiplayer games. Yes, XBL players get to sit in their comfy chairs and frag until they cannot frag anymore. What would you rather do? Sit in your lazy boy or and uncomfortable office-type desk chair? Of course you would rather have the comfy chair – but the problem with a lot of PC games is that fact that gaming companies should be more focused on giving us a PC title that is worthy of the time and money spent on it; instead of buggy, choppy, five year old concepts.  If this were the case, console makers could not or would not insult the PC they way they have been as of late. Especially ones that love to toot their own horn as much as Cliffy B does – it is almost like he has inherited John Romero’s godlike complex . I would suggest that he get his ego in check before it burns him in the tail-end.

Via: MTV Multiplayer

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53 Comments on Epic Shifting Focus to Consoles Due to "Disarray" in PC Gaming


On February 14, 2008 at 11:14 am

Cliffy B is my hero……. :cool:


On February 14, 2008 at 11:25 am

LOL! Yeah he is the coolest game dev out there.


On February 14, 2008 at 12:05 pm

“I would suggest that he get his ego in check before it burns him in the tail-end.”

Yeah because making two of the best shooters of all time makes you prone to failure, right? Why must the terrible writers of this feed always interject their crappy unneeded opinions into the articles? STICK TO THE NEWS


On February 14, 2008 at 12:09 pm

Because without opinions, news would get a bit stale?

To be honest, Gears of War was kinda ‘meh’ for me. Sure, pressing A of lot of times with your buddy on co-op can be fun, but the end result was ‘I’m glad I got this pre-owned rather than new’. Of all the games in my collection, that’s the one I’ve played the least (10 hours, if that).


On February 14, 2008 at 12:21 pm

This is bull . Why is it they think people don’t want to play on the pc?

Here’s what I think.
Once we end the baby boomers gen and get right through gen X we will have a society that can actually use a pc properly. I know that a lot of people use pc’s on a day to day basis, but there are still millions who have no idea wtf a computer does. When those people fade out… pc gaming in going to overpower all other consoles.

When consoles are released, they are built for different periods during the passing years but pc’s get better all through the span of that time.

I think another big reason why they don’t publish pc games first is the fact that getting a pirated version of the game on pc is much easier than getting it for a console. Even if they do get a fake for a console, the publisher knows that in a couple of years there will be a new console and people will have to struggle to mod there consoles again to get pirated games.

It’s not even a quarter that hard to find a pirated version of a pc game online. So they should just invest in better CD protection and quit screwing over the pc players that do pay for the games they play.


On February 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm

bull, theres over 15 million ppl on steam, thats mainly fps games


On February 14, 2008 at 2:04 pm

I have a girlfriend I need to argue with over buying games and a little girl with a mouth I need to feed.

Last year it was my “turn” to have the tax refund and do what I wanted with it. I could have bought a HDTV and a PS3, Wii, or 360 with a few games and another controller. Instead I opted to upgrade my PC (and by upgrade I mean a complete new build). I gave my girlfriend my 4 year old P4/AGP based PC.

Since that time, my old Sony Trinitron died and left me unable to play my PS2 and Xbox, so I pretty much exclusively use my PC for anything from watching movies to gaming these days. I am a fan of MMO’s like World of Warcraft and more recently Tabula Rasa. I still like a good solo game with a deep plot that will allow me to suspend my disbelief like watching a good movie in the theater can. As fun and addicting as MMO games are, I am fully aware I am playing a game and can never be as immersed as I could in a single player game (just look at the scrolling text full of rantings and flamings from chat).

Long story short, I don’t have the money to purchase the garbage being pumped out these days by devs wanting to just cash in on a new mainstream media akin to the TV. Also, while some devs may be passionate and have grand plans for a game, seems that the pubs force these visionaries to compromise just to get the game stocked to retailers as fast as possible so they can turn a buck.

Computer gaming and even console gaming used to be an exclusive club for people who knew what was good and what wasn’t. Developers and publishers needed to cater to us because otherwise they couldn’t make any money by trying to fool us with a less than spectacular game.

Now gaming is not just for nerds or geeks or social outcasts. It is now for everyone, which is fine, but it allows game makers to not have to cater to a specific set of picky people. Almost 99% of games are crap these days and if not crap they are certainly not classics and not worthy of a buy. I see reviews all the time of all sorts of games I never heard of and most all the time they have fairly negative reviews, but I don’t think that matters to anyone who would buy these games. These games will still turn a buck because they cost little to make and people will buy them, just like people will turn on the TV and watch shows like The Hills. I am not saying that something is wrong with people liking crap like The Hills, I am just saying that is not me or probably 90% of the geeks, nerds and social outcasts that used to make up almost all computer users and hardcore gamers. We became the adults of this new mainstream medium. We became the critics and reviewers. We warn people to avoid the pitfalls of certain games, but most could give a crap about what some “snooty” reviewer could say.

History repeats itself it seems, since I am pretty damn sure a lot of people read reviews of movies like Aliens vs. Predator written by snooty reviewers, and reviews of tv shows like the canceled Caveman series and say “Is this a joke? AvP2 kicks so much ass. It’s like a clone of Aliens, the best of the franchise. It brought back the gore. There is a frigging APC and the aliens shriek like they did in Aliens as they are killing marines.” or “Dude, that show is so damn funny. I thought those cavemen were funny on the commercials but the show is comedy gold.”

Seems that the geriatrics have claimed the movie and television front because they come from a time of “quality TV and films” and we are holier than thou when it comes to criticizing games. In the end, because gaming is a new mainstream medium, it doesn’t matter what anyone says, thinks, or does. Money will be made by the bales for companies and the devs and pubs are new rock stars, movies stars, whatever. Egos will come into play at times but the world will still turn and we will still find quality games worthy of our time and money, as it relates to our past experiences in what makes a truly quality game.

And I will still see movies like John Rambo and watch television that the previous generation of those who have seen better would tell me to avoid like the plague.

I don’t know if this makes sense because I am sort of running on here but if anyone can understand and feels this way too, then I at least halfway articulated my feelings on the mainstream invasion of my once personal medium. And I know how Gene Chalet feels to an extent too.

Games worth my time and money in 2007 – Bioshock and The Witcher. Still playing WoW and TR waiting for the first decent game to come in 2008.


On February 14, 2008 at 4:15 pm

I think it’s just what Cliffy said. He is about money. 4.5 million or 1 million, hey I can understand that, but it’s not like the guy is hurting for money lol.

He does seem y and needs to be brought down a peg or two. For all you know Cliffy’s team is the ones making the good stuff and he is just watching these days.

Hate the man not the product I’ll always say, because I will never forget Unreal. However, valve is much bigger and doesn’t have a bad attitude, Valve fanboy for life =P

da soc

On February 14, 2008 at 5:24 pm

He’s just pissed because UT3 didn’t do well on the PC (for obvious reasons)


On February 14, 2008 at 7:59 pm

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Cliffy for the great games he has produced, but the reason why I didn’t buy Gears on the PC (since I don’t have a 360) is because the game does not seem to work on alot of PCs due to the stupid Windows Live survice included in it, and other errors (who the hell ever had C++ errors???). Not only for me, but all of my friends. Maybe if a little more time was spent beta testing and making a game that works like everyone else (except for Microsoft games) then I would be more willing to buy this great game.


On February 14, 2008 at 8:13 pm

:lol: That noob is upset cuz Epic’s console trush is ed up on PC :lol:
All Epic can do is do decent engines. Let Cliffy the noob do games for consoles. PC don’t need that rubbish :mrgreen:


On February 14, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Glad to see others care as much as I do :)


On February 14, 2008 at 10:22 pm

Beside that. For me, The game of the year is TR anniversary with PS2 graphics. :lol: I hadn’t to even buy cuz I got it for free with 8800.What else good I played the last year. Ported Viva Pinata may be. That’s all. The remainder is nothing interesting.
CODMW – IW do tha same though consolish. MP with health regeneration, the nade indicator and so on is a joke
GOW – Mega boring. Console shooter
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. IO, keep making Hitman it’s best u can do. Where’d some people sight a good (even excellent) plot I have no idea at all. :shock:
BioShock – may be that game’s good cuz of the plot but not for me. The game is madhouse of the year :lol:
Sport sims of EA with PS2 graphics. NFSes. and so on. RPG or RTS? nothing

Sure we have some PC oriented games
UT3 which has new graphics and minor changes + some things say it developed for PS3 first of all.
Crysis – Crytek can’t do shooters at all.
BF2, BF2142 – also can’t. At first it were too buggy. Many gameplay things aren’t considered and annoying
ET Quake wars – and them (SD) too. the worst mp shooter of the year. They didn’t even animate a jump for characters :lol: Gameplay is absolutely broken
Half-Life EP2 – again we got the same. Of course the crowds of fanboys are waiting EP3. :lol:


On February 15, 2008 at 12:01 am

Just about all of the opinions on this page are impossible to read, uninformed, and ignorant, except for Grundy’s.

Grundy, I agree with you 100%, and you articulated what you felt extremely well. I feel the same way.


On February 15, 2008 at 5:50 am

With the current console war being fiercer than ever before, both Microsoft and Sony are putting a lot of work into reducing their manufacturing costs. They know that this gives them room to cut retail prices to gain a competetive advantage.


On February 15, 2008 at 8:54 am

consoles and you Epic. That’s my quota of hate for the day.


On February 15, 2008 at 8:56 am

Nevermind that the PC market MADE Epic what it is today. Thanks for the “ you PC user” Epic. I really appreciate that.


On February 15, 2008 at 9:03 am

“I’m not going to make f***ing Cooking Mama.”

well you to . i bet you haven’t even played it. its a damn good game. much better than any crap your lame ass can piss out you loser.

grow up you


On February 15, 2008 at 9:13 am

There was no need for him to knock Cooking Mama! Sounds a tad jealous to me.


On February 15, 2008 at 9:25 am

Consoles have always followed the PC and they will follow with:
“‘Sims’-type games and ‘WoW‘ and a lot of stuff that’s in a web-based interface.”
Just wait and see… in a couple of years noone will care about boring dumbed-down shooters anymore. (not even on consoles).

Concerned Citizen

On February 15, 2008 at 9:56 am

This guy should stick to doing lines of blow off hookers and rolling around in his money.

yes, the company that was BUILT on PC money has turned its back on their benefactors. Smooth…you’re not a PR guy, Cliffy…put your rabbit suit back on and get back in your hole; i’m sure there’s a photo shoot you’re late for. :roll:


On February 15, 2008 at 10:02 am

So Cliffy B. is biting the hand that fed him and his company for 10 or 15 years now? He is an idiot if he thinks PC gaming is going the way of the casual gamer. How in the hell do you explain Valve? How do you explain the legions of people playing TF2 on a daily basis? How do you explain Quake Wars? Or any of the other PC/Console FPS games that are popular on both platforms like CoD4? And what about the F2P America’s Army?

Maybe if you hadn’t used M$ ty Live service for Gears of War and maybe if UT3 wasn’t such a big disappointment, you’d have more success with your recent offerings on the PC. You sold your soul to M$ and, as a result, PC gamers are giving you a collective Off. We don’t need you anymore, Cliffy B. Your UT franchise is old and stale and simply needs to die a quick death. Congrats, you beat out Quake for awhile…but even ID had the smarts to change up their game with Quake Wars and it is doing very well with both PC and Linux gamers.


On February 15, 2008 at 10:05 am

After buying UT3 and GoW for PC I can say without a doubt I will not miss Epic games on my PC.

I find Epic games amusing. While the art and engine team are to be commended, the content is usually on par with a 7th grade creative writing assignment submission.

So really, are we going to miss much if they choose to focus on console? No. I personally hope for games on the PC to be more thought provoking and stimulating. Really – when you can spend as much as they did on GoW and not even have a cohesive and compelling story… you have to wonder why they can’t even hire a third rate novelist to flesh out a story in one afternoon for them. While GoW may have been fun to play, it was far from anything “Epic” – let’s not even mention the utterly retarded story and lack of innovation in recent iterations of UT.

I wonder if anyone at Epic can actually read a book that doesn’t have pictures? Perhaps Cliffy B is “Tool cool to read!”


On February 15, 2008 at 10:21 am

Well, bye.

PC gaming is dying because of devs like yourself that release clone after clone of the same thing. When you finally release the thing it needs 400mb of patches a week after release because you guys didn’t test it.

But see, you can’t do that on a console. You actually have to get the crap right the first time.

And to be honest, the legions of console players willing to pay $50 for ‘reskinned UT2k3′ deserve you.


On February 15, 2008 at 10:58 am

totally agree with Grundy up there.
Well said, mate!


On February 15, 2008 at 10:59 am

Wanted to share my 2 cents on this.

“What would you rather do? Sit in your lazy boy or and uncomfortable office-type desk chair?”

1st, my office-type desk chair is rather comfortable, and I find that it is less comfortable playing games in a lazy. Thats just me, who knows what other people prefer.

“Maybe if gaming companies focused on giving us a PC title that was worthy of the time and money spent on it console makers could or would not insult it they way they have been as of late.”

2nd, I think that there has been some excellent game that have been put out for the PC, but you want to know why I opted to buy games for my console over the PC. Because I got tired of constantly have to “work” to make sure that my games ran fine on my PC. On a console, I can more or less always be assured that I put a disc in it, it will work, no real configuration needed. No need to worry if I need a new graphics card or more ram.

It’s just plan easier, and yes, I probably sold out. But in the past, I had the time and money to throw into my computer where I could upgrade it every other year if I wanted to. Where spend time taking it apart and and installing in components. But now, I have way too much going on in my life to devote to my computer. I just want something that works. Call me a sell out, but thats my 2 cents.


On February 15, 2008 at 11:40 am


I just don’t get people like you. You perpetuate the myth of “having to work” on your PC just to game on it. I’ve been gaming on my PC since the mid-80s and apart from a 2-3 year hardware upgrade cycle, I don’t have to “work” in order to play games on a PC. Not since the Windows 95 days have I had a game crash or simply not work on my PC. Where do people like you buy your hardware? The Moon?

It is a myth that one must “constantly” upgrade hardware to play games on a PC. Not everyone who owns a console plays it with the best t.v. hardware either. So, why must it be imposed on PC gaming that to enjoy it, one must have the latest and greatest hardware and can only play the game at the highest graphical settings possible?


On February 15, 2008 at 11:55 am

“I don’t want to win over [someone’s] little college sister, because that’s not the kind of game I do,” he said. “I’m not going to make f***ing Cooking Mama.”

Why does he need to make Cooking Mama? Someone already did that. Why can’t he make his style of game on the Wii? Is it too complicated to make an M rated game on the Wii? Is he afraid that if he made his style of game for the Wii that it would be seen as a “soft-game”?

The only reason he doesn’t make games on the Wii is because someone once said hat Nintendo consoles were for children. Hey, I can find kiddie games for the 360 and the PS3 as well. Hey Cliffy, why not try making a mature Wii game and finally putting that “kiddie console” thing to rest?


On February 15, 2008 at 1:29 pm

I think PC players like smart, immersive and (at least a little) complex games for single player, I am looking at you total war series or at the risk of being a little behind the times Deus Ex. For multiplayer I think the best thing is either scale (think WoW) or really, really well balanced gameplay ala any valve multiplayer game. Sorry epic but the consoles just don’t compete in either of these catagories, and if you can’t either maybe your making the right move.


On February 15, 2008 at 4:09 pm

I’m an ex-pc gamer … can anyone here give me a truly good reason why you are still playing on a PC? Am I missing something? Do you have some great game that you can’t play on a console? Is it that you can’t give up a keyboard and mouse for a FPS?

Seriously …what is the deal?


On February 15, 2008 at 5:05 pm

This is so pathetic.. the UT community has been eagerly awaiting UT3 for years.. the push backs were supposed to be to make the game better.. While the underlying game is amazing there are far too many bugs and problems with this game and they aren’t focusing any attention on the community or fixing problems. So what to do? Abandon UT3 like pussies and direct focus to consoles where they happened to make a lucky break. I stuck with UT through ut2003,2004, and now ut3. Highly disappointed with this crap. You want PC games to be succesful??? here’s a tip: listen to the community. If the community isn’t happy then you don’t have an audience. 2.) implement some form of cheat protection… 3.) support your games

It’s pretty simple really. =[

w00t 4 Epic

On February 15, 2008 at 7:04 pm

If EPIC had released a good UT3 PC game instead of the crappy alpha/beta code they wouldn’t be saying the PC market was in “disarray”. :!: :!: :!:

Darsus Vin

On February 15, 2008 at 7:33 pm

mircosoft has made a situation where it made it difficult to even want to play a pc game. they are trying to migrate Pc gamers to the consoles and .. the gaming companies are failing pc gamers and they know it, Valve, sony and blizzard would tell you that pc gaming is doing great … no thanks to epic or microsoft.

Skaarj Sauce fan

On February 15, 2008 at 8:57 pm

Cliffy is just pissed off because they screwed up bigtime with UT3 and everyone hated it. Horrible design + buggy game = automatic failure.

Casual games are moving to the console, that’s definitely true, and it does reduce the PC gamer population.

However, there are genres that just don’t translate well to consoles: FPS (keyboard + mouse >> auto-aim + controller), MMORPG, RTS, turned-based strategy, sims-type mini-universe games, long/complex/rich RPGs (at least I find them more enjoyable on PC).

There are also genres that feel more at ease on a console: driving/flying simulation games, good old beat-em-ups, simple (but good) adventure/rpg games that have less complex interfaces/gameplay, and casual-friendly stuff (Wii games).

The rest that tends to get shoved on consoles are the ty stuff like pseudo-FPS (Halo, etc…), bad RPGs and such. No one will miss them on the PC. The consoles offer a more homogeneous design environment and it’s understandable that studios that are just pushing out commercial products would find it more cost effective and faster to put stuff out on console. There is also the illusion that PC games are easier to pirate, so that there is an increasingly strong preference to develop online games for the PC (or multiplayer games mascarading as online games, like Guild Wars, where the online component is only to provide a sort of 3D lobby, forced update and make piracy meaningless). But these trends in no way mean PC gaming is dying, the numbers are there to prove it. Just ask companies, unlike Epic, which haven’t failed on the PC recently by virtue of their own incompetence: Valve, Blizzard, any of the big MMO companies, or the many other smaller studios making good money and good games on the PC.


On February 16, 2008 at 1:22 am

With all do respect. Your job is to report news. Nothing more. Meaning keep your opinion to yourself. If you want to voice your opinion regarding the news article do so in a comment like everyone else.

PCs Rule

On February 16, 2008 at 3:34 am

Burn, Cliffy. Epic completely crapped over their entire Unreal Fan Base. It doesn’t take a brain child to realize this was the cause of Unreal Tournament 3′s failure.


On February 16, 2008 at 8:43 am

well one thing for sure on why people dont really game on PC’s is cuz they expensive

Agent 47

On February 16, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Thanks for making a buggy game that isn’t tested and when it crashes, you censore ppl on the epic forums for gears of war and blame pc gaming instead of yourself for not testing it then trying to shift blame.


On February 16, 2008 at 12:56 pm

@ SystemEncephale

With all due respect, this is a news “BLOG”.

News + Opinions = NEWS “BLOG”. Our job description states that our pieces contain the writer’s opinion as well as the actual news.

Want straight up “sterile” news? Click the links available in our posts.

Thanks for visiting. :smile:


On February 16, 2008 at 8:44 pm

I agree with Jose. Times have changed and the new age gamers were raised on consoles so naturally developers are moving in that direction. However, I don’t think PC games are going away anytime soon with all the MMO’s available. Not to mention how many people want to play RTS games on a console? Not happening anytime soon!

Check out my article on this at:

Is PC Gaming Dying?


On February 17, 2008 at 1:50 am

I think Cliffy B. is wrong. Not only is he giving the wrong conception about PC gaming, I think it’s out of spite that he scoffs at PC.

Truthfully so, there are so many misconceptions that he brings about PC gaming. Espiecally since his games didn’t sell particularly too well on the PC (Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3), maybe because 1. we don’t like a crappy port of a console game 2. don’t release UT3 without any PR and marketing behind it and expect to sell the game until you figure out when you play the game, PC gamers are getting butt****ed with the lack of originality and plays like UT2K4.

How come then games developed for the PC. S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Crysis, and The Witcher manged to be so successful then?

Cliffy B. no one is impressed by your “bold statements” you just made yourself look like an ass and the PC gaming audience could care less given that we have evolved away from your “hardcore style of gaming” that was so popular in 1999.

Good riddance.


On February 18, 2008 at 3:56 am

This all big huge hyperbole in attempt at propaganda. PC Gaming is not on its way out and infact it will be on the rise as soon as actualy talented programmers and the rest of the others that are part of the creative process will join up the ranks and create good quality games… its already started… (REF: The Witcher) :mrgreen:

Those who claim not to understand why there are still so many PC Gamers left in the world? well… it’s simply much better as a gaming platform then those simple gadgets made for the intelectualy chalenged they call “Consoles” made for crappy games. In all seriousness, consoles are a great platform for those who don’t even know how to start notepad.exe, let alone their games on a PC.
The constant PC upgrades and expensiveness IS indeed a MYTH. You’ve been solde the Idea and swallowed it like a bottle of water after a 30Km run.Most of you who believe that bull didn’t even lived this experience. One day someone told sang that crap to ya and you just followed “Yeah… thats right!” like the none-knowledgeble person that you are.

Piraty… Yeah… Piracy. Did anyone know that allot of the craked games that end on Torrents are either released by someone at the company OR are cracked and released on torrents by other Game developers in order to hurt eachothers business? Did you know that this is a big setup for the general acceptance of copyright third party software? So that they can get a foot in the door of our PC(Broadband “Always On” Connection, how many actualy disconnect when not browsing the internet). In part they use this as an excuse to sale more gaming consoles. And their real aganda behind it all? Licencing… because they can’t prevent you from having 1 software on more then 1 PC OR is extremly difficult. Just in the attempt to get that little extra cash… $5 million profit in not enough… lets try to get that extra $750000.

Anyhow, PC Gaming and Gamers are here to stay. No worries. :wink:


On February 18, 2008 at 9:20 am

Wow upgrading the PC a myth…only crappy cames on the console….sounds like you are the one listening to what other have to say without giving it a second thought.

Outside of a few games on the PC…consoles have every game and the game play is much better.

Go load up COD4 or Assassins Creed on your computer and let me know how that works out for you…bet it plays like unless you just purchased a gaming rig in the last 6 months.

Take your cheap shots at console players….it is all you have. Morons like you saying like only people that don’t know to open notepad.exe …the games are better, they play out of the box…and I don’t have to worry if my 2 year old console will play the game…if it is made for the console…it just works.

Say all that you want that upgrades and tweaking a computer are myth…anyone that has actually worked on computers or plays current games (not the bull that came out 5 years ago for the PC) knows that you have to have a pretty expensive computer to achieve what a console does.

The PC game industry as we knew it is dead. A title here and there may keep it on life support for a few more years…and the old farts who can’t handle change will keep its glory day memories alive…just about any new gamer will play on the console and hack your government on their PC.

If you are stuck on the PC…good for you. Just because it is what you like…doesn’t make it better. If you actually did a little research instead of just drinking the water…you’d would have already seen that the consoles are much better for gaming.


On February 18, 2008 at 10:04 am

Pretty narrow vision Cliffy B. You’d think the only game style in existence is the FPS. “Variety is the e…” Cliffy
At least he will get the economics right. I can’t stand console controllers and I’m a PC gamer but his business is better off on the console. It’s a uniform development environment. Higher margins. No pissing away zillions trying to make the new title stable in Windows: a) an O/S architecture held together by duct-tape, b) a marketplace which regrettably includes many saying “development standards? we don’t need no stinking standards…” and c) support costs


On February 18, 2008 at 3:25 pm


Finally someone with a real gripe about a console (no offense Skaarj Sauce fan…I agree that games like the sims would be difficult to pull off on a console…but with RTS and RPG games…it comes down to the game and the way the controls are done…a great example is Oblivion…that game is so much fun on the console and the controls really are easy to use)…

As a PC gamer that jumped ship years ago…the console controllers really did suck…after a year or so of playing with them…they finally felt right in my hands…it took me about 2 years to get back to where I was with a FPS game… To this day I still think a PC Gamer using keyboard and mouse of the same skill would beat a console player using a controller at a FPS. At least Sony has seen the light and you can use a keyboard and mouse on the PS3(not a Sony fanboy…I actually hate the company…but they made a damn fine console in the PS3).

If you are happy with what you play on…that is all that really matters…but for all those EPIC and Cliff haters…this really could be the end…if EPIC pulls out…who is to stop the next guy from doing the same? Lose a few more game publishers and all of sudden the PC doesn’t have as many new games coming out each year…more people will leave for the consoles and even fewer games the following year…


On February 19, 2008 at 4:52 pm

EPIC already pulled out of PC gaming after UT99… hasn’t that been pretty obvious? They keep feeding us garbage after releasing such a great game.. throwing some new textures on the same beaten and broken game and charging us another $40. There aren’t many developers right now being creative with their games, and for the past 2 or so years it’s been a nonstop mesh of almost similar FPS titles which really only offer a slightly altered arsenal. Console gaming is the same way though… gaming in general has been a major disappointment for me with this current generation. Nobody is trying to make fun or original games. And I may be wrong but to me playing a large selection of role playing games and MMOs has a lot more variety than a slew of the most recent FPS titles. I’m done with EPIC; they’ve disgraced the entire community that got them where they are today.


On February 20, 2008 at 12:45 pm

Am I the only one who thinks UT3 is actually a REALLY GOOD GAME? I’m disappointed to see Cliff saying these things. I also don’t have a problem that Epic has been releasing a re-skinned UT game for the last 8 years, that’s what I’ve wanted.


On February 20, 2008 at 10:11 pm

I have a HUGE question that is going to stir the pot a little. What will cross platforming do to the console people that are playing with Botting and exploiting players on PC. I am a PC fan but damn there is some lame stuff on the PC games going on lately…. they are all hacked up. I could post the sites that are selling exploitative programs fro all fo the newest games. the future of gaming looks like a turd storm in every direction….

PC Gamer

On February 22, 2008 at 9:20 pm

What a turd. Nice to put the gamers that built a community around your game and kept it alive, out in the cold. This has nothing to do with disarray and everything to do with money. Good, at least they won’t release another POS like UT3 that put good hardware to waste. He looks high, high on himself.

Vaptor of monster madness

On April 29, 2008 at 3:33 pm

:evil: ut3 is garbage for how long epic claims to have worked on it.
i paid for it and tried to, mod it …

Found out half the advertised mod support ain’t there its a copy and paste job using big chunks of the old unreal 20004 engine.

hint reason load times are so bad its useing ut2004 file manager

ut2004 file manager was programed by some retard who dosen’t know how to do proper file search with out opening up all sorts of random file path combos…

filemon.exe showed that the 2 games behaved the same when loading files this issue was presented to epic before and just swept under the rug by epic.

epic it self has become some what corrupt and hideing the truth i hope it they get the idea that alot of ppl are not stupid nor do we like to be brushed off.

also i think consoles are not in any way superior to the pc, why you ask simple you can upgrade and have a insaine sound system with massive screens ect can you do all that on a console? mabey in 10 years after they read this post…


On July 7, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Why should anyone who has a good PC also be required to buy a ing console when their PC has hardware equal or superior to any console? These ing developers need to be abandoned by boycotting their products. That should be their reward for their treachory.


On July 7, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Bull. PCs that are as good as PS3 or XBOX360 are not that much more expensive. Consoles are for ing sheep like you, who are brainwashed into first of all buying the stupid thing, then paying high prices for the games. Thats what these console maufacturers and game developers want, stupid people like you to lap up their bull about PCs being inadequate, requiring frequent upgrades, constant tuining and too expensive. All these s care about is profit, not you. You poor fool. You think you are making your own decision, you are being played by these s(Console manufactureres and game devs) and your simple idiotic weak mind is easily swayed. You are a sucker…


On June 21, 2011 at 3:33 am

what a pretentious ing got.

epic for not supporting PC, those ing self-righteous douchebags.

imagining the cliff in that picture saying those things about PC makes me want to punch him in the face, what an unmitigated ing .
of course he knows all about it. is it really a ing surprise?
Sims? No one plays that ing game, jesus christ.

consoles ing suck, give me a break. 5, 8 year old hardware? what the is this ?
motherers are trying to drive us into the stone age.
and this snobby, know-it-all got is their leader.