EVE Online Player Blows Up $1000 in Game Time

You might remember that we told you last month that CCP was going to allow players to transport PLEX in their ships. If you don’t recall what PLEX is, it’s basically 30 days worth of game time that can be traded in-game for ISK, the currency of EVE. The introduction of PLEX was an innovative way to allow players to basically buy currency in-game.

If you haven’t played EVE Online, here’s an important piece of information: if your ship is destroyed, there is a random chance that any cargo and ship attachments will survive the explosion, allowing them to be looted by the player who took you out. Obviously, this is an incentive for players to attack other players, and a risk if you’re transporting any PLEX in your cargo hold.

Over the weekend, EVE players ‘slickdog’ and ‘Viktor Vegas’ came across a lone Kestral (a ship that is essentially a heavy missile boat). Scanning the ship revealed that it was carrying an astounding 74 PLEX. Of course, the two moved in and took the ship out.

Unfortunately, the random engine wasn’t on their side, and all 74 PLEX were destroyed in the explosion. That amount of PLEX is worth over 22 BILLION ISK, a mind-boggling amount of coin. In game time terms, they represented over six years of playtime, and a real-world monetary value of $1,295. The kill has been confirmed through EVE’s API, and the details can be seen here.

That’s a staggering loss for a player or a corp in game, but a huge win for CCP. After all, they’ve gotten paid nearly thirteen hundred dollars for game time that has now gone up in the proverbial smoke. You have to wonder if an incident like this will lead to any outcry over the policy. I doubt that it will, as the prevailing attitude I’ve seen so far can be summed in in one sentence: “How about stfu and don’t undock with your PLEX’s?”

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4 Comments on EVE Online Player Blows Up $1000 in Game Time


On August 9, 2010 at 2:39 pm

While it is a big chunk of change, it isn’t unheard of for that much ISK to be lost in a single fight. The most expensive ship type in EVE, the Titan, is actually worth +30 Billion. That that is just the hull, not the extremely rare and expensive modules that the owners fit their Titans with. Check out some of the kill boards on the larger EVE alliances and you will see ship losses that approach 100 billion. The only difference I see here is that it was PLEXes that were lost instead of ships.


On August 9, 2010 at 3:23 pm

Like Rook said its not unheard of for big money to vanish fast, I remember about 7 months ago a huge scale battle took place with up to 13 titans getting blown up. that was over 20k usd worth in ships lost.


On August 9, 2010 at 3:52 pm

They didn’t scan the ship first. The 0rphange had wardecced the Space Monkey’s and the pair saw a flashy ship and killed it.


On August 10, 2010 at 3:05 am

the kill was in Jita so not much of a lone kestral and sucide ganking in jita is very high