Everquest Landmark Digs and Dives Into New Patch Content

The latest Landmark content updates add underground digs and underwater dives for players to explore.

When I previewed Everquest Landmark back in January, it had yet to hit the masses in beta. Now, anyone can apply for the beta and with new players, Landmark has seen new content and expansions to game capabilities almost weekly. At E3 2014, SOE was showcasing the newest additions to the Landmark universe and you didn’t have to be at the convention to get some hands on time, as the patch was already live for all players. In fact, this was the first E3 demo I saw this year that took place on actual, live servers.

The latest Landmark additions take players underground and underwater with the first phase of caves and the second phase of water. While water was already added to Landmark, the ability to swim did not exist yet, leaving players to run on top of the beautifully animated swells and waves. As of 3 weeks ago, players can swim and dive underwater to their heart’s content. Since you can reach the land below, water is now claimable land, opening up the possibilities for underwater cities and other creations. Unfortunately, floating has yet to be introduced, leaving us waiting for boats that rock on the waves.

Caves are unclaimable fissures on the land’s surface that lead to underground vaults, where one can find new plants, treasure chests and a hoard of resources. They are also huge, ranging anywhere from 1-3 kilometers in length. In a planned second phase of caves, set to launch in a later patch, some resources will leave the surface of the world forever and become exclusive to cave content. Each continent will have 30-40 cave entrances scattered around the land, in addition to pocket caves hidden underground, discoverable only by digging and falling into them.

How does one find the plethora of resources surrounding caves and the hidden pocket caves? Through the newly added resource detection feature. You can develop resource detection by crafting it using Tier 2 materials. There are two types: Ore prospector, which will help find underground minerals, and Ground Detector for locating gems. Neither of them will help you spot treasure chests, though. If you are one of the lucky few to find one, once opened, a new chest will spawn randomly somewhere else in the world. Node campers need not apply.

A small but game changing addition that was added last week, and cannot go unmentioned, was the smoothing tool. Now, you can make perfect circles from voxels on their own, which was previously impossible unless connected to another structure. The tool includes fine and rough smoothing settings that allow you to go from square to circles, and anywhere in between.

What’s next for Landmark? The team is now focusing on allowing water and air to be collectible elements so they can be used to build and add to other structures. You can’t build an underwater bio-dome just yet, but SOE plans on making that a possibility. Afterwards, the next major feature to be added will be combat and PvP, evolving Landmark into a new game entirely.

You can keep up to date with all the E3 news over on our E3 channel.

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