Everything We Know About Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


The combat in Reckoning is its most distinctive feature. Despite the traditional trappings of the rest of the game, Big Huge promises combo-based, action-RPG combat more along the lines of God of War, with the occasional quick-time event. This is the kind of game in which a mid-air target falls more slowly if it’s being shot full of arrows, and you’ll have to make nimble use of the block and dodge buttons. There’ll also be a special time-slowing/finishing moves.

Players will use the XP they accumulate to unlock Abilities in three trees: Might, Finesse, and Sorcery. Rather than being to locked into any one tree, however, players will be able to select whichever Abilities they prefer, creating unique hybrid classes, in addition to classic RPG archetypes.

Might (Associated with Fighters) — Includes Abilities like…

  • Battle Frenzy — 5 Levels — Go into a berserker rage, dealing greater and greater amounts of damage with each enemy you defeat in a short time.
  • Harpoon — 4 Levels — Snag an enemy and pull it back to you. May have the opposite effect with larger enemies.
  • Skillful Defense — 5 Levels — Your masterful use of shields greatly increases your damage resistance while blocking. At the highest level, you unlock a special Shield Bash move.

Finesse (Associated with Rogues) — Includes Abilities like…

  • Smoke Bomb — 4 Levels — Throw down a smokescreen to stun enemies and blind them to your presence for a short duration.
  • Frost Trap — 4 Levels — Plant a Frost Trap which causes Ice and Freezing Damage to all nearby enemies when it explodes. A maximum of 4 traps can be placed at one time.
  • Envenomed Edge — 6 Levels — The careful application of vile poisons to all your edged weapons and arrowheads allows you to weaken your opponents.

Sorcery (Associated with Mages) — Includes Abilities like…

  • Summon Faer Gorta — 6 Levels — Use magic to rapidly construct a Faer Gorta who will fight by your side. Summon lasts for 120 seconds.
  • Sphere of Protection — 6 Levels — While active, Sphere of Protection creates a magical barrier that blocks a percentage of damage from each incoming attack.
  • Ice Barrage — 5 Levels — Sends a scattered blast of ice shards into the air to crash down upon your foes, dealing Ice and Freezing Damage.


    As characters unlock Abilities, they will in turn gain access to Destinies, Reckoning’s highly flexible take on a class system. Instead of your character class determining which Abilities are available, the opposite is true. Unlock enough Abilities in a certain category, and you will become eligible for certain Destinies. There are seven in total, each with either five or six sub-Destinies:

    • Fighter (Brawler, Fighter, Soldier, Warrior, Conqueror, Warlord)
    • Fighter-Mage (Guardian, Battlemage, Crusader, Paragon, Champion)
    • Fighter-Rogue (Duelist, Warden, Avenger, Slayer, Blademaster)
    • Jack of All Trades (Seeker, Wayfarer, Adventurer, Prodigy, Polymath, Universalist)
    • Mage (Acolyte, Initiate, Seer, Sage, Sorcerer, Archmage)
    • Mage-Rogue (Disciple, Arcanist, Warlock, Spellcloak, Shadowcaster)
    • Rogue (Rogue, Scout, Hunter, Ranger, Assassin, Nightblade)

    The game will also include nine non-combat skills, including Stealth and Trading, and feature three crafting skills, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Sagecraft. It’s not clear whether these count as part of the nine skills, but each crafting skill does provide its own weightless bag to hold ingredients, which is convenient.

    Reckoning’s five Factions also provide an opportunity for Progression, as they lie at the center of a variety of epic quest chains. They are:

    • The House of Sorrows: This questline will center around the moribund monarchy of the Winter Fae. As the their name suggests, things haven’t been going so well.
    • Travelers: A sort of Theives Guild/Gypsy Camp hybrid. These light-fingered rogues are led by a mysterious ruler called The Heirophant, and can be found in Dalentarth, Detyre, and outside Rathir.
    • Scholia Arcana: A scholarly group of powerful magic-users, the Scholia Arcana will need all the resources they can get a hold of in Amalur’s turbulent “Age of Arcana.”
    • Warsworn: An ancient guild of mercenaries, whose skills were honed battling some sort of ancient evil. Their martial prowess is newly useful, thanks to the predations of the Tuatha.
  • The House of Ballads: Dedicated to re-enacting the Summer Fae’s greatest epics, the House of Ballads is comprised of an idiosyncratic breed of warrior-thespians.

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2 Comments on Everything We Know About Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


On February 5, 2012 at 6:07 am


Just noticed a mistake;

Might (Associated with Rogues) — Includes Abilities like…

Should be Finesse not might. :)

Great article by the way.

Can’t wait for this game to be released.


On February 5, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Everyone keeps making the same mistake. They did not re-imagine the game from an MMO. The MMO is still in development. The single player game is in addition to the MMO.