Everything We Know About Mass Effect 3

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  2. Multiplayer and Galaxy at War
  3. RPG Elements
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Multiplayer, Infiltrator and Galaxy at War

The most controversial feature of Mass Effect 3 is the inclusion of Multiplayer. Whether or not a game like Mass Effect even needs a multiplayer is moot – that ship has sailed – but the concern that the single player campaign might be hurt by it has been oft expressed by fans. BioWare has sought to ease concerns with the Galaxy at War system, an optional gameplay element with ties to ME3 multiplayer and to a related iOS game called Mass Effect: Infiltrator, that aims to give the player a greater sense of what’s at stake.

Galaxy at War

Galaxy at War is strategic outline of the Mass Effect Galaxy during the war with the Reapers, giving players up to date information about the progress of the Reaper invasion as they play through the game. It involves a color coded map of Reaper and Citadel-allied territory, as well as measuring “Galactic Readiness”, essentially Shepard’s influence and ability to access needed resources, and “War Assets”, which are the resources themselves.

Players can impact Galaxy at War stats by playing either the Multiplayer, or the iOs game. It is not required, and BioWare has long asserted that players may skip both games and simply play through the Mass Effect 3 single player campaign normally, and still achieve the golden ending. However, playing through Galaxy at War will supposedly buff the single player campaign, making certain aspects of it easier.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Infiltrator is a third person shooter for iOs devices, due for release shortly after Mass Effect 3. Players will take on the role of a turncoat Cerberus operative named Randall Ezno, who devotes himself to freeing victims of Cerberus experiments. Presumably this game will appear tangential to Shepard’s interactions with Cerberus in Mass Effect 3, and will add additional context to certain events. Completion of game missions will grant players additional War Assets.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Mass Effect three’s multiplayer is intended to augment the overall experience rather than diverge too sharply. Similar to Gears of War 3′s multiplayer, players must work together to achieve objectives. The demo largely featured variations on Horde Mode, though it’s almost certain that more modes will be featured in the final game. Players are able to customize their characters with the same classes that are found in the single player campaign, and access a variety of different weapons, some of which are exclusive to the multiplayer. Perhaps the biggest draw is the chance to play as one of the Mass Effect universe’s nonhuman races, including Salarians and Turians.

It remains to be seen whether multiplayer will add value to the player’s experience, though playing will supposedly speed up single player progress. For a more in depth look, please see our hands on review of Cooperative Multiplayer.

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On March 26, 2015 at 3:08 am

You left out the indoctrination trohey, which has to be and is the only explination. Bioware aren’t stupid, they couldn’t have messed it up like that, they were playing the indoctrination card. Shepard died when trying to reach the beam, everything after that is a hallutination, he’s dead already but the reapers are toying with his mind. In the Anderson and TIM scene, they both represent something. Defeating TIM leads Shepard to belive that he has overcome the indoctrination but in fact the reapers had that all planned. Bare in mind, everything that happens on the citadel did not actually happen, no one reached it. The little boy is only an image the reapers use to talk to Shepard without the latter becoming aggressive. He represents the ones Shepard could not save. The endings you choose never really happen, they are only there so the Reapers could learn what Shepard really would have chosen. I don’t know wtf is up with the normandy ending but everything else has a mindblowing explanation