Everything We Know About Max Payne 3


Multiplayer is coming to Max Payne for the first time in the series, and it looks to handle much in the same way as the single-player campaign — that is, with a run-and-gun style and with the deep inclusion of cinematic fighting and of Bullet Time. Rockstar has already released two videos explaining elements of multiplayer, which can be seen right here and right here. I suggest you check them out.

To summarize, though, combat looks to be a lot like that of Uncharted 3′s mulitplayer on its face. Bullet Time can be activated by anyone, but when it is, only opponents in the line of sight of the player who activated Bullet Time will be affected by it.


Gang Wars

This is the main multiplayer mode we’ve seen so far, and it sounds like Brink-style objective-based, story-driven team battles. They’ll be driven by story events from the single player game and include five “chapters,” each with one of 10 different game types. You’ll start out on one side with the rest of the members of your faction and have to work against the other team to achieve goals. What those goals will be will change dynamically based on how things are going in the match and the outcomes of various rounds.

Payne Killer

A two-versus-all mode, two players take on the roles of the souped-up Max Payne and Raul, his partner. The rest of the players in the match band together to take these two down, and if you happen to be the one to put the final bullet in Max or Raul, you become the character you killed and take on his role. Max and Raul have a ton of ammo and painkillers, as well, to make them tougher to kill — think of them as a pair of juggernauts working through each level.

Other Stuff

  • Expect a standard Deathmatch mode
  • Vendettas: Die twice at the hands of a single player and you can initiate a Vendetta, which shows that opponent’s position to you. Kill the player and earn bonus experience points; lose to him, and he wins a bonus.
  • Bursts: There are various bonuses you can earn from leveling up in multiplayer, called Bursts, which can be activated using “Adrenaline” in the same manner as Bullet Time. One causes enemies to drop their primed grenades; another tricks them into thinking one of your allies is one of theirs.
  • Crews: Basically, these are clans, allowing you to create “feuds” over multiple matches, and even facilitate longer-running rivalries across multiple Rockstar games. You’ll also nab experience bonuses for fighting within crews, which can be large and public or small and private.

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On May 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm

dis game looks like its gonna be awesome
but i am looking forward to borderlands 2