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During an interview with Dustin Browder he revealed that we’re looking at twenty missions for HoTS. That may seem disappointing given that Wings of Liberty had thirty, but hey at least it will bring the price down. According to Dustin:

“If Wings of Liberty had 30 missions and Heart of the Swarm has 20, that will probably amount to less money [on the consumer's part].”

We’ve already gotten a sneak peak at two of the missions Kerrigan will be undertaking in HoTS. The first is Char, where Kerrigan will be tasked with gathering up eggs she’s hidden around the planet and returning them to her spawning pool. The eggs she collects will hatch into Zerg who are loyal to Kerrigan. However, a Zerg queen (possibly Za’Gara) is attempting to round up the eggs first in a bid to become more powerful.

The second mission takes place on an ice planet called “Kaldir.” Back when Sarah was still the Queen of Blades she sent a brood to infest Kaldir but they never reported back. The idea was that anything living on Kaldir would be adapted to survive extreme cold. So if the Zerg could add a few Kaldir species to their brood, they would be able to handle the deep freeze too. Kerrigan will travel to Kaldir in an attempt to discover what happened to the initial brood that was dispatched. I slowed down one of the trailers and I’ve discovered that the problem is Ice Monsters. She really should have seen that coming. Speaking of ice monsters, let’s talk about new units.

New Units

Gorgelings: These are mutations of Banelings that will probably be exclusive to the single player campaign. The Gorgelings are purple instead of the traditional green for Banelings and they possess a unique ability. They refund the player a quarter of the mineral and gas used to make them when they die.

Splitterlings: Another Baneling variant, the Splitterling splits into two smaller Banelings when killed. This split can occur twice. I’m pretty sure these guys are single player only as well. They would be kind of OP in multiplayer.

Raptor: A zergling variant, the raptor possesses the ability to jump at enemies. This could be useful for dealing with groups of concussive shell Marauders. However, it’s another single player campaign unit.

Swarmling: These are identical to Zerglings except they hatch in groups of three instead of groups of two.

Unknown Terran Unit: We’ve got the outline of a new Terran unit, but no description for it. Blizzard has promised to reveal this guy, along with the other new units at Blizzcon. This one’s expected to be in the mutliplayer.

Unknown Zerg Unit: Similar to the Terran unit above, we’ve got no facts on this guy, but he’ll be in the multiplayer. Judging from the outline, I’d say he’s a lurker or a bulbasaur. Personally, I’m rooting for bulbasaur. Grass types are underrated.

Ice Monster: My new favorite unit. I’ve isolated this pic from a HoTS teaser trailer. Go Ice Monster!


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