Everything We Learned From Our BioShock Infinite PC Hands-On

All About Elizabeth
Warning! A few story spoilers here, even though they do come from the game’s earliest portions. We’ve called out the spoiler points — skip them if you don’t want to hear about them. They’re all at the bottom of this section.

  • Elizabeth isn’t just someone you escort around and take care of — in fact, for the most part in combat, she’ll steer clear of the action so you can concentrate.

  • She will, however, contribute. First, she can open tears in certain places to other dimensions, which can temporarily add robotic allies to your side or change the landscape of a room so you can climb hooks and accomplish other feats.

  • Elizabeth will periodically call to Booker with some helpful items, as well. She’s constantly scavenging money, health, salts and ammo, and she’ll toss them to you if you react to her (on PC, it was pressing the F, or activate, key). You don’t even have to be facing her — Booker does the hard work of actually catching the thing.

  • Outside of combat, Elizabeth has two very useful skills, usually pertaining to sidequests: lockpicking and code-breaking. You’ll find lockpicks that Elizabeth can apply to doors and safes (the difficulty determines how many picks she’ll need) and Vox Populi codes that require you to find a nearby code book, usually hidden in the not-so-immediate vicinity.

  • Spoiler! It seems Elizabeth’s backstory is a bit of a mystery. She has the ability to open tears to other realities — not just the future or the past, but, it seems, alternate universes with much smaller degrees of difference between them. For that, Comstock has her locked inside a tower within the Columbia Monument.

  • Spoiler! The monument looks more or less like the Statue of Liberty, but the inside is actually a giant containment facility that includes something called the Siphon. It appears to Siphon energy from Elizabeth, who has been locked there her whole life. She’s referred to as The Specimen in many signs.

  • Spoiler! Elizabeth also seems to be the prophesied heir to Columbia and Comstock’s daughter. It’s said that she will bring “fire” down on the “mountains of men” — sounds like she could be the herald of the end of the world.

  • Spoiler! According to audio logs and other info, Comstock has prophesied a lot of this stuff — including Booker’s arrival (calling him The False Shepherd) and his own death by cancer.

PC Considerations
I played my go of BioShock: Infinite on a PC, and was able to get a look at the settings available. Here’s what players will be able to toy with in terms of graphical settings:

  • DirectX 10 is primarily what the game uses, but with some DX 11 features thrown in.
  • Anti-aliasing can be toggled
  • Texture controls to dial up or down detail
  • Light shafts can be toggled
  • Dynamic shadows can be toggled
  • Object detail can be turned down
  • You can adjust post-processing
  • You can adjust ambient occlusion
  • You can toggle V-sync
  • You can change the UI margins and turn on or off highlighting on searchable or important objects
  • You can adjust FOV using a slider

After spending a while with the PC version, I think I can recommend a gamepad over a mouse and keyboard, if only to avoid having to struggle to find keys like the one for aiming down the sites, or the one for switching Vigors. But the PC version was impressive, and very pretty.

If there’s anything more that you’d like to know about BioShock Infinite, let us know in the comments — we’re working to grab more info and interviews from Irrational in the future.

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On December 7, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Did you forget the rest of the article? Your PC Considerations ends with “After spending a while with..”

Phil Hornshaw

On December 7, 2012 at 8:10 pm

@Craig Whoops, something’s screwy. Fixing.


On December 8, 2012 at 12:00 am

What is it with games these days? They have to throw everything at you – gunplay, magic, genetic engineering, time travel, zombies, whatever. Please, developers, pick a sub-genre and stick with it, OK? No matter how well crafted you think it is, too many concepts just makes for an unfocused and cheapened experience.