Exclusive Fan Q&A: Dragon Ball: Origins 2

DBO2_NDS_BoxOne of the longest running, most popular anime series of all time is Dragon Ball. Since its beginnings on the NES, it’s been a popular theme for games as well.

A couple of years back, Dragon Ball: Origins released, putting the spotlight on the monkey tailed character, Goku. June 22nd, Namco is releasing the second game in the series, Dragon Ball: Origins 2.

Recently, several fans of the series got to pose a few questions to a couple of insiders on the upcoming Nintendo DS title. Which insiders? Masayuki Masayuki Hirano, Assistant Producer at NAMCO BANDAI Games, and Bryant Green, Localization Producer, NAMCO BANDAI Games America.

The Q&A has been split into two parts. Our half can be found after the break, with the other half being posted over at Goku’s Corner, the official community site of Namco Bandai’s Dragon Ball games.

Gaming Today: For Dragon Ball Origins 2, what gameplay features have been improved upon since the first Origins game?

Masayuki Masayuki Hirano: One of the biggest changes has been the addition of multiple playable characters so that you can not only explore as Goku, but also some of his friends such as Yamcha, Krillin and Bulma. We also spent a great deal of time and energy improving the game’s overall action to help create a game that we felt would be enjoyed everyone. The control system has also been revamped with the addition of button controls so that players can explore and fight using whichever control system they are most comfortable with.

DBO2_4GT: How long did it take to complete Dragon Ball Origins 2?

Hirano: The game development took around a year and a half and required a great deal of planning to ensure that we delivered a great product with Origins 2.

GT: How will DB:O2 make use of the stylus this time around?

Hirano: We have improved the use of the stylus in order to make it more intuitive for the players and allow them to easily unleash special moves. We have also included QTE (Quick Timed Events) during some of the battle scenes to provide an exciting pace to the already intense game play.

GT: How do you decide what to put in a Dragon Ball game? This is from character choice, to story, to what moves can be done, etc.

Hirano: This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors that go into making a game of this caliber. The overall game balance is very important, but in this case, we started the process by deciding the genre first. We asked ourselves, “What kind of game would the fans want?” and “What elements would make this game fun for fans?” We then used the answers to establish the foundation from which we began building the game in hopes that consumers would be excited about the game’s release.

DBO2_6GT: Has the original voice cast signed up to provide the voices for this game?

Bryant Green: You bet! The original Dragon Ball cast will be making another return in this title as well. The series favorites from the original anime and previous Dragon Ball titles will be making a return for Origins 2, and recorded under the skillful watch of Mr. Chris Sabat and his team of Super Saiyan audio professionals at Okratron 5000.

GT: How many playable characters can we play as?

Hirano: In the original Origins title, Goku was the only playable character. In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, you can now play as any of six familiar characters, including the special character, Arale. Each character has their own abilities and moves so that you can truly enjoy this game in six different ways. Personally, I like Krillin’s moves the best!

That’s it for our half of the questions, so now you can head over to Goku’s Corner and check out the rest of the fan Q&A. This should tide you over until you can look for Dragon Ball: Origins 2 in your favorite game store on June 22nd.

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