F2P of the Week: My First MMO is Zentia


I am an anomaly here at Game Front; I don’t play MMOs. So this week I was like, “Let’s play an MMO!” Since I’m squarely in the lower class, I figured I’d go F2P. Enter Zentia, a Chinese MMO from ChangYou.

I downloaded and installed the game, and then chose a PvE serve because I’m a noob and started the thing up. It was time to create my character. I chose to be a tiny old man with a spectacular jaw. This is a guy with the head of a real, grown human, the body of a small child and the neck of a chicken. I gave him the name JimJam since all of the other names I wanted to give him were not allowed for whatever reason. JimJam carries a tiny sword to match his tiny body.

Once I was able to inject JimJam into the game world, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Zentia’s game world wasn’t really all that different from so many other RPG game worlds I had encountered in my time. I was being sent around to murder furry little jackals and collect vanilla from the banks of a creek, and it felt like I was at home*.

*Yes, I was playing the game in my home. Go to hell.

Making it feel even more like the single-player RPGs I like to play is the way I was unable to find any other players in my instance of the game world. I don’t want to assume right off the bat that I’m the only one playing; maybe they just have like 8 million instances of the game world, and everybody is in one of the others. Or maybe everybody was playing PvP. Anyway, I spent two hours wandering looking for another player, and I never found one.

But that’s OK. I was perfectly happy to explore and kill ugly humanoid lady cat creatures and build my stats and stuff and collect crickets. That’s not a metaphor; I really did collect a lot of crickets.

The game is pretty; it looks at least as good as WoW does, and yes I know that doesn’t sound like high praise in this day and age. The point is that it does not feature an unpleasant aesthetic. It’s a fantasy game, which means it takes place in a forest and features fantasy creatures, and everything is just nice to look at. Said aesthetic is aided by a perfectly acceptable soundtrack, which includes this awesome song:

Ultimately, I was pretty happy with my Zentia experience, but the lack of other players was a bit disconcerting. But I only found it disconcerting because I’m supposed to find it disconcerting; I actually like to play alone. In any case, there simply wasn’t much in this game for me to complain about, and that’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll try some more MMOs…

You can pick up Zentia here.

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1 Comment on F2P of the Week: My First MMO is Zentia

Brandon J. Clark

On September 16, 2011 at 9:40 pm

ugh…. looks horrid….. I’m so sick of MMO’s…