Fable 3 Aurora Flowers

When you think of powerful, hard to find items, flowers are at the top of the list. Or is that “anything but flowers”? In either case, it isn’t difficult to locate all 30 flowers in Fable 3, as they can be found one after another by following a path through a few different areas. A little walking and a sharp eye is all you need to earn the Flower Power achievement.

Table of Contents

City of Aurora

  1. Start at the docks and dive into the water. Swim to the left and run up the path between the rocks. The first flower is here.
  2. Keep heading down the path. The flower is next to a house on the right behind a stone pillar.
  3. Go down the path some more and keep to the left. Turn right when you see an overhanging bridge and get the flower on this side trail.
  4. Go back to the street and turn right. Follow the fence line and enter through the opening just ahead. You’ll find the flower ahead.
  5. Return to the path and go right out of the gate. Head down the hill towards the entrance to Shifting Sands. The flower is at the end on the right.

Shifting Sands

  1. After gathering flowers in Aurora, enter Shifting Sands and immediately turn left for the first flower.
  2. Get back to the stairs and follow them down to the next flower sitting by a pillar.
  3. Go towards Sandfall Palace and veer left. A pillar next to the wall hides the next flower.
  4. Keep following the path until it forks. Take the low road to the left and grab the flower from a small hill to the left.
  5. Head to the dunes and make your way to the fort from here. Turn right to find the flower along a wall.
  6. Turn and face the dunes and position yourself to the right of the leaning rock. Walk out into the sand, veering left just a bit, and you’ll find the flower in a small pit near some rocks.
  7. Go towards the ruins and follow the sand bluffs against the rock. Trace your path along here and you’ll find the flower by a cliff.

Sandfall Palace

  1. Just inside the palace, follow the stairs down to the water. Turn left and you’ll see the flower by a tree.
  2. Head back up the stairs and look for the next flower in the shadows to the left.
  3. Follow the stairs and head through the door. Turn left just inside and run across the small pool. The flower is by the arch just ahead.
  4. Keep running forward and hook left by the bridge. Make a u-turn to go behind the walls and you’ll find a flower on a stone altar.
  5. Head back up and around, following the stairs higher. Run through the rooms and turn left just inside the second door.

The Veiled Path

  1. Enter The Veiled Path by fast traveling. Turn right and you’ll see the flower right away.
  2. Run along the path and head up the stairs for the next flower. It’s on the right behind a small group of rocks.
  3. Continue forward for the next flower sitting by a statue on the left.
  4. Press onward and go up the sand path. The next flower is by the wall on the left.
  5. Flower number five is ahead behind a pillar on a small platform.
  6. Run across the stairs and you’ll see the next flower on the left.
  7. A short ways ahead, the seventh flower will be by the wall on the right.
  8. The next flower is just past the entrance to the Enigma.
  9. Walk up the stairs and turn left midway up for the next flower.
  10. The next flower is up ahead on the right.
  11. The final flower is on the right beside the door at the end of the path.

The Enigma

  1. Enter the Enigma and you’ll see the first flower in the second room past the chest.
  2. Light all the torches in the room on the left for the final flower.

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