Fable 3 Garden Gnomes

Gnomes. It seems like everybody’s got them in their front lawns. In Fable 3, the gnomes serve a slightly different purpose: to taunt you with their squeaky voices until you smack them with a weapon. Also, if you hunt down all 50, you’ll be rewarded with 40 Guild Seals and The Gnomewrecker legendary pistol for your troubles. Here’s a guide to finding all 50 gnomes in Fable 3. Make sure you complete the “Gnomes are Great” and “Gnomes are Evil” quests, as the hunt doesn’t begin until you do!

Table of Contents

Bowerstone Castle

  1. Just inside the castle, head left past the stairs and go down into the kitchen. The gnome will be sitting on a wooden platform above a barrel.
  2. In the castle gardens (just outside of the kitchen exit), you’ll find a gnome sitting on the birdbath just to the left of the entrance to the catacombs.
  3. Inside the catacombs, follow the path until you reach the open area with a pillar to the right. Check behind the pillar for the gnome.

Bowerstone Industrial

  1. Head to the bridge by the docks and look underneath. A small opening in the wall hides the gnome.
  2. Find the bridge that leads to the market and check underneath for another gnome.
  3. Complete the “Animal Liberation” quest to unlock the pie factory. Check in the cage below the wooden balcony for a gnome.
  4. Enter the sewers via the Reavers factory crane entrance. Go left and you’ll see a small hole in the wall. Enter and check the grate on the ceiling.
  5. Across the street from the orphanage is the Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord mansion. Enter the mansion and dive in the cesspool. At the fork, turn right and follow it to the very end. In the top left corner of the dead end, you’ll see your gnome.

Bowerstone Old Quarter

  1. Head through the main area of shops and veer left at the end. The gnome is on the right sitting on the side of a house nearish the city wall.
  2. Check your map for the House of Stains. Go there and look on the right side of the house for a gnome.

Bowerstone Market

  1. Near the exit to Bowerstone Industrial you’ll find stairs that lead to the city wall. Just beyond here, you’ll find a gnome in an alley.
  2. From the same location as above, turn and head south towards the jail. You’ll find the gnome high on a wall.
  3. Fast travel to the market and you’ll be near the third gnome. To the left of the pub is a house you can break into (or purchase). Gain entrance either way, then go to the back and check the door.


  1. From Mourningwood, run towards the Bowerstone Industrial entrance and check the rock on the right.
  2. From the fort, head towards the cemetery. As soon as you hear the gnome, look to your right and you’ll find him by the ruins.
  3. Inside the Ossuary, head to the area with a big tree growing in the center and turn right. Follow the path and you’ll find a row of five tombs. Check between the third and fourth tombs.


  1. Coming from Reavers Mansion, move towards the water and find the gnome on a railing to the right.
  2. From the location above, follow the path towards Driftwood, keeping near the edge of the water. You’ll find some ruins on the left where the next gnome hides.
  3. From Bowerstone Market, enter Millfields and follow the path beyond the monorail. When the ground begins to rise, look to the right and you’ll see the gnome next to a pile of logs.
  4. Enter Dankwater Cave and follow the path until you reach two waterfalls. The gnome is on top of the first fall to the right.
  5. Continue from above and you’ll find a room with a big stalagmite. To the right a trail leads away to a hiding gnome.

Sunset House

  1. Go to the right of the mansion and you’ll see the gnome sitting on top of the rocks.

Silver Pines

    li>At the Silver Pines entrance you’ll see a gnome sitting on the wooden support beams.

  1. Head towards the cemetery and turn right until you reach the crypt. Hug the left side and you’ll discover a second path. Follow it and you’ll find the gnome on a tower near some mining equipment.


Note: You must complete the “Restoration” quest in Millfields to gain access to Driftwood.

  1. When you enter Driftwood, run around the first caravan on the left to find a gnome.
  2. The second Driftwood gnome is in the water from the above location. Start swimming and go between the two big islands. You’ll find the gnome on the sandy island with rocks on it.


  1. Below the chicken coops by the stone bridge, the first gnome sits on a chimney midway up the house.
  2. Search the rocks behind Bumbler’s Gruff house for gnome number two.
  3. Go to Brian’s house and find the third gnome on a wall inside.
  4. Down inside the Reliquary, follow the path to the floating platforms and find the area where you can hop down. A gnome is by a pillar to the right down below this area.
  5. The final gnome can be found by following the path with the large columns from the above location. The gnome is on a wall on the right side.

Mistpeak Valley

  1. Check the top of the frozen waterfall near the Demon Door.
  2. From the monorail station, climb the hill on the right. The gnome is next to a tree on the right.
  3. From the Dweller’s Camp, cross the first bridge and follow the path down and to the right. You’ll reach a campsite. The gnome is towards the back hiding by some rocks.
  4. Enter The Hole and go down to the monorail wreck. The gnome is hanging from a post on the back side.
  5. Enter the arena and face the entrance to find another gnome up and to the left.
  6. In Chillbreath Cavern, go to the Demon Door and turn around. Follow the passage to the right and you’ll eventually cross a bridge. When you see a cave on your left, enter and you’ll see a gnome on a stalagtite.
  7. Enter the cavern from the monorail station, then go out on the ice to see a gnome on a stalagmite.

Dweller Camp

  1. From the exit to Mistpeak, head down and cross the bridge, then turn right and walk up the hill. Follow the path and you’ll hear the gnome. Go towards the wagon and look to the rocks to find him.

Mercenary Camp

  1. Follow the path through the camp until you reach a water tower. The gnome will be on top.


  1. Fast travel to Aurora and turn left from the spawn point. Head to the end of the dock and look up to find the gnome between two buildings.
  2. From the entrance to Shifting Sand, go down the path and take the left fork. Go under the arch, turn around, and find the gnome on the right.

Shifting Sands

  1. Enter Shifting Sands from Aurora City and you’ll see the gnome on a pillar to the left.
  2. Go towards Sandfall Palace and follow the left path to reach the dunes. The gnome is on the left side on top of a wall.
  3. From the above location, turn back and go towards the palace. When you’re just over halfway there, the gnome will call from a wall to the left.
  4. Inside Sandfall, go to the second oasis room and find the gnome high on a wall.

Veiled Path

  1. Fast travel to Veiled Path and look to the right. The gnome will be on the rocks.
  2. Head towards the entrance to the Enigma. You’ll find the gnome sitting on some rocks just before the path bends.
  3. From above, keep going up until you reach the statues. The gnome is on the broken pillar to the right.
  4. Inside the Enigma, go to the room past the chest and turn left. Head through the door and you’ll find the gnome on the left.

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