Fable 3 Keys

Ready to find some keys? Tracking down all 54 of the shiny trinkets (50 silver and 4 gold) in Fable 3 earns you the “I Am The Keymaster” achievement that’s worth 30 gamerscore. You’ll need to do some walking and complete a few necessary missions beforehand, so make sure you’re ready for a trek!

Table of Contents

Gold Keys

Silver Keys

Gold Keys


  1. You must complete the “An Island Getaway”, “Pest Control”, and “Gift Wood for Driftwood” quests before you can obtain this key. When you do, enter Driftwood and go to the island camp. A bridge will have been built that leads to a switch on a small island. Hit it. Chase after the flit and hit/shoot it when you’re near. You’ll be lead to a warp gate. Enter grab the key at the bottom of the hill.

Mistpeak Valley

  1. From the monorail station, enter Chillbreath Caverns and follow the path until it splits into an uphill and downhill trails. Go up and stay straight until you reach the end. When you exit, you’ll be near the Demon Door in Mistpeak, the key waiting to be grabbed.

Shifting Sands

  1. After defeating the Darkness, locate a man near the tattooist and buy the Ancient Key. Head to the northwest corner of Shifting Sands and find the small staircase behind the ruins. You’ll enter The Crossroads of Passing, a room with floating panels controlled by arrow buttons. If enemies appear after triggering a switch, you’ve hit the wrong key. Work your way to the left and stand on the floor panel to light the cauldrons. Some panels rise. Cross back and go to the right side of the room to find the key.

The Veiled Path

  1. At the rear of The Veiled Path, you’ll find the entrance to the Enigma. Go inside and fight your way forward. Stand in the middle of the room and look at the groups of colored flames. Step on the platforms in that order to open the door (yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue, red). Enter and claim your key!

Silver Keys

Bowerstone Castle

  1. In the gardens, you’ll find a key on the left side of the Hero’s Tomb by a statue.
  2. In the Catacombs, follow the trail until the path opens up. Hug the left wall and you’ll find the key by a rock outcropping.

Bowerstone Industrial

  1. Behind the orphanage is an alleyway. Go through the fence and enter the factory. Walk up the stairs, veer right, and find the key in the elevator.
  2. From the above, exit and cross the bridge to the opposite factory. Climb the stairs here and pull the levers to turn off the steam and get the key.
  3. Enter the sewers from near Reaver’s Factory. Take a right and grab the key from by the grate.
  4. From above, enter the Cesspool and dive into the water. Go left and follow the path to a hole in the wall blocked by boards. Break them for the key.

Bowerstone Old Quarter

  1. Fast travel here and head out the gates towards the water. Down the path a ways, you’ll find the key next to a huge tree by a wall.
  2. The second floor of the Nightshade house (beside the bed) holds another silver key.

Bowerstone Market

  1. Fast travel and go under the bridge. The key is by some crates.
  2. Go to the Hauteville Heights house and grab the key from the back yard.
  3. Enter the hideout under the bridge and go left towards the cells. Turn right, enter the door, descend the stairs, turn left and you’ll see the key in an empty cell.


  1. From the fort, head right and look for the outhouse by a huge boulder. Break through the planks for the key.
  2. Facing the Demon Door, go left and around the wall. The key is in the sewer arch.
  3. From above, enter the Ossuary. Just inside, find the key by the tombs on the right.
  4. From above, head up the stairs and veer left. A vault spot soon appears. Hop down and nab the key.


  1. Enter Millfields via Bowerstone Market. Go down until you reach the monorail station and take a right towards the equipment. You’ll find Pepperpot Cave. Enter and follow the path for the key.
  2. Now, return to the main road and walk towards Millfields. When you see a small fence, hop over it and go straight. You’ll end up at a factory. Circle around it and find the key in a box.
  3. From above, keep going towards Millfields. When you see the sign for Bowerstone Market, follow the left path towards a pond. Hop in the water and make a left. The key is near the statue.
  4. From there, backtrack and keep marching for Millfields. A small path soon opens to the left. The key is on a small ledge.
  5. Enter Reaver’s Mansion and go up the stairs to the bedroom. Move the bookcase and head down the stairs to find the key on a bed.
  6. If you completed the quest “Hobnobbing for Hobbes” quest, enter Dankwater Cave, step into the water and go right. Follow the path for the key.
  7. Backtrack a bit and stay to the left of the cave. A small path winds up a hill to the right. Follow it for the key.

Sunset House

  1. Fast travel and go to the Demon Door. While facing it, go left and you’ll find the key at the end of the path.
  2. Just inside the gates, turn right and run up the hill. Halfway up, head into the trees to find the key.

Silver Pines

  1. On the way to Silver Pines, veer left after the small bridge and enter the gap in the fence. The path leads to the key.
  2. Just inside the village, head right to the mine and find the key at the back.


  1. Enter the cave in the center island to find the first key.
  2. The island left of the cave holds the next key. By the caravans is a tree obscuring a vault point. Hop over for the key.


  1. Just outside the village you’ll find the Spurious Nuttock house with a bridge outside. Check under the bridge for a key.
  2. Bernard and Patsy’s house (the one with the chicken coop) hides the next key, behind a tree near the chimney.
  3. Find the Two Knock house just outside of the Academy. A path is to its right, leading to a key.
  4. Follow the main path in the Reliquary until you find a locked door across from a skeleton. Light the torches with a fireball spell and it will open and reveal the key.
  5. Just after nabbing the above key, follow the split path to the right until you reach a cavern by a chest. Follow around the right side and make your way up to the lever. Pull it, defeat the enemies, and go to the new set of stairs. Jump down and work your way up to get the key.

Mistpeak Valley

  1. Fast travel to Mistpeak and turn left. The key is behind a pile of logs.
  2. From the monorail station go right and climb the hill. The key is at the top.
  3. Enter Chillbreath Cavern via the Demon Door entrance and find the key at the end.
  4. From the monorail station, head to the southeast part of the Hole. Climb the stairs and find the key on the left.
  5. Also in the Hole, follow the cart tracks down the hill from the monorail wreck to find the key behind a rack of barrels.
  6. The third key in the Hole, you’ll need the Technician’s Key. To find it, head down and right from the arena and open the chest. Then, head back to the monorail wreckage and unlock the gate. Head along the path and you’ll reach an overlook above the arena. The key will be waiting.

Dweller Camp

  1. Through the gate by Sabine’s wagon, you’ll find the key on the right behind the caravan.

Mercenary Camp

  1. Fast travel here and follow the path. The key is under the watchtower.


  1. From the Demon Door, go north. The key will be past the flags by some rocks.
  2. Coming from the temple, head up the hill and turn right at the top. Vault down a series of dark ledges for the key.

Shifting Sands

  1. From the Aurora entrance, head to the arch and go left. The key will be just over the dunes in the corner.
  2. Head to the arch where Shadelight is and go just beyond it. Turn left and follow the rock wall for the key.
  3. Head to the center of the dunes to the large rock slab in the sand. The key is below.
  4. Enter Sandfall Palace and walk until you reach a locked door to the left. Shoot the switch to open it and nab the key.
  5. In the room containing the diamond, look in the left corner.

Veiled Path

  1. The first key is at the end of the veiled path to the right of the big doors.
  2. Enter the Enigma and search the small platform in the middle of the third room.

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