Fable 3 Walkthrough

Peter Molyneux’s vaulting ambition knows no bounds. The British game designer is poised to outdo himself once again with Fable III, the latest entry in his series of epic, thought-provoking RPGs.

One emphasis this time around is dynamism, which has been fleshed out from the original game. Players’ appearance will change based on their good or evil actions, and the aspect of their weapons will changed based on how they are used and whom they are employed to kill. The emotions menu, a core element of Fable II’s gameplay, will now dynamically react to particular situations that arise between the player character and various NPCs.

In addition to embarking on an epic quest, players will be able to take a hands-on approach to running the kingdom of Albion, a task that engenders all sorts of interesting decisions and game mechanics. With so much to keep track of, its important to not get overwhelmed. Take advantage of our step-by-step walkthrough so that doesn’t happen. We’ve also got a cheats page to help you out with some factual information.

If you haven’t picked up Fable 3 yet, perhaps you should peruse our review.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Life in the Castle

  1. Choose your character, the princess or the prince, and enjoy the opening movies. For this walkthrough, we’ll be using the prince.
  2. Your first task: find Elise. Follow the sparkling trail to her. Feel free to interact with the people in the courtyard along the way.
  3. Bring Elise to address the staff in the kitchen.
  4. Give your speech, then follow Walter for some combat training.
  5. After a little swordplay, follow Elise again.
  6. Your brother forces you to choose whom to execute: the protestors or Elise. Wait a bit without choosing and your brother will make a decision for you.
  7. Follow Walter and Jasper to the catacombs. You’ll grab the guild seal and be transported to the Road to Rule. Use the seal to open the first gate and chest and collect the Fireball Spell.
  8. Escape through the underground tunnels. When the bats attack, use spell blasts to take care of them.
  9. Stand on the seal and cast a spell to be teleported to the sanctuary.
  10. Find the Book of Heroes and transport to the Dweller Camp.

Chapter 2: The Dweller Camp and Beyond

  1. Follow Walter to the gate. He’ll give you some gold for new clothes while he heads off to speak to Sabine.
  2. Talk to a few people in the village, then find the clothing hut to buy a Dweller’s suit.
  3. Return to the sanctuary, change your attire, and follow the trail to meet up with Walter. Take some time to explore your sanctuary as well as the town, interacting with the villagers as you see fit.
  4. Talk to Sabine and you’ll get some quests. Follow Walter to the gate, then head to Brightwall to find the librarian.
  5. Follow the sparkling trail through the Mistpeak Valley towards Brightwall. Pay attention to your dog along the way. He’ll alert you to dig spots, items, and warn you of attacking animals. Use your fireball spell to deal with enemies.
  6. In Brightwall village, follow the trail to the library. Interact with some of the villagers along the way, and check out the buildings/shops.
  7. Show the librarian your guild seal, then follow him to the Reliquary.
  8. Return to the sanctuary when Jasper calls you and get your first weapon. Use it to hit the switch back in the Reliquary.
  9. Take out the group of Hollow Men using your sword/hammer, then keep following the path.
  10. Use your spell to hit the next switch, then step on the glowing triangles to summon a platform in that direction. Collect the treasures, then press onward.
  11. Dive into the water and swim to the door. Hit it with your spell to open it.
  12. After you fight a few groups of Hollow Men, light the torches to open the door on your right. Grab a silver key. You can either head back to the entrance and run along the side wall to find a treasure chest, or wait and re-enter the Reliquary later.
  13. Press on, and Jasper will eventually call you to the sanctuary. Enter the armory and choose a firearm: the short-range pistol, or the long-range rifle.
  14. Fight your way forward along the path and pick up the music box at the end. Enter the portal to visit the Road to Rule again.
  15. In the Road to Rule, you can buy several upgrades and packs. Upgrade everything you can, and check out the landlord pack, which allows you to buy, rent and decorate houses, and the friendship pack, which adds social interactions to help win Albion’s people over.
  16. Use the exit portal to return to the library in Brightwall. Follow the path to meet Walter in the pub.
  17. Take the mercenary’s clothes, then follow the path to earn some cash.
  18. The most immediate way to get gold is to play the lute. Talk to the sign by the fence at the top of the hill (just beside the path). Play until you have enough gold to complete your ensemble.
  19. Wear both the beard and tattoo, then head out to find Captain Saker.
  20. Work your way through the mercenary camp, taking out groups of mercenaries along the way. Use powder kegs to eliminate groups of them at a time.

Boss battle: Captain Saker

  1. Saker is vulnerable to both melee and ranged weapons, so use both liberally. Spells also work well, though it’s worth noting that Shock doesn’t really stun him.
  2. Avoid the bombs he throws by rolling out of the way. When in close, be prepared to block his attacks or dart out of the way.
  3. Onlookers will frequently join the battle. Use slow potions if you’re feeling overwhelmed, and take care of the minions as quickly as possible.
  4. Spectators will occasionally attack from the stands. Simply move out of the way when this happens.
  5. Eventually you’ll fell the Captain. Spare him or slay him, it’s your choice!

Chapter 3: Guild Seals and More Followers

  1. Head back to meet Sir Walter in Brightwall.
  2. After speaking with Sir Walter, head back to the Sanctuary for a lesson from Jasper.
  3. Now you’re tasked with earning a number of guild seals in order to continue. Use the map to locate villagers in Brightwall in need. You can complete any task you like, but the most valuable mission is finding the missing play. Head to that villager and begin the quest.
  4. Follow the trail to Brightwall’s academy. Enter the book.
  5. Put on the dress and declare your love to your suitor.
  6. Wear the chicken costume and make the king laugh.
  7. Put on the next costume and battle with the warriors. Afterwards, watch the play, try not to roll your eyes too much, then take your seals.
  8. Another quick, easy way to gain guild seals is to find Bernard’s chickens. Plus, you get a chicken outfit, and who doesn’t want that? Accept the mission in the west side of Brightwall village.
  9. Put on the costume, then walk to the path and begin the hunt. Your dog will help you locate the three groups of chickens. They aren’t far from Bernard. Find them, lure them, and return them to Bernard for your reward.
  10. Return to Samuel. He’ll rally the townsfolk to assist the Dweller camp and ask you to reopen the academy. Head back and see the Dwellers, watch the cutscene, and enter the Road to Rule once more.
  11. Open a few chests in the Road to Rule, then head out to meet Sir Walter at Mistpeak.

Chapter 4: Hobbes and Mourningwood

  1. The monorail crashes to the floor of the cave. Follow Sir Walter to the bottom to discover a group of Hobbes causing mischief.
  2. Follow the path through the cave towards the exit. Kill any hobbes you find along the way.
  3. Pick up a silver key just beside the spot where the Hobbes ambush you.
  4. Use the targeting mode to take out the Hobbes across the chasm. Keep following the path and clearing out the enemies as you go. Sir Walter loves killing the little buggers, doesn’t he?
  5. While Sir Walter distracts the summoner Hobbe, run to the right and swim around the passage to get behind them and attack unannounced.

Boss battle: Summoner hobbes

  1. Three summoner Hobbes are surrounded by a force field in the center of the arena. You can’t injure them just yet. Keep defeating the enemies they spawn.
  2. After felling a few skeletons, the field will drop. Use a slow potion if you have any and whack away at the summoners.
  3. After the battle, enter the portal to check out some new chests in the Road to Rule.
  4. Back in the cave, cross the final area to enter Mourningwood.
  5. In the fort, follow Finn to the mortar and learn how to use it.
  6. Sweep back and forth with the mortar and fire on groups of Hollow Men. Try to take out groups of them with a single shot, as it takes a second to reload.
  7. The Hollow Men soon invade the fort. Take up arms and head down to dispatch the baddies with your own two hands.

Boss battle: Lieutenant Simmons

  1. The deceased Simmons returns to life thanks to a little magic. He likes to summon groups of Hollow Men. Keep your distance and use spells and long range attacks frequently. Anything with a wide area of effect such as the ice spell works particularly well.
  2. When Simmons calls the undead, charge a spell blast and hit them as soon as they appear. Then, dart back and hit Simmons a few times before he attacks you.
  3. When Simmons charges, dodge to the side and take a few swings with your melee weapon.
  4. Before long, Simmons bites the dust. Again. Promise Major Swift you will restore the old guard, then head to the Road of Rule via the portal.

Chapter 5: Bowerstone

  1. Head along the path to Bowerstone Industrial. An uprising is in the works.
  2. Follow the path to find the Bowerstone Resistance Headquarters. Enter the door to the sewers.
  3. Follow Sir Walter to the camp, then listen to Page’s discussion in the room. You’ll be tasked with gaining the support of the resistance, but first, hit the portal to visit the Road to Rule.
  4. Time to gather a ton of guild seals. Just like before, use the map to select quests to complete for big chunks of seals. You can also woo individual villagers or defeat enemies to earn seals.
  5. Bowerstone Market has a valuable quest worth 40 guild seals plus around 7 earned from combat. It’s also hilarious. Head there and accept the wizards’ task.
  6. You’ll shrink down and enter Lightwater Village. Time to rescue the princess from the evil baron!
  7. Talk to some of the villagers, represented by tablets floating above the ground. Talk to Arturo to pass through the gate.
  8. Slay the wolves and enter the Baron’s beautiful…err — creepy — tower.
  9. Grab the Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3 and keep following the path through the tower.
  10. Defeat the fire-breathing demonic chickens and emerge to find the Baron.
  11. Take care of the spawning Hobbes until the Baron challenges you to combat. Equip the sword you received earlier and smack his cardboard cutout with it.
  12. After returning to the “real” world, look for the quest called “Kidnapped” in Bowerstone Industrial for the second big-earning quest. Head there now.
  13. Follow Laszlo and enter the cellar.
  14. Defeat the mercenaries after they attack, and follow Laszlo through the door.
  15. Dive off the platform to find Geraldine. Hold her hand and lead her out of the sewer, defeating both Hobbes and bats as they appear.
  16. Return to Laszlo and claim your reward.
  17. A third quest that should help you fulfill your seal requirements can be found in Mourningwood helping the sentry guards entertain themselves. Teleport there, talk to them, and follow the path to dig up the Normanomicon.
  18. There’s plenty of combat along the way to Millfields. Be prepared to fight.
  19. When you reach the tomb, a group of Hollow Men attack. The guard inside the tomb is a toughie, but keep hammering away at him and he’ll eventually fall.
  20. Head back to Max and Sam in Mourningwood.
  21. After handing the book over, return to the resistance headquarters in Bowerstone Industrial.
  22. Depending on your preferences and chosen alignment, finish out your seal requirements by completing some of the miscellaneous tasks shown in the sanctuary map menu.
  23. Time to put a stop to Reaver’s evilness. Wear the masquerade suit and head to Millfields to find the manor.
  24. Inside, it’s all about survival. Reaver forces you to fight groups of Hobbes, Hollow Men, and mercenaries. You’ll also encounter Sand Furies for the first time, desert fighters with great agility.
  25. After four rounds, a new, werewolf-like creature appears. They’re fast, strong, and fairly resilient to spells, so use melee attacks and don’t be afraid to dodge or block.
  26. After the battles, you’ll leave the mansion. Make your promise to Page, then visit the Road to Rule.

Chapter 6: The City of Aurora

  1. Head towards the castle to meet Finn, then return to the resistance headquarters. After a brief meeting, follow Finn to the docks.
  2. Fight your way through the warehouse.
  3. Once the soldiers are clear, board the ship.
  4. On the unknown shore, follow Sir Walter to the cave.
  5. Search the bodies around the shimmering forcefield.
  6. Head down the stairs. In the next room, follow the staircase to get across to the lever. Pull it, then follow Sir Walter to the portal.
  7. Defeat the shadows behind the door. Spell blasts are an effective way to deal with them.
  8. Keep fighting your way through the darkness, staying close to Sir Walter.
  9. When the darkness takes Walter, follow the path to locate him.
  10. More shadows attack. Keep them at bay with short, area spell blasts.
  11. When the statues come alive, use a combination of fire/shock gauntlets and melee attacks to dispose of them.
  12. Soon, the sentinel attacks. Keep your distance and fight it with spell blasts and long range attacks. It will fall before long.
  13. Lead Walter towards the light and enter Shifting Sands.
  14. Walter collapses and forces you to go on alone. Cross the desert, keeping with the path and interacting with the hallucinations as you encounter them. Eventually you’ll wake up to a familiar face.
  15. Speak with Finn and Kalin, then check out the City of Aurora.
  16. As you explore, your dog will point out memorials you should read. Speak to the man in front of the altar when you’re finished, then return to Kalin.
  17. Make your promise to Kalin to rebuild Aurora. Then, enter the portal to visit the Road to Rule.

Chapter 7: Being King

  1. Board the ship, it’s time to storm Bowerstone Castle!
  2. Your first task: fight your way up the hill and destroy the mortar.
  3. Fight onward and search for Logan.
  4. Speak with Logan and gain back your crown! It’s good to be the king.
  5. With Logan out of the way, you’re in charge now. Your new assistant shows you your schedule. Head to the throne room for the first task: presiding over Logan’s trial.
  6. Now it’s time for a big choice: to execute or to pardon Logan. Pardon him to gain his assistance in the battle to come.
  7. Another big choice presents itself: to keep your promises you made to the people of Albion but suffer from a lack of wealth, or follow Logan’s footsteps as the tyrant with power, armies and money. In a year’s time, a terrible darkness will descend upon Albion. It’s your job to protect the citizens.
  8. The game is now divided into a series of “days” (which aren’t counted in days, strangely enough), and at the end of the year, you need to have raised a hefty amount of cash to fund an army to fight the ultimate evil. Each day you’ll have a list of kingly duties to attend to, many of which will directly contribute to your status amongst the people. Do you keep morale high but funds low, or take the easy road and sap the kingdom for all it’s worth?
  9. For the first day, you’ll need to decide whether or not to raise taxes. Then, meet with Reaver in Bowerstone Industrial to make a few more key decisions, choosing between keeping your promise to Paige or going for the big bucks.
  10. Your next decision: the guard budget. Raise, lower, or keep it the same, it’s up to you! You also rule on the fate of Aurora.
  11. Day two also has a mini-adventure. Travel to Aurora and enter the cave to search for a rare diamond. Follow the path, dealing with enemies as they appear, and pick up the Desert Star. Return to your treasury to see how much it’s worth.
  12. Day three starts with a stinger: giving money for kingdom-wide child benefits, or charging people for having children. Then, make some decisions regarding Bowerstone’s shelter and sewage, and meet with Page in the rebel headquarters for a new mission.
  13. Head to Bowerstone Market to stop a robbery. Take out the thugs, nab the key, and head to the hideout.
  14. Defeat the troops in the main room, then follow the path around to find Nigel. Defeat his guards using ranged and melee attacks.
  15. Back in the castle for day four! Time for a decision about restricting alcohol in Albion. Afterwards, deal with the re-opening of Brightwall Academy, and choose whether or not to drain Bower Lake.
  16. Head to Millfields and make contact with a wealthy citizens who would like to donate to the treasury.
  17. A thief has run off with the patron’s heirloom. Head to Silverpines.
  18. A note tacked on a tree starts your journey through the forest.
  19. The Balverines will attack. Follow them into the village and take them out one by one. Keep mobile and use ranged attacks as often as possible. Spells are less useful against these brutes. When the battle is over, return to Muriel with the statuette.
  20. Day five: bail out the economy or not? Your schedule then includes a decision about a military outpost and the future of Mistpeak.
  21. The last day before the attack. A portal leading to the Road to Rule suddenly opens. Enter it.
  22. You’ll take a form appropriate to the decisions you made throughout the game. The moral path was chosen for this walkthrough, and thus the king has become the hero. Leave the Road to Rule and get ready to face the Darkness.

Chapter 8: Final Battle

  1. The final battle begins in Bowerstone Market. Groups of shadows attack, often mixed with armored enemies and the occasional sentinel or two. Use the same strategies as before to deal with the foes, sticking with spells and long-range attacks whenever possible.
  2. The Dark Crawler appears at the end. Before anyone can react, he possesses Sir Walter and attacks you.
  3. Possessed Walter has a killer close-range attack, so keep your distance and stay on the move.
  4. Use spell blasts and long-range attacks frequently. Avoid the pools of black muck, and when Walter teleports, be ready to dodge his downward slice.
  5. Before long, Walter will fall, vanquishing the evil darkness but also ending the life of your friend.
  6. A funeral is held for Sir Walter, and each leader from Albion will thank you for your services. The credits roll. Stick around after the end, as the world of Fable 3 opens up and is yours to explore! Complete side-missions, go back and find all the keys, and discover how many great things the game has to offer.

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On October 25, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Trying to see the guide.


On November 2, 2010 at 6:14 am

chapter 5 / # 23 putting on the masquerade suit, i received it from page at the meeting but i can’t seem to put it on, its not in my inventory what do u suggest….?


On November 2, 2010 at 7:06 am

@luis It should be in your Sanctuary sitting on the mannequin at the far right. It’s white, so it blends in with the dummy well.


On November 2, 2010 at 8:39 am

why cant i buy any shops or houses in bowerstone market after i complete the game, all the shops are shut also and i cant get into them


On November 2, 2010 at 11:55 am

@jordan the reason you cant get into the shops is because the shop owner must have died in the battle. Which to me is stupid because even if you buy the building you cant shop there anymore. I feel like the shop keepers at least should not die in the game.


On November 2, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Yeah, if you went heavy on the moral path at the end of the game, you’ll lose a lot of citizens, which sort of gimps the post-finale experience. That’s the price you pay for saving children and keeping promises!


On November 3, 2010 at 10:58 am

Well if you just leave the game running and you own some property you can donate more than enough and still be on the moral path


On November 4, 2010 at 5:04 pm

k, played out the game, i was GOOD, not evil,, and ehmm,, shops wont open anymore,, k i know people died in the fight,, so what!!!,, anyone else can be shop keeper huh,, now i got the game fable 3,, and i cant buy stuff, what up with that,, so my question is,, if i play the game over again and get 8.5mill or 6.5 mill in the treasury will the shop keepers be alive then,,, or is there a other way to get my shop keepers back??


On November 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm

yeah dude just buy plenty of property, play the game slowish”explore”, and put 6.5 mil in treasury.”nobody dies” Oh and I was a good guy:)


On November 23, 2010 at 4:10 pm

i accidently killed the guy i was supossed to buy the mercinary tatoo at the beggining of the game what do i do or do ihave to start over


On June 5, 2011 at 6:10 am

i can’t access one of the melee flit switches in driftwood. i got it moving but now it has stopped halfway up a hill and i can’t get up there. what do i do?


On June 7, 2011 at 11:20 am

@Deftones: Make sure you have the Island Paradise achievement. If not, complete some quests around the area and come back. A platform should appear leading to the flit switch.


On August 8, 2011 at 6:42 pm

where the is Logan after the credits


On August 11, 2011 at 2:05 pm

do like i did i bought every shop and house before even getting to be king ….when you start the game get lore from everyone you can every chance you get (also helps you clear out road to rule)when their your friends they give you gifts quite frequently dont get married or they will stop.
when you open them sell it all do this for a bit and start buying…. have fun….


On October 14, 2011 at 10:47 am

im queen now and im in bowerstone industrial trying to find reaver to make the decision about child labor and i cant find him anywhere. i’ve been over this whole city and for like 2 days and still nothing. help?


On November 11, 2011 at 8:02 am

Kelly, when you are the Queen/King, go to the throne room and the decision about child labor is decided there.


On January 23, 2012 at 6:33 pm

I have been to driftwood and got the gnome on the the small sandy beach on top of tje big rock but i cant the gnome that is supposebly in a small house.


On June 27, 2012 at 9:29 am



On January 13, 2013 at 9:19 am

I can’t figure out which keys to use while fighting walter