Fable III Understone Quest Pack Review

On the surface, there isn’t much in the way of content in Fable III’s Understone Quest Pack, which you can pick up from Xbox Live for 400 MS points starting tomorrow. There’s one new sidequest, a shooting gallery at the mercenary camp and the ability to replay the main quest’s encounter with Reaver at his house in Millfields. The new sidequest, The Voice, is just a bunch of combat on the way down to Understone, a small town under Bowerstone, and it isn’t particularly trying or entertaining, and its conclusion features one of Fable’s famous “your only options are to f**k everyone over or do some great thing for them” moral decisions. Sadly, Understone doesn’t offer much in the way of moneymaking opportunities, but it is nice to have a new place to fill with your children.

The real meat of the pack, though, comes in the other new items. A shooting gallery and strictly combat scenario don’t sound like the most exciting thing to find in a game that generally succeeds on its charm alone, but these things work because they shake things up and, gasp, provide a challenge. I know what you’re thinking; “something that isn’t extremely easy in a Fable game? this is some trick of the devil!”

Fable III Understone Quest Pack (XBox360 [Reviewed])
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date: November 23, 2010
MSRP: $5

But it’s true. The shooting gallery is at the mercenary camp, which has received a bit of an overhaul since you tore through early in the game. It plays not unlike the shooting range at Westcliff in Fable II, except this one has only one round instead of a few, and there are different types of targets worth varying amounts of points instead of just the bandits and civilians. It’s also more difficult to rack up points and achieve high scores, which is why I like it, even though I still haven’t managed to earn the grand prize.

The last new bit is The Wheel of Misfortune, which is what Reaver used to determine what baddies you and Page would have to fight when you tried to crash his party. Now the house is abandoned, and it’s all yours, and you can use the wheel as much as you want to fight things. This is a great grinding tool, but that’s not why this is cool. This is cool, because the game keeps score this time around. The rules are simple: each enemy is worth a set amount, and every time you kill one, your score multiplier increases by one. BUT, and this is a big “but,” the multiplier resets if you get hit. This can be difficult, particularly when you encounter the Sand Furies, which will shoot you before you realize it has a gun. The Wheel becomes quite the addictive activity because, goddamn it, I want a higher score and that better gun.

So I enjoyed this whole thing. If this pack were free, it would be great. For $5, it’s probably still a good time, but don’t ¬†expect it to extend your game experience too terribly much, although it will net you a pretty solid number of guild seals.

Final Score: 75/100

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