Fallout Fans Recruiting for Development of “True” Fallout Sequel

A group of die hard Fallout fans from the No Mutants Allowed Forum having decided they are disappointed with Bethesda’s plans for Fallout 3, have started development on what they are calling a “true” sequel to the Fallout series. The True Sequel Team has a good foundation to work with and is now recruiting tech savvy developers to help create a tribute to Fallout. The group’s representative Bunkermensch sends out this appeal:

fallout-tactics-poster.jpgWe are currently building a techdemo and some dev tools, which will be done in near future.

With finishing that milestone, the actual work on the game could begin.

Part of this milestone is a first techdemo which includes a Vault Dweller running through a wood.

So we can use some people who have knowledge about Fallout , who are 2D/3D artists or can write stories or just want to contribute ideas. Java specialists are welcome too.

We could need a new Vault Dweller, be creative and contribute concept art and develop it to animation-sprites. You would directly contribute to the techdemo and thus to the later game. Furthermore we could use environmental sprites, like trees, walls and similar.

We also need a storyline done by Fallout geeks. Work out ideas for a Fallout Sequel, that can be fun really!

Bunkermensch adds:

We really need people with art skills to fill the technology frame, we really do not want to stuck on original Fallout sprites.

Although FIFE is the best known open source RPG engine with Fallout support, the True Sequel Team’s techdemo is self-made using JAVA and JOGL. However the team hasn’t ruled out plans to go over to FIFE in the future depending on the results they get with the techdemo.

Anyone interested in contributing their skills can PM wolf over at the True Fallout Sequel forums. You can also check out the True Sequel Team’s IRC channel, at irc.gamesurge.net #falloutfans.

As a Fallout fan myself, I’m intrigued by the idea of a fan developed sequel. I’ll be watching closely to see how it all develops.

via No Mutants Allowed ; True Sequel Team ; fifengine.de ; Sequel Project Wiki

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18 Comments on Fallout Fans Recruiting for Development of “True” Fallout Sequel


On August 16, 2007 at 3:27 pm

Umm… Java? Wow. They definitely aren’t going the Bethesda path.

I smell a lawsuit. I wish these guys luck though.

Jim W.

On August 16, 2007 at 3:42 pm

I say we wait to see what Bethesda does with the final project before we start going mad. Remember that most of the Bethesda team are long-time fans of the series, and I think they’ll be able to make Fallout 3 into the “true” sequel these crybab–er, I mean, “die hard fans” want.


On August 16, 2007 at 4:05 pm

lulz. die hard fans are n00bz sometimes.

Shawn Sines

On August 16, 2007 at 4:35 pm

Well having spoken with the Bethesda developers at E3 I have faith in them. I wouldn’t mind another fan isometric “post-apocalypse” game but I’m actually a convert to the Bethesda approach. Fallout is about the story and the SPECIAL system – which I saw first hand were both intact with Fallout 3.

Change can be a good thing and this is using an updated Oblivion engine.


On August 16, 2007 at 5:28 pm

Shawn it seems you have little idea what is Fallout. Unfortunately for Bethesda, FO1 developers said that they wanted to create isometric, turn-based game, where character’ skill is much more important than player’s skills- doesn’t sound like FO3.
Don’t say things like “Fallout is about [bull]” if you don’t know what are you talking about.


On August 16, 2007 at 5:48 pm

When I read this I thought some socially inept kid being left out of a party, saying “Well your party sucks! I’m going to go home and throw my own party, with streamers and cake! That’ll show you who is cool!”

In all truth, I can’t stand the freaks that started clogging the ES boards with their arguments like:

“Your ruining fallout!!!!”
“Blah blah, Isometric is superior blah blah”

Or their intellectual defenses to a counterargument or an appeal to their sense of reason:

“Stop sucking Todd’s (censored).”
“How much is Beth paying you to say that?”
“Go play Oblivion and (censored)!!”

Not saying that there all like that, I’ve met some fallout fans that were nice, normal people with good social skills. The mutants however I hope their plan fails miserably and what few possessions they have in their mom’s basements, aka their “vaults”, are confiscated to pay for the legal fees after Beth rips them a new one. That’ll give those pessimistic freaks something to cry about. But, considering Beth’s track record you’d think they would be satisfied with them but they aren’t. You’d think that since they adults now that they would have grown out of this obsession. It’s sad.

Shawn Sines

On August 16, 2007 at 5:56 pm

@Black: I certainly respect that you’ve got your opinion. Is mine less valid?

I can understand how people are upset that the isometric nature of the game is being changed. I can understand how some people would feel that the lack of obvious emphasis on the skill system would mean a shift, but I consider Fallout a more thematic sort of title. Not a mechanical title. The mechanics of the game mean less to me than the feel of the game world, story being told and emotional connection to the character.

I am afraid I don’t agree that “I don’t know what I’m talking about.” To me Fallout is about the Story. To Me it is about the SPECIAL system as well – which as you said is the focus of the isometric title and skill system. We basically agree on that point though you are accusing me of not getting that. What I saw in the demo was an adaptation of the SPECIAL System. Skill does play (from what I could see in the 1 hour demo) a very major part of how things work in the FO3 engine.

Oblivion is a skill based game as well. Adapting that framework is what Bethesda has stated they intend to do. Also I understand why they might choose to change the perspective for marketability and to enhance the storytelling aspects of their game.

Is this Fallout the same as the previous games? No. Definitely not. But I think far too many people are putting the cart before the horse on this. None of us have played it. None of us have hands on time with it. I prefer to be optimistic about the results. Does that invalidate my knowledge or respect for the original game? I don’t think so. Evolution is necessary in the market, this is a profit business and Bethesda is trying to leverage an IP in an evolved market to bring about another Fallout game. They want to grow the attraction, grow the audience and not just cater to slavish fanboys. I can respect that.

Does that mean I think they are doing everything the way I would? No. Would I like to play another Fallout game? Yes. Am I married to isometric play? No. I just want to great game that is fun to play and allows me to explore more of the universe established in the previous two titles.

This is not a Fallout game done by the original developers. This is a Fallout game built by professional developers with a long history of producing game I personally enjoy. Would this be the same approach Interplay would have taken had it truly survived? Who can say? I don’t see Chris Avelone commenting that this is a bad idea, but remember that Fallout 2 was actually developed by a different team than Fallout 1 and they had a very different approach which to this day divides the Fallout faithful.

I’m sorry you and I are on different conceptual paths on this but I respect your position.

Shawn Sines

On August 16, 2007 at 5:57 pm

Apologies for the typo on Chris Avellone’s name in the last response.


On August 16, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Yeah, this won’t be going anywhere. Are they using that crappy FIFE thing? Sorry guys, try again! Or don’t.

Heck, I don’t think Bethesda’s going in the right direction either. Yet even if these guys succeed, the end result will most likely suck. Hard. Design by committee nearly always results in disasters.

This is coming from a guy who posts on NMA, albeit with a different name.

By the way, keep in mind that this isn’t an “NMA” project, it’s one started by a bunch of random boobs. NMA just put up a news post about it when they were asked.


On August 16, 2007 at 6:48 pm

Shawn, your opinion is valid, of course but the thing I wrote- it wasn’t an opinion- it was a fact. Fallout was meant to be (among other things) isometric and turn-based. And when it comes to original developers intentions vs players feelings? Well, I think devs win.


On August 17, 2007 at 8:50 am

afterfall – maybe the real sequel.


On August 17, 2007 at 10:03 am

Honestly, we can debate the issue as long as we want. It doesn’t change one simple fact. The original devs have nothing to do with Fallout 3 (hell, they had nothing to do with Fallout 2). Bethesda has a long history of producing games that are fun to play and that are engaging to players.

Some people don’t like Bethesda’s style, and that’s fine. However, from seeing the Fallout 3 demo at E3, and chatting with people like Todd and Emil, I know that Bethesda’s got their heart in the right place. I’m looking forward to Fallout 3.

Besides, do you honestly thing that some randomly assembled group of users is going to be “true” to the Fallout series? They’re going to disagree as much over how the game should be built as everyone else.

The only facts that matter are these:

Bethesda owns the Fallout IP (single-player)
Whatever Bethesda decides Fallout is, is what it now is.
Gamers will never agree with developers on the proper game design for their sacred franchises.


On August 21, 2007 at 4:05 am

every game developer who has the opportunity to remake a game simply can’t resist changing the game core logic system to which he/she thinks it’ll make it even more cooler.

I say give bethesda a chance. They’re really good developers. And for those people who are just a hardcore gamer and not a developer you don’t know how hard it is to develope one.

Plus technology is evolutionary. The industry is shifting to realistic 3d games from 2d sprites. Pretty much the same from the vector graphics of the very first arcade machines to pixel graphics on the old times.

Plus you need to be creative. So let them exploit the game all they want as long as they keep the theme of the game.


On October 31, 2007 at 8:50 am

I don’t do this on a regular basis, i tend to leave fan boys alone. but upon reading the comments left over a game ip that i care deeply about i feel the need to through in my two cents. Change unfortunately is inevitable, and so is evolution for that matter so im just gonna drop my points and leave.

First this will be the first Fallout that will share a pc and console release.

Second (i know im gonna be blasted for this) the grid system although good and entertaining back in the day is well a little whats the word im searching for oh i know, OUTDATED, and well if you wanna keep playing with it then pick up a copy of fallout tactics.

and last point im gonna make is that this collection of posts and fanboy hating on a new company buying fallout has lost sight of the original topic, in most cases any way which is that fans of the fallout franchise just want to get people to help with a tribute to a game that we all love an adore.

Just remember that and maybe thy will make a good product maybe not but before you start flinging hate there way just ask your self… Do I have the balls to try the same thing?


On December 5, 2007 at 12:03 am


I’ve made a few games of my own with unskilled teams like this one and I can safely say they ALWAYS end up sucking. At least in my case we weren’t soiling a legitimate series. Bethesda has always made fantastic games. Someone (Black?) said that Fallout was meant to be isometric and some such nonsenese like that. The only reason Fallout was originally isometric is because that was the best layout for an RPG at the time. These days it is much more FUN and ENVELOPING to play a first-person RPG.

Fallout 3 is going to be amazing.

This fan made bull is going to be garbage… if it even gets finished. I’m willing to bet $500 that they won’t even release a full game.


On December 5, 2007 at 1:33 am

You guys should use Crytek Engine and make a huge mod, it’d be hard but not impossible. Im sure some modders on Crymod.com would love to help out.


On February 15, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Guys dont give up dont listen to those losers who say its impossible. I hate bethesda cause TES series mainly Morrowind or Oblivion are nothing like Fallout,and they all f***ed up the whole game why i played it. Fallout 3 from beth can be a goood game but it shoulnt be called F3, because its not and will never become a legend like F1-F2.

Sam Oliver

On August 10, 2008 at 5:21 am

IMHO, The people at NMA and Duck and Cover are most likely the Emos of the gaming world… They waited for one game for 10 years, slashing their own wrists during the wait, then when their game is finally being made, they want to take out their emo ‘why-me’s?’ on the company that’s making they game they waited so long for. They should be thankful ANY company picked Fallout up.

And honestly, there’s no better company to make it, if NMA and DaC wanted it done their way… Personally, I mentioned Bioware could make a Fallout close to their liking on the NMA forums to which they replied ‘Bioware’s never made anything like Fallout!’ Hmmm… I tend to remember Baldur’s Gate playing almost the exact same way in a similar engine… Also, their new PC title, Dragon Age, is meant to be played in an isometric view, theough the camera is controllable.

Instead, it seems they want Obsidian to make it, but all I’ve seen from Obsidian are cheap, incomplete sequels to Bioware games and Alpha Protocol, a spay game that’s going to basically play the same way as Mass Effect and Bethesda’s Fallout 3… So, they seem to have a knack for contradicting their own ideas as well…


The good thing about this is, as a Fallout fan, if NMA’s ‘true’ Fallout ever gets finished, I’ll have two Fallout games to add to my collection. :D However that will depend on the amount of anti-Bethesda swill they put in their game.

Till then, hats off to NMA! You guys are still a bunch of Half-wit Emos, but I will benefit from you anyways by getting TWO new Fallout games! ^^