Fallout: Lanius Fan Film Won’t Follow the “Usual Fallout Tropes” (Interview)

A group of Fallout fans have come together to develop a high production value fan film revolving around New Vegas’ Legate Lanius. Titled Fallout: Lanius, the film will serve as an origin story for the character and feature the voice talent of Mitch Lewis, the actor who played Lanius in the game. The project is currently in its crowd-funding stage on IndieGoGo and has 80 days to meet its $10,000 goal.

We interviewed project lead and film director Wade K. Savage to learn more about what we can expect from this promising fan film. Savage event hinted that we can expect to see The Burned Man himself make an appearance.

Read the full interview, below.

Game Front: What has you most excited about this project?

Wade K. Savage: I guess the opportunity to make something truly cinematic in the Fallout universe is what really excites me. To use what I’ve learned directing shorts and theater and then create a realistic, mature and edgy take on the Fallout World. I’ve loved the Fallout games since the first – there’s something just so damn special about them. The way they blend characterization, atmosphere and action has always excited me. And to think that I can make a very small mark on that is amazing.

When you decided to make a Fallout fan film, what led you to pick Lanius as your story’s central character?

I really wanted to make something that wasn’t the usual Fallout tropes. I think the guys at NukaBreak have covered that really well. It’s the human side of things that interest me. For me, it’s always character and story. Lanius, for me, is this force of nature. At the end of the day, he’s not a good man. Some would argue he’s not much of a man at all – but he’s a fascinating character to explore. That, and the whole Tribal/Legion dynamic hasn’t really been looked at in Fan Films. He also represents a really big challenge in getting an audience to connect with him. Which I know people will in our film, but not for the usual reasons.

Did you have difficulty making Lanius a sympathetic character that the audience will cheer for, given he was a villain in New Vegas?

Well, Lanius would never work as a sympathetic character. I think an audience will appreciate his sense of honor and ruthlessness. There is only victory for Lanius, but that victory can only be purchased in one way – with blood. Lanius operates on a very simple rule-set – he’s in it to win it – but not at the cost of his honor and pride. He’s a very challenging character to write for. But Johnny Domino, the man playing him in the film, said he shares lots of character aspects with Conan – albeit his relationship with women. That’s a whole different story. Let’s say that Lanius isn’t very kind to women…

There seem to be conflicting reports about Lanius’ past within the game. Caesar claims he was the champion of the Hidebarks tribe, but Lucius, the leader of the Praetorian Guards, mentions that Lanius was already a legionary by the age of 12. Will your story establish Caesar’s version of events as canon?

We’re running with Caesar’s version of events for this film, as they give us the most to work with visually and thematically. That, and in speaking with both Chris Avellone and John R. Gonzalez they said that if there was one aspect of the myth to select it would be that. I think there is something really cool in exploring a man that is really made up on many myths and seeing which of them ring true.

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