Fallout: New Vegas — Honest Hearts DLC Walkthrough

Hardy wastelanders have a new serving of adventure on their plate — Fallout: New Vegas’ Honest Hearts DLC is live. Like in all Fallout games, there’s plenty to miss in Honest Hearts if you’re not paying attention, so let our walkthrough writer be your tour guide as you explore the inhospitable environs of post-apocalyptic Utah.

Whether you’re trying to dodge a vibro-axe, pick the right dialogue response, or find a crucial crafting ingredient, this page has the information you need. Because war never changes.

Table of Contents

  • Honest Hearts

    Honest Hearts

    Happy Trails Expedition

    1. After buying, downloading, and installing Honest Hearts – load your game. Check out the new radio signal, or simply choose the quest from your list for a waypoint.
    2. Find Jed Masterson inside the Northern Passage. The cave is tucked away behind a rundown shack, where a narrow canyon leads up to the entrance.
    3. Inside the cave, speak with the first guy you meet; Jed Masterson. You can speak with him at length concerning multiple topics, but the first choice is the most important. Talk to Jed about joining the caravan.
    4. To go with the caravan, you’ll have to talk to your companions and ask them to leave your party. You’ll also have to dump any unnecessary items, you can only carry 75 pounds or less on the journey to Zion.
    5. Talk to Jed Masterson about the weight limit. If you have a survival skill of 50, you can convince Jed to let you carry 100 pounds. You can get the same result with the Strong Back or Pack Rat achievements.
    6. Another option is talking to Ricky. Look for the guy in the blue vault suit, you can talk to him about several topics where you’ll have a chance to pass some speech checks. Pass his speech checks and he’ll carry 25 pounds for you.
    7. Look next to Jed, use the crate to drop off any items you won’t be needing. Remember to bring plenty of guns, ammo, stimpacks, and a suit of good armor.
    8. When you’re ready to take off for the inspired park of Zion, tell Jed. You’ll be whisked away to watch the opening cutscene of Honest Hearts.
    9. After the cutscene, you’ll be paid the caps you’re owed and a new quest will begin in Zion.
    10. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: When We Remembered Zion – Arrive at Zion

    Arrival at Zion

    1. This quest is found in Zion, duh. After the cutscene, the caravan will have a short discussion before they’re attacked by a wild group of tribals. Stand back and keep your distance from the members of the caravan.
    2. During the attacks, everyone in the caravan will die a violent death. This is the perfect chance to loot their still-warm bodies of the goods they’re carrying.
    3. You’ll have the option to kill the remaining White Legs attacking. This isn’t much of an option, follow the road to a bridge while killing any White Legs in your path. Cross the rickety bridge to meet a very handy companion, just make sure you don’t shoot him first.
    4. Be careful who you shoot beyond the bridge, a companion will shot up, be he looks just like a White Legs from far away. Don’t make the same mistake as me by killing him and ending the DLC story before it even begins.
    5. Past the bridge, on the ridge to your left, you’ll have a chance to speak with Follows-Chalk. Talk with him and he’ll join you as a companion. He’ll lead you back to his tribe, the Dead Horse Camp at the Eastern Virgin river.
    6. Follows-Chalk will lead you on a path and tell you when you stray. Eventually you’ll spot a giant Yao Guai, but it’ll leave you alone if you don’t follow it up to the peak.
    7. The canyons and cliffs of Zion are pretty treacherous and hard to navigate. Luckily, Follows-Chalk has a cool perk, Well-Stacked Cairns. Reach any cliffs with a view, and you’ll be rewarded with +3 perception and some new map markers. These markers are perfect for fast-travelling around Zion, making it easier to travel later on.
    8. Nearing the East Virgin, look out for traps as you enter the camp. Past the traps, go inside Angel Cave to speak with a tribal, who will point you to Joshua Graham. Talk to Graham to complete this quest and get your grubby hands on some new ones.

    Roadside Attraction

    1. Agree to help Joshua Graham, located in the Dead Horse Camp, to start this quest. You’ll get three quests in a row, and you’ll have to complete all three to continue.
    2. These three quests are all about gathering supplies for another Canaanite named Daniel up in the Sorrows camp on the northern side of the park.
    3. Follow the quest-marker into a ravine where the bus is crashed and keep a lookout for a broken compass. You can fix the compass with a repair skill of 30, or using a compass sensor module very close to the compass itself after interacting with it.
    4. These quests are simple, just keep an eye out for White Legs and critters as you travel the park. Stop at locations around the area and explore landmarks to give yourself the option to fast-travel.

    Gone Fishin’

    1. Another quest given by Joshua Graham in the Dead Horse Camp.
    2. This quest leads you into the Zion Fishing Lodge in search of two walkie-talkies.
    3. There are several geckos inside, so enter the lodge prepared for killin’.
    4. Check behind the counter for a locked cabinet – find the key inside a box in the bathroom, or use a lockpick. Take both walkie-talkies, and mosey along to the last quest.

    Tourist Trap

    1. The last of the three quests given by Joshua Graham at the Dead Horse Camp after he requests your help with supplies.
    2. This quest takes you to the Zion General Store, in search of Li’l Scout Lunchboxes. Inside the store, take out the giant mantises and start your search.
    3. Helpfully, the quest-markers point out the locations of all five Li’l Scout Lunchboxes. Four of the lunchboxes are hidden around the store.
    4. The fifth is inside a locked desk in the backroom. Lockpick the desk with a skill of 50 or over, or find the keys – located inside the cash register and the toolbox.
    5. Leave the General Store and follow the trail up to the Zion Ranger Station. Expect to fight some more critters inside the station.
    6. In the backroom, you’ll find spoiled medical supplies. There are several ways to fix this – either with strong alcohol, a medical skill of 30, or with duct tape and turpentine. If you don’t have a high medical skill or alcohol handy, you can find duct tape and turpentine inside the Ranger Station.
    7. You can also take the spoiled kit, or salvage the remaining parts. Fix or salvage the kit to complete the quest.

    Deliverer of Sorrows

    1. Complete your work as a deliveryman by taking all the items from the previous three quests to Daniel. He’s located in the Narrows, on the northern side of the park.
    2. As you enter the Sorrows Camp, Waking Cloud will speak with you. Talk to her until she lets you meet Daniel.
    3. Give the supplies to Daniel to complete this quest, and get four new ones. During this quest, Follows-Chalk will leave your party and be replaced by Waking Cloud. If you want to do Follows-Chalk’s side quests, you can still talk to him in the Dead Horses Camp.
    4. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Restore our Fortunes – Resupply Daniel and the Sorrows.
    5. Once Waking Cloud joins your party and replaces Follows-Chalk, the number of White Legs in the area will increase. That makes Waking Cloud’s ability to lower the perception of White Legs pretty darn useful.

    The Grand Staircase

    1. Daniel needs a map, so he’ll point you towards Morning Glory Cave. Leave the Narrows to meet up with and talk to Joshua Graham. Joshua will hang out in the Narrows for awhile, until you speak with Daniel about destroying the White Legs. That’s a quest for another day.
    2. While leaving the Narrows, you’ll also meet up with Waking Cloud. She’ll ask if you want her to serve as a guide. Tribal chicks are the best guides, so drag her with you, she’ll offer some advice on all four of Daniel’s quests.
    3. Fast-travel to the Zion General Store, it’s only a short walk up to Morning Glory Cave from there.
    4. Inside the cave, Waking Cloud will warn you about the Father of the Caves. Don’t mind her superstitions, just rock inside and take out the spore plants.
    5. Look for a door flanked by two cow skulls. The door is locked, if you can’t open an average lock, look to the right for a duffel bag on a ledge – inside you’ll find a key that opens the door.
    6. The way inside is littered with traps, so be careful. Navigate the dangerous walkway and enter the cordoned off area of the cave. Look inside the survivalist duffel bag to get your post-apocalyptic hands on a map of the Grand Staircase Region.
    7. One quest down, three to go. Look around the cave for more junk, there’s nothing especially good here. For the inquisitive, check the computer and read the notes to learn more about the Father of the Caves.

    The Advance Scouts

    1. This is a simple combat quest, head towards the quest-marker and Waking Cloud will discuss options with you. Either run into the camp guns blazing, or sneak in and steal both war totems.
    2. Stealing the war totems is possible, use yourself a stealthboy and sneak with Waking Cloud’s companion perk. Stealing the totems will complete the quest.
    3. For the simple option, just shoot the handful of White Legs down. Each camp will contain 2-3 White Legs, usually one is armed with a gun while the other two are armed with melee weapons.
    4. This is a good place to loot the White Legs, they carry rare and valuable weapons like the 12.7 submachinegun, and the fire axe. Check the bodies for items and look at the values. If you grab multiples, repair to increase their value and lighten your weight load.

    The Treacherous Road

    1. Another fairly simple quest, as you near the Old Rockville Bridge, Waking Cloud will lend her insight to the situation.
    2. The easiest solution to this quest is just to disarm the traps – there are seven on the bridge, and all of them are marked by quest-markers. Set them off or disarm them, it doesn’t matter.
    3. For the more homicidal among us, you can also hunt down the White Legs’ trappers. Follow the road from the bridge north and you’ll run into the groups. By now you should have a good idea of what the White Legs are capable of and what weapons they fight with, so come prepared with stimpacks.

    River Monsters

    1. Two options again – violent and slightly peaceful. Either follow the bridges to Pine Creek and kill the 5-7 Yao Guai milling around, or enter their cave to set explosives.
    2. Killing the Yao Guai outside is the speedier option, but it can be dangerous fighting so many critters all at once. You have range on your side, so use rifles to pick them off from afar.
    3. If you take the long route, you’ll be setting explosives down inside a confusing cave. There are three Yao Guai inside the cave, and you’ll be facing them in close combat. Pick your poison.
    4. Set the explosives and use the detonator, or kill the Yao Guai outside. Either option completes this quest.

    A Family Affair

    1. When Waking Cloud becomes accessible, talk to her about her family. You’ll have to run through most of her personal dialogue options before you can ask her more.
    2. Asking Waking Cloud about her family will prompt a quest, with the goal of talking to Daniel to learn more about her evacuated family. Talk to Daniel, and ask him if they were evacuated.
    3. This is a simple quest, but you have some options here. You can tell Waking Cloud what Daniel just told you, that her husband died, or you can lie to her.
    4. Lying results in bad karma and a bad ending for Waking Cloud. Telling her the truth provides no karma change, but it results in a good ending.
    5. Complete the quest for some easy experience and a more complete ending sequence when you finish the DLC.

    Rite of Passage

    1. Ask Waking Cloud about the nice Yao Guai gauntlet she has. She’ll tell you only those who have completed a rite of passage for the Sorrows tribe get one.
    2. When the quest activates, run up the cliffs and enter White Bird’s den. He’ll ask you to collect three sacred datura roots. Quest-markers will pop up around the Narrows, but the easiest way to collect three sacred datura roots is to simply buy three off of Joshua Graham.
    3. Return the sacred datura roots to White Bird. Before you do, make sure you’re ready to do this quest, you’ll be in a strange dream-like stupor until you finish the quest, so don’t try and do anything else! Your vision will be blurred, and the motion blur is turned up to eleven.
    4. Talk to White Bird with the datura roots and he’ll feed you bitter tea. Now, he’ll point you towards the Ghost Den to do battle with Ghost of She, a suped up Yao Guai mutant.
    5. If you want to learn more about Ghost of She, talk to White Bird. He’ll tell you to ask Waking Cloud. Okay, so ask Waking Cloud, and you’ll get the tribal legend.
    6. Be careful on your way up into the Ghost Den, you’re likely to run into spore carriers and spore plants from a Vault 22 campsite. Up the road and into the Den, you’re likely to also run into a group of Yao Guai before facing off with Ghost of She.
    7. Inside the den itself, Ghost of She will appear as a flaming Yao Guai. Drop her health down, and she’ll split into four copies of herself. Come equipped with a fast weapon, the copies are much easier to kill but do just as much damage, so you’ll want to get rid of them fast.
    8. When Ghost of She is defeated, loot the paw off its corpse. Fast travel back to White Bird, he’ll remove the hallucinogenic effect and reward you with a special melee weaponl; She’s Embrace.

    Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin

    1. Talk to Follows-Chalk about the local wildlife in the canyon, and he’ll tell you about a Bighorner calf that’s lost from its mother.
    2. Walk up the cliff marked by your quest-marker to find the upper ledges where some big mean Bighorners are waiting. Don’t get too close to the animals, or they’ll attack.
    3. One of the optional objectives is to avoid killing any Bighorners. This can be tricky, make sure to leave your companions behind if you do this quest.
    4. Head into the canyons and follow the single path, avoiding the large Bighorners as you go. The Bighorners will make a lot of noise, but if you stay away, they won’t bite.
    5. On the way up, keep an eye out for Banana Yucca fruit. Pick the fruit, you’ll need at least three fruits to lead the Bighorner calf to its mother.
    6. The Bighorner calf is waiting in a dead end. When you find it, feed it Banana Yucca and it’ll follow. It will periodically stop, and you’ll have to feed it more fruit. Just keep backtracking until the option appears onscreeen to return the calf.
    7. With the calf returned, talk to Follows-Chalk about your success. You’ll get a reward for completing the quest whether you killed Bighorners or not.

    Gathering Storms

    1. When you finish four quests – The Grand Staircase, The Advance Scouts, The Treacherous Road, and River Monsters – this quest will become available.
    2. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: In a Foreign Land – Scouted the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.
    3. Talk to Daniel in the Narrows. You’ll be given the option to flee Zion or fight the White Legs.
    4. Choosing to flee Zion unlocks the quest Flight from Zion.
    5. Choosing to fight the White Legs unlocks the quest Crush the White Legs.
    6. Pick wisely, you can only choose one or the other. You won’t be able to do anymore quests in Zion after this, but you will be able to explore the park. Save your game here if you want to get both achievements or trophies.

    Prisoners of War

    1. Choosing the option to flee Zion will unlock three optional quests. Do these three quests before reaching Pink Creek Tunnel, if you want to do them.
    2. You won’t have the option to fast-travel around Zion for now, but you do have Joshua Graham as your companion.
    3. Because you won’t be able to fast-travel, do the quests in this order; Prisoners of War, Retake the Bridge, and Sanctity of the Dead. You start neared to Prisoners of War, so head up the hill past the General Store and Ranger Station.
    4. At Ranger Substation Osprey, several tribals are locked inside with a handful of White Legs on guard. Kill the White Legs, or if you’re really sneaky, just free the tribals.
    5. The cage is locked, you’ll need a lockpick skill of 75 or a key. Find the key up the steps inside the tower, look in a toolbox to find the White Legs key. When the prisoners are free, you’ve completed this optional quest.

    Retake the Bridge

    1. Run down to the Pine Creek Bridge. Four or five White Legs patrol the bridge. This is an easy quest, just shoot them to complete it.
    2. While we’re on the subject, during the Flight from Zion quest, White Legs will constantly ambush you, especially near bridges or river crossings. Keep your eyes open and don’t forget to loot the bodies. Joshua Graham’s pistol skills are invaluable during these pesky ambushes.

    Sanctity of the Dead

    1. Another simple quest, but with a few options. White Legs are at a burial site, as you approach the site, keep an eye out for waiting Sorrows near the bank of the river.
    2. Talk to Dancing Flame, the named Sorrows’ NPC in hiding. They can help you fight the White Legs, or stay behind. If you’re worried they’ll die, tell them to stay put and fight the White Legs yourself. If you plan on fighting the White Legs, some help can’t hurt.
    3. If you have a speech skill of 75 or over, you can convince the Sorrows to forget about the White Legs at the burial site. If you succeed, you’ll automatically complete the quest.

    Flight from Zion

    1. This mission is given by Daniel during the quest Gathering Storms. If you choose to flee Zion, you’ll gain this quest, and the three optional quests above.
    2. Like previously mentioned, there’s no fast-travel in this quest, so you’ll have to walk to your destination.
    3. Approach Pine Creek Tunnel, ready for combat. Allies will be fighting White Legs, help them out and make sure you only shoot at enemies.
    4. After clearing the White Legs, Salt-Upon-Wounds will rush you and begin talking.
    5. While talking to Salt-Upon-Wounds, you can end the conversation one of two ways – initiate combat, or pass a speech check with a 75 or higher speech skill to convince Salt-Upon-Wounds to retreat.
    6. After dealing with Salt-Upon-Wounds, talk to Daniel. He’s ask if all the tribals have been accounted for. If you agree, you’ll lose the chance to complete the three optional quests.
    7. When you tell Daniel to go, he’ll give you a detonator. The screen to fade to black. Ready your weapon, you’ll have the detonator in hand, and fire to destroy the escape route. With that, the ending sequence plays out.
    8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: May my Hand Forget its Skill – Evacuate Zion.

    Crush the White Legs

    1. While talking to Daniel during the Gathering Storms quest, side with Joshua Graham and destroying the White Legs to unlock this quest.
    2. Starting the quest, you’ll have Joshua Graham as your companion. He’s a good fighter, and you’ll need him. Travel by foot to Three Marys to destroy the White Legs encampment.
    3. Find the entrance to Three Marys just south of the Red Rapids Docks. Plenty of White Legs will try to stop you on the way, but Joshua Graham can handle himself nicely.
    4. Entering the camp, simply fight through any White Legs in your path. Allies will help you in addition to Joshua Graham, use the chaos to your advantage and don’t shoot any allies – they’ll turn on you!
    5. Nearing the caverns, an explosion will drop rocks that block your path into the inner section of the camp. After the cutscene, Graham will leave your party and you’ll have to enter the caverns alone.
    6. More, more, and more White Legs to kill. These guys can be tough, especially look out for their melee fights – always target those guys first. Fight forward to reach the opposite end of the blockage, and enter the inner camp.
    7. Allies are everywhere now, making your job to reach the center of the camp a cinch. At your quest-marker, you’ll finally face Salt-Upon-Wounds and Joshua Graham together, giving you the option to talk to Graham or just kill Salt-Upon-Wounds.
    8. Talking to Joshua Graham, you can try to talk him out of killing Salt-Upon-Wounds. You’ll need a speech skill of 75 to let Salt-Upon-Wounds fight back, and a speech skill of 90 to let him go entirely.
    9. If you fail one of the speech checks, Salt-Upon-Wounds and two White Legs will attack, making your fight even more difficult.
    10. The choices you make here change the ending slightly, but don’t change your reward. Make your decision, deal with Salt-Upon-Wounds, and complete the quest.
    11. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: O Daughter of Babylon – Crushed the White Legs.

    Departing Paradise

    1. After completing Crush the White Legs or Flight from Zion, the player will reappear at the Southern Passage after the ending cinematic.
    2. Check the locker on the ground to find lots of unique items left behind by the special characters in this DLC.
    3. You can also finish your explorations of the Zion National Park if you really want to. Otherwise, exit the park through the Southern Passage to return to the Mojave.
    4. Don’t leave just yet, there’s some unique stuff hidden away in Zion! Stay tuned to learn more.
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    13 Comments on Fallout: New Vegas — Honest Hearts DLC Walkthrough


    On June 2, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Actually, in “Rite of Passage,” the easiest way to collect three sacred datura roots is to walk behind White Bird, open the sack, take out three datura roots, and walk back around and give them to White Bird. There’s no loss of karma, and the quest proceeds normally.


    On June 25, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Wow doing a video walkthrough at night where people can barely see what’s going on… brilliant.


    On June 28, 2011 at 8:36 am

    the only thing i get from downloading this download is a never ending loading screen, it only happends when i got this download, downloaded, then the game starts up with a mesage: loading downloadable content, please wait… (you can wait for hours and it doesnt start up..
    anybody knows how to fix this damn bug? i wanna play my dlc..


    On July 5, 2011 at 5:37 am

    I have the location of the area on the map, but no quest or radio signal has appeared..
    I want to play honest hearts!


    On July 15, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    after u leave the dlc can you still go back?

    Bob W

    On July 17, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Hi Folks,
    I’m inside the Northern Passage and, before entering, left my companions about a mile away. However, despite this the guy inside keeps telling me that I must travel without them! I’ve tried several ways of getting past this guy but each time he insists that I must leave my companions behind. As I’ve mentioned, these have been left far away before I ever entered the place! Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong here? HELP!!!


    On July 17, 2011 at 5:54 pm


    You have to talk to your companions and tell them you have to part ways. They will return home or to the Lucky 38 depending on what you say to them. You cannot just ask them to ‘wait here’ a distance away.

    Bob W

    On July 18, 2011 at 1:50 am

    Hi C,
    Thanks for your reply. I tried to send them home without any luck. The actual way to do it (as I found out later!) is to go to the Gunrunners weapons booth. To the right of the window is now a wall-mounted machine. This machine offers you the option of returning your followers to their points of origin. Click this option and…Voila! they are gone. Another thing I learned is to rid the followers of everything they are carrying either by selling it, or by entering the Passage and taking everything from them. You then unload all this stuff into a storage bin that stands beside the caravan leader. Remember to take back your own preferred weapon, armour, etc. up to the weight limit (normally 70 pounds, but 100 pounds with Strong Back perk.)
    Hope this helps, and thanks again.
    Regards, Bob.


    On July 18, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Interesting. I had no trouble after speaking to each of them and telling them to return the the lucky 38. Doing so removed them from my party (lost their perks, anything i put in their inventory returned to me ect). Maybe we are on different platforms. Glade you got it to work.


    On August 6, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    I never got a cutscene! Graham just starts shooting at me..


    On August 18, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    you can actualy find the 12.7 milimeter machine gun at gun runners if the honest hearts is dowloaded and you have completed the playthrough


    On December 4, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Worst dlc ever! so i killed the first tribal guy cause he started shooting me than it ends up ruining the whole honest hearts dlc. Thanks fallout for giving everyone a 90% chance they will fail the dlc from the start! now i just wasted 800 mother ing microsoft points on a crappy dlc which the best i got from it was a lvl cap increase.


    On December 23, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Hopefully you saved before starting, but I think I made the same mistake you did. While shooting the white legs some guy with the dead horses comes up and starts helping you kill them, which I couldn’t differentiate, so I shot him. Which ruins the whole quest. DON’T SHOOT “FOLLOWS-CHALK”.