Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Warhead Locations

The world of Fallout is all about nukes — so why not blow up… oh, say, 30 nukes yourself? Scattered around the Divide are three-tens worth of warheads all un-exploded and ready to pop with a special laser found early in the quest. Prepare yourself and don’t stand too close. Don’t try this at home.

For help working your way through this deadly DLC, check out Game Front’s walkthrough. For even more extras, click into our cheats page.

Warhead Locations

The Divide (Before entering Collapsed Overpass Tunnel Entrance) – 5

  1. Before leaving the Marked Men Camp, you’ll need to grab the Laser Detonator off a building’s roof. One a truck near a pile of rubble blocking your path forward. This one’s easy.
  2. Trudge back to the Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker. Near the barracks, just past the road near the Gas Station.
  3. On your way to the Overpass Tunnel, look for a path that branches off and leads away from a section of demolished city. Look right for bunks, while following the right path to find another warhead.
  4. In the southeast corner of the Marked Men camp among the ruined buildings, find this warhead amid the broken down trucks.
  5. Before entering the Collapsed Overpass Tunnel Entrance, you’ll see this warhead right in your path.

The Divide (Before Ashton Silo Control Station) – 4

  1. Entering the Overpass Tunnel, you’ll be ambushed by Marked Men. Past these first enemies, you’ll be sniped at from a distance inside a large collapsed skyscraper. Look below this building to find the warhead.
  2. Past the fallen building and the Crow’s Nest, you’ll run into a group of Deathclaws. If you sneak up on the abominations, you can set of this warhead and badly damage the group of Deathclaws.
  3. At the end of the highway, the path will fork left and right. Follow the path down under the highway, towards the Junction 7 Rest Stop. The warhead is near the rest stop, next to a large diner sign.
  4. Head back up and follow the left path instead. Reaching the Marked Men camp, look in the southeast corner, stuck in some rocks behind a truck.

Courier’s Mile – 2

  1. Reaching a fork, follow the right path — the warhead is among more fallen buildings where Deathclaws are on the prowl.
  2. Return to the fork and take the left road. Find this warhead in the back of the Marked Men camp.

The Divide (Before entering the Cave of the Abaddon) – 5

  1. Leaving the Ashton Silo from Sunstone Tower, step up to the ledge and look down to the western edge. Look left, for a large billboard near a wrecked building. The warhead is tucked nearby.
  2. The next warhead is just on the other side of the billboard.
  3. Following the path towards your goal after leaving Sunstone Tower, the next warhead is blocking your path.
  4. Pass through the hole carved in the rubble from the last required warhead, and circle around right while looking over the ridge of rocks. A warhead is poking out from the rocks.
  5. Continuing forwad, your path will be blocked by yet another warhead wedged in the rocks.

The Divide (Before entering Ulysses’ Temple) – 8

  1. Stepping down into a crater, you’ll see a gusher of water pouring from an open pipe. Step through the water and enter the cave beyond. There’s a special Deathclaw inside, so come prepared to fight. Look up to find a warhead in the cave roof.
  2. Once Rawr the Deathclaw is defeated, you’ll need to blow up a warhead to exit.
  3. Follow the path, leaving the cave, and trek forward. Eventually you’ll be shot at by Marked Men with Anti-Material Rifles. There’s a warhead at the base of the building — pop it to kill the Marked Men and continue forward.
  4. Pass underneath the fallen building using the new path opened up from blowing up the previous warhead. Exiting, look up and right. A Marked Man will snipe at you from above the Waste Disposal Station ahead. The warhead is just near him, so set it off to kill the sniper.
  5. Continuing south, you’ll reach another pipe gushing water into a pool. Around the water, you’ll spot a warhead stuck in some rocks.
  6. Detonating the previous warhead will open up a new path leading up. Follow the path until you reach the roof of a sunken building. Circle around right to find the entrance to the water treatment facility, and look right of the entrance for the warhead.
  7. Still on the roof, look southwest in a far corner for a warhead ontop of a nearby building.
  8. Before entering Ulysses’ Temple, look up and to your right to find this warhead.

Ulysses’ Temple – 6

  1. Just as you walk inside the temple, look right. All six warheads are scattered around the large launch chamber.
  2. Right of the center pathway leading to Ulysses.
  3. About midway to Ulysses, another is right of the main path.
  4. Another is to your left, just as you enter the chamber.
  5. Partially hidden a long the right wall, tucked behind one of the missiles.
  6. About midway to Ulysses, look left between more of the standing missiles.

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