Fallout Who: A Doctor Who + Fallout 3 Mod.

I can’t believe I missed this one. I’d like to introduce you to Fallout Who, an ongoing series of Fallout 3 mods that inserts the universe of the current Doctor Who series into the already massive world of Fallout 3. Sure, I only missed it by a couple of weeks but I love Doctor Who like the deserts miss the rains. I blame time travel; it’s almost certain someone went back in time and changed something very slight, which subsequently caused me to miss this instead of see it on the day of release. Lousy Daleks.

There are already 3 Fallout Who packs for you to play:

In Captain Jack Harkness, the quasi protagonist of Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood is plopped into the Capital Wasteland with only his upgraded .33 pistol, a faulty Vortex Manipulator, and presumably his notorious bisexuality. Find him wandering around, and wacky adventures ensue. You can get it here.

The Last Child Of Gallifrey introduces the Doctor’s universe proper to Fallout 3. Apparently, the TARDIS has appeared in the U.N.I.T Fort Osterhargen and it’s up to you to explore the device, figure out what the deuce it does, and repair it. Yes, rad. No sign of the Doctor though. Download it here.

The latest pack is Ghost In The Machine. It seems The TARDIS has suffered significant damage, and reality is bending and warping and basically bleeding all kinds of creepy things into the ‘real’ world. Explore new sections of the ship, repair the damage and try to keep the wastelands of Fallout 3 from getting even wastelandier. Still no sign of The Doctor, but there’s a whole ton of new areas, enemies and tasks to enjoy. Well done, in other words. Grab it here.

If you still need convincing, here’s the official theme.

BTW, that is some fantastic usage of the current series’ theme. And an excellent reason to bring Fallout 3 out of the, ahem, vaults, before the October release of Fallout: New Vegas. To keep up with future installments, read more about the mods, and gaze at that amazing logo, visit the developer’s blog.

Speaking of the next official Fallout, no doubt all this talk of Fallout 3 has you foaming at the mouth for New Vegas. Why not calm down a bit by revisiting some of our recent coverage. Check out our PAX hands on report. We also have hot spoiler action in the form of New Vegas achievements. And, you can see the people who will be following you around the bleak, post real estate bust WWIII Vegas by going here. In the meantime, and speaking of amazing uses of the theme, we’ll leave you with this classic Timelords (AKA KLF) tribute to the pre-resurrected Doctor Who series. Enjoy.

Fan out Fallout? Got a copy of Fallout: New Vegas? Our full game guide is available here! Our check out the information at our Cheats Center.

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2 Comments on Fallout Who: A Doctor Who + Fallout 3 Mod.

Bob Dole

On January 15, 2012 at 10:56 pm

If it’s in America, shouldn’t it be a different phone booth?


On July 21, 2012 at 8:11 pm

The story(without indulging too much) tells of the TV Doctor coming into the Fallout universe somehow and sometime in his own future, no one knows what happened to him but the Blue Box is all that remains.

This version however is very outdated and we recommend you check out Fallout New Vegas due for release this August!

Ollie Smith
Fallout Who Q&A Tester