Fans React: ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Infuriated’ over Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

But the community isn’t going anywhere regardless, Fullerton said, because the members have become too close and made too many friends to be easily swept away. It seems the Retake Mass Effect community may well be fairly stalwart.

That’s not the case for everyone. Some, such as Mikl and Ballard, said they’re pretty much done with BioWare.

“I trusted Bioware,” Mikl said. “I supported them. I defended them. I went out of my way to get friends to get and play their games. Mass Effect 3 was the first game where I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition. Even after I finished the game for the first time, I still had trust in the company. That’s the reason why I even joined the efforts of the Retake movement. That’s why I started posting in the forum, that’s why I supported the charity, that’s why I spent most of the time designing t-shirts.

“Yes, my trust was shaken after the first two announcements. They only saw us as a vocal minority, little kids you pat on the head till you shoo them off so that the adults could talk. But I still had trust in them as a company that up to this point always listened to their fans and took their opinions into account. Romanceable Tali and Garrus? Fan service. And now I have the strange urge to get my car and drive over every single BioWare game a few times. I feel betrayed as a fan. Suddenly all the people telling me ‘it’s just a video game’- I feel like they’re right. Maybe it is just another video game.

“…But I don’t think I’ll ever support the company again. Why should I?”

BioWare’s “Extended Ending” DLC is expected this summer, although the company isn’t committing to a timetable. It seems Mass Effect fans will be waiting until then for the “clarity and closure” BioWare has promised — if they continue waiting at all.

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8 Comments on Fans React: ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Infuriated’ over Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC


On April 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Indeed I am disappointed. Can’t see any way a meaningful plot may develop after what the ending introduces. Of all the problems the endings have, none of them is “unclear”.

It wouldn’t be the first time I simply stopped buying games from a dev after they changed the way they work, but I really hoped bioware wouldn’t be one of them.


On April 6, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Whilst I hope the “extended cut” will blow us all away and give us a proper ending to the series I think Bioware see this as doing the very minimum amount of work they can get away with whilst being able to say that they addressed the issue, its done, let it go.

The original ending was poor, the faq’s posted by Bioware states that the ending isn’t changed – its just extended. So we go from a rubbish 1 minute fmv to a rubbish 10 minute fmv. They may find a way to address some of the contradictions in the storyline but the end result will be no different from what we have now.

Its a shame. Bioware had a wonderful chance to make things right and yes I do believe bowing to the customer and giving us all the stuff we asked for (even if it goes against the creators vision for the series) would have been the smart thing to do. We did it Biowares way – they gave us the cryptic ending that would get people talking – it got us talking – it got us talking about how awful it was. We did it your way, it didn’t work, this was your chance to do it our way and take away the sour taste the last few minutes of ME3 left us with.
Bioware you made a phenomenal game, truly a masterpiece, but when I think of Mass Effect 3 I think of the terrible last few minutes not of the amazing 40 hours that preceded it and there are many others that feel the same way and when your next game comes out I wont be in a hurry to buy it.


On April 6, 2012 at 8:53 pm

So I’m a little late to the party, having only recently finished my first play through of ME 3. Must say it was all I could do finishing without letting myself succumb to my curiosity following the controversy of the ending/s. Now all I can find myself saying is, “This is what all the outrage is about?” I admit, I wasn’t blown away, but neither was I so horribly disgusted as many seem to be. My Shepard was Paragon dominant and had access to all three choices at the end. Sadly, I chose the Synthesis ending, because, at that time I felt it made sense (To me, anyways). After, I went to see what others had made of the ending/s and came across the “Indoctrination Theory”. Now my entire outlook of the ending/s and my choice have been bent sideways. Outstanding work by those that brought this theory forth.
Still, I can’t quite wrap my head around all the fallout that has surrounded the ending of this game. Granted, I haven’t scoured every piece of material covering all the complaints and displeasure, but what I have seen, doesn’t make sense to me. I read that there are those that say they’ve been lied to, others that the choices they made didn’t matter at the end, others still that there was no closure. Now I find myself asking those people, what is it they wanted? This site has put out a couple of really good articles and I have read some very rational and adult feedback from responders here, so I feel this is a good place for me to ask, what, exactly, would have made a good ending? It has been covered here what Bioware shouldn’t do for the ending, but what is it they should do? Because as far as I can tell, if the complaints that I’ve seen are the majority, if the game had ended with most of those complaints covered, wouldn’t it be an ending that, as the article here pointed out, shouldn’t be the type of ending made? I can’t see a scenario that doesn’t play out in some form that it did originally. It would seem nonsensical to have to battle every Reaper to take back earth. Nor would it seem better if there was some Boss fight at the end as there was in the first two. And it definitely would not have sit well if it ended with, and they all lived happily ever after. So this is what I would like to find out. What, exactly, would have made a good ending? How could it or should it have played out to be deemed acceptable? And as an aside, my thought on the destruction of the Mass Relays? I know everyone points to The Arrival as to what happens when one is destroyed. The Relay there had an asteroid collide with it, that’s going to be violent destruction. The destruction of the Relays at the end of ME 3 I akin more to the demolition of a building, the building is utterly destroyed, but it’s a controlled destruction, none of the surrounding area is in harms way. That’s how I interpreted the Relays being brought down at the end of the game, an intentional one under a controlled circumstance. Just my two cents.


On April 7, 2012 at 3:38 am


We will still get the short end of the stick?

I think i know how it turns out. A lot more flames. And damage isn’t easy.


On April 8, 2012 at 7:00 am

@Robert Just because you don’t understand our frustration, doesn’t make us disgusted ME fans’ feelings any less relevant (or correct).


On April 10, 2012 at 1:30 pm


First of all, the ending would be good if they kept their promises:

And it shouldn’t be nonsensical, filled with plot holes. More on that here:

Ok, maybe they didn’t have enough time or resources to do 16 radically different endings. But even so, they could’ve made a good ending. And what bugs me the most is that they wouldn’t have to do anything that they haven’t done before in order to do it.

Think on ME2′S ending. The better you prepared before invading the collector’s base, the better the chances of survival for you and your crew. And once you were there, every decision you made could kill a squad mate. The ending wouldn’t be much different regardless of what happened, but knowing that everybody(including you) would live or die depending on your actions made things really dynamic. Why they didn’t use the same mechanic in ME3 is beyond me.

And the easiest part would be giving a sense of closure to the players. We wanted to know what happened to our squad mates. We wanted to know what happened to the races in the galaxy, how our actions affected them. Why not make a simple epilogue, with pictures and texts explaining what the hell happened? Would it be so hard to change text and picture depending on what you did? They did it in Dragon Age:Origins, Baldur’s Gate, NWN: Hordes of the Underdark, and it was good.

And I don’t think that a “happy” ending would be bad. But you would have to work really hard, and make the right choices in the last battle, in order to get it. The possibility of a bittersweet ending, and even a reaper victory, should be included as well.

Of course people would still complain. That’s internet, after all. But I’m sure that there wouldnt be so much hate about it.


On April 10, 2012 at 6:08 pm

ANOTHER phenomenal article from Gamefront on the ME3 ending! Great job.


On April 24, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Yeah. If they see 90% as a minority, and if they see their customers as nothing more than entitled whining fanboys and girls, then don’t blame me if I refuse to buy anything else from Bioware or EA.

It’s just a game after all, right?