Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Just the Tip Achievement Guide

Get one of the trickiest achievements in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon with our easy method below. The eponymous Blood Dragons are a deadly foe, and they won’t go down without a fight.

The grossly named “Just the Tip” trophy / achievement tasks our hero Rex with killing one of the giant neon lizards using only his Bow. The Bow isn’t particularly useful against those giant lizards, so check out the steps below to help put you on the right track toward 100% completion.

Put an end to these neon crimson dinosaurs, get some help with Game Front’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon walkthrough. Find extras, collectibles, and Easter eggs on our list of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon cheats.

Just the Tip Achievement Guide

1. Travel to an enemy-occupied Garrison and disable the barrier inside without killing all the soldiers.

2. Next, lure a Blood Dragon into the base with thrown cyber hearts. The soldiers and Dragon should start fighting — this will help clear out the Garrison, and deal some damage to the Dragon.

3. Allow the battle to rage on. Use the chaos to purchase ammo, health, and whatever else you might need to take on the Blood Dragon from the base Vending Machine.

4. Once the Blood Dragon has cleared the Garrison, it’ll be all alone and ready to kill. To unlock this achievement, Rex must use the Bow to kill the Dragon.

5. Unsurprisingly, that’s pretty tricky. But, there’s no need to use the Bow for the entire fight. Use the Bow only to deliver the killing blow. Even if it takes a few arrows, the achievement or trophy will unlock.

6. Use C400 and grenades to drain the Blood Dragon’s health, and maneuver around the Garrison structures to avoid its deadly beam attack. Purchase more health if necessary from the Vending Machine.

7. Lower the Dragon’s health to just a sliver left on the bar. The best way to hurt the Dragon with a Bow is by aiming for the chest. Wait for the Dragon to rear back before loosing an arrow.

8. This can take time and patience, wait until the Dragon exposes its chest before attacking. With some luck, use the Bow to empty the last of the Dragon’s health bar.

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