Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • You Got Time to Duck?

    Pt. 1: Meet Rex ‘Power’ Colt

    Pt. 2: Winners Don’t Use Drugs

    1. After the opening cut scene, use the helicopter’s mini gun to open fire on the enemies posted up in the surrounding guard towers and other hostile aircraft that fly into your view. Look for the blue laser bursts to locate targets that must be destroyed immediately.
    2. Continue clearing the base below by returning enemy fire and targeting the large fuel containers to cause massive explosions until the next cut scene is activated.
    3. Afterwards, follow the on-screen prompts that appear to learn basic movement controls and proceed towards the current objective marker in the distance.
    4. Follow the trail of objective markers to crawl through the cave entrance at the end and execute a Blade Takedown on the enemy with his back to you, then pilfer the body to collect a cyber-heart and press the indicated buttons to tag the locations of the next group of hostile soldiers ahead.
    5. Move slowly up the path in front of you to approach the tagged enemies without being seen and throw your dice to the left of the first soldier ahead, then wait for him to investigate the noise and execute a blade takedown while his back is turned.
    6. Continue tailing the group of soldiers patrolling ahead in the distance by hiding amongst the tall grass to avoid being seen, then approach the squadron at close-range to activate a Chain Takedown and press the indicated buttons to quickly dispose of all the hostiles at once.
    7. Head towards the burning wreckage on the left to climb up the rock ledges and scroll through the next series of tutorial screens at the top, then sprint through the corridor in front of you to eliminate the enemy on the other side with a blade takedown and execute the indicated Shuriken Takedown to dispose of the second hostile nearby.
    8. Use your map and the on-screen objective markers to locate the remaining cyber-soldiers in the area, then pilfer a scoped rifle from one of your victims and tag hostile locations from behind cover to make the extermination process more efficient.
    9. Look for the red laser-sights that appear from a distance to target the snipers at the other end of them and open fire on the turrets atop the jeeps that pull into view.
    10. The hangar is the best location for fending off reinforcements in this area. Climb the ladders inside to reach the second story catwalks above and move across them to take out the surrounding enemies from the advantage of an elevated vantage point.
    11. You can commandeer the turrets of enemy vehicles to help you clear the area or jump into the driver’s seat as a means of relocating to safety, then approach the remaining objective marker to enter one of the surrounding guard towers and climb the ladder inside to reach the nest at the top.
    12. Eliminate the sniper on your right and use the zipline above him to land on the next building’s rooftop, then drop into the room below and approach the current objective marker to pass through the set of automatic doors that suddenly open.
    13. Descend into the underground bunker below to meet up with Spider and eliminate the group of enemies around the corner with a quick burst of gunfire, then take cover behind the first crate on the left in the next corridor and defeat the heavily-armored soldier that approaches by scoring multiple headshots in a row until he falls over.
    14. Follow Spider through the hallway so that he can open the door at the end and enter the room on the other side to climb up onto the catwalk above, then move around it towards the left to tags the next group of enemies patrolling below and pick them off with headshots to clear the area.
    15. Continue firing on the hostiles beneath you until supplies must be replenished, then drop down one level to pilfer the surrounding bodies and use the railing as cover to eliminate soldiers on the ground floor.
    16. Proceed forward through the bunker along the second floor catwalk and continue removing the majority of enemy soldiers on the ground below to your left, then drop into this area to remove any stragglers by approaching their hiding places and using blade takedowns to save ammo.
    17. Finish clearing the area to search the tables by the control panels for additional supplies and climb the stairwell in the back corner of the room to regroup with Spider on the catwalk above, then follow him to the next locked door so that he can open it and enter the missile silo on the other side.
    18. Approach the metal staircase on your left to pilfer the container beneath it and climb the steps to reach the catwalk above, then navigate around it to reach the indicated mainframe at the end and wait for the next cut scene to activate.
    19. Afterwards, position yourself directly between the metal catwalk and the mainframe to tag the initial group of hostiles that enter the room.
    20. Look for the blue-lit doorways that open around the room to indicate a new enemy’s arrival and try to pick him off before he can get very far, then use quick bursts of gunfire and precision headshots to eliminate soldiers that approach from directly in front of you.
    21. Take cover behind the railings on either side of you to reload or heal yourself if necessary, then turn around as often as possible to check on Spider’s safety and use blade takedown to remove threats that get too close to him.
    22. Continue protecting the bridge that leads directly to the mainframe and tag new arrivals consistently to avoid being ambushed, then use a grenade to help you eliminate the heavily-armored soldier that appears last and pilfer the surrounding bodies until the next cut scene is activated.
    23. Afterwards, ignore or mow down the hostiles blocking the catwalk as you sprint towards the next objective marker below and activate another cut scene to complete this mission.

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