Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • They’re Hee-eere

    Pt. 3: Birds With Attitude

    1. Move forward through the cave along the rock bridges by hugging the right side wall and approach the objective marker you see around the corner, then crawl through the next opening to encounter the blood dragons and activate a short action sequence.
    2. Crouch down to decrease the blood dragons’ ability to see you and back up into the cave tunnel to remain undetected, then proceed forward slowly around the left side of the nearest creature ahead and continue towards the current objective marker in the distance.
    3. Allow the second dragon in the road to cross towards the right and sneak behind him without being detected by hugging the left side wall, then pilfer from the bodies on the ground in front of you and wait for the large dragon guarding the tunnel ahead to stomp away.
    4. Pass through the tunnel and stick to the left side wall as you proceed forward to avoid the next approaching dragon, then continue following the road ahead towards the objective marker in the distance and approach the bodies above on the right to pilfer more cyber-hearts.
    5. Look down from the indicated vantage point you’ve reached to see the bunker below and throw a cyber-heart through the green forcefield barrier, then watch as the dragons attack the soldiers inside and wait for the creatures to finish clearing the area.
    6. Descend from the vantage point to pass through the green forcefield below and enter the indicated room nearby, then collect the bow and arrow inside to receive your next objective.
    7. Look out through the window at the front of the room and use cyber-vision to tag the locations of the Omega Force Garrison Soldiers in the surrounding base area below, then exit the building to approach the outside railing and throw a cyber-heart down towards the forcefield on the left.
    8. Watch as the dragon below starts attacking the base’s shield and cross the field behind the creature to approach the indicated structure on the hill above, then use grenades or a C400 charge to destroy the blue-glowing generator and disable the Garrison Megashield.
    9. Pass through the forcefield that’s been deactivated below to enter the base and work as a team with the dragons you’ve summoned to start taking out the garrison soldiers.
    10. Equip your bow and use the surrounding enclosures as cover to take out the indicated enemies from a safe distance, then ascend the nearest staircase to stay above the dragons you’ve unleashed and finish clearing the area of hostiles.
    11. Approach one of the exits in the base’s surrounding walls to throw a cyber-heart back into the fields outside and chase the dragons away from the area to reactivate the megashields, then head towards the next objective marker that appears to use the indicated keypad and complete this mission.

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