Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • Punch It

    Pt. 5: Cyber Sharks

    1. Commandeer the nearest jeep to drive it out of the base again and follow the road in the direction of the current objective marker, then continue along this course until you reach the indicated dam area.
    2. Look for the zipline behind the jeep parked on the dam and use it descend to the bottom of the hill beneath it, then approach the current objective marker nearby and open the indicated cargo to collect Darling’s package.
    3. Move along the ridge to the left of the cargo and use cyber-vision to tag the enemies patrolling the structure ahead, then drop into the waterway below to swim towards the objective marker at the base of the facility and climb up onto the cement platform.
    4. Crouch down to remain undetected and climb the nearby staircase to encounter the attack dogs at the top, then wait for the animal to lunge at you to eliminate it with a blade takedown and continue the chain to kill any soldiers in the vicinity.
    5. Enter the building to the left at the top of the staircase and use it as cover to pick off any approaching guards, then move silently towards the current objective marker and pick off the snipers on the ledges high above with your suppressed weapon.
    6. After clearing the near-vicinity of threats, approach the two objective markers on the ground floor of the dam to plant C400 charges at the indicated areas.
    7. Look for the green-lit doorway in the corner to climb the staircase on the other side and collect supplies from the control room above, then ascend the next set of steps to eliminate the soldier at the top with a blade takedown and turn right to exit the structure.
    8. Eliminate the soldiers patrolling on your left by scoring headshots with a scoped rifle, then proceed past their bodies to climb the next ladder against the wall and tag the enemies in the room beside you at the top.
    9. Use a blade takedown with a shuriken to eliminate the soldiers in the adjacent area and plant the final explosive charge in the nearby wall, then continue forward through the room to walk along the pipeline outside and ascend the rock ledge above at the end.
    10. Detonate the charges and use the zipline to travel back towards the dam below, then open fire on the soldier waiting for you at the bottom and turn left to eliminate another enemy with a blade takedown.
    11. Enter the room beside you and score multiple headshots with a scoped weapon to defeat the flamethrower enemy descending the staircase, then climb the steps to eliminate any remaining soldiers at the top with a blade or chained takedown.
    12. Climb another staircase to use the weapons store at the top and exit through the doorway beside you to turn right outside, then eliminate any approaching soldiers to ascend a third set of steps and take cover to tag the new wave of surrounding enemies.
    13. Use a scoped rifle and grenades from behind cover to eliminate the approaching enemy squadron your left, then sprint forward past their bodies to pick off any remaining soldiers along the way with blade takedowns and equip the mini-gun to shoot down the patrolling helicopter.
    14. Descend the next staircase on the left to reach the objective marker below and use the indicated green-lit keypad to open the blast doors, then enter the building to meet the engineer inside and wait for the second set of doors to open.
    15. Follow the engineer down through the dam’s interior and take cover behind the doorways of the rooms in the corridor below, then use a scoped rifle to clear the area by scoring headshots and shooting the fuel tanks on the backs on the more heavily-armored soldiers.
    16. Enter the large control room to take cover amongst the terminals and use your map to target the remaining soldiers in the area, then toss grenades, execute chained takedowns or score headshots to finish removing all threats.
    17. Continue following the engineer into the next area ahead and tags the surrounding enemies working at the terminals, then sneak up behind the two on either side of the room’s second floor balcony and eliminate them silently with blade takedowns.
    18. Make your way around the second floor landing to eliminate the remaining enemies with blade takedowns, then tag the soldiers on the first floor to clear them out with headshots and grenades from above.
    19. Drop to the first floor and eliminate the remaining soldiers with blade takedowns, then follow the engineer up the ramps to reach the circular control room at the top and wait until you can exit back to the outside.
    20. Follow the engineer to the rising electrified core and enter the small structure behind it to collect additional supplies, then wait for the scientist to finish his work at the computer terminal and dive off the platform to land in the water below.
    21. Dive beneath the surface of the water to swim towards each of the three objective markers below and release the safety locks, then return to the engineer’s location above and face out through the doorway of the room he occupies.
    22. Use a scoped rifle to target the waterway on the left and the bridge in front of you, then protect the engineer by opening fire on the enemy boats that attempt to dock and on the soldiers approaching from the steps directly across of you.
    23. Equip a mini-gun if possible to mow down the surrounding soldiers until the engineer finishes his work, then approach the indicated spot on the core to punch through the reactor and complete this mission.

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