Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • What is This Shit?

    1. Commandeer a jeep to drive to the current objective marker on your map and park at a safe distance from the indicated facility in the valley below, then use the surrounding trees as cover to tag the occupying enemy soldiers and remain unseen.
    2. Throw cyber-hearts to attract the blood dragons and help them clear the garrison of all remaining threats from a distance, then move through the entrance protected by a green forcefield and enter the next area below.
    3. Use the keypad on the right to reach the next room and eliminate the first enemy ahead of you with a blade takedown, then proceed forward unseen by moving between the obstacles that line the corridor below and execute silent kills on the remaining soldiers.
    4. Continue forward through the corridor to enter the last room on the right occupied by robotic technology and tag the enemy soldiers in the area, then eliminate them with blade takedowns and approach the nearest objective marker.
    5. Find the first prototype on the work table near the back of the room and destroy it with multiple blade strikes, then descend the steps on your right to reach the laboratory area below and tag the surrounding enemies without being seen.
    6. Use the terminals as cover to sneak up on the soldiers in the lab or take them out with headshots and grenades from behind safety, then approach the nearest objective marker to locate the second prototype on the work station against the wall and destroy it with blade strikes.
    7. Cross to the opposite side of the lab to exit out onto a metal bridge and pass through the doors that open on the other end, then enter the last room on the right to tag the enemies inside and eliminate them with a series of well-tossed grenades or the mini-gun.
    8. Take cover in the room to finish clearing the area by scoring multiple headshots and seek shelter in the corridor behind you on the right if necessary to heal or regroup.
    9. Fight your way to the center of the room to reach the next closest objective marker and destroy the third prototype on the terminal, then proceed forward to descend the staircase at the end and turn left at the bottom to eliminate the final prototype.
    10. Cross to the opposite side of the lab to exit the area and locate closed silo, then use the console nearby to open it and target the explosive containers on the bridge below to clear out the patrolling soldiers.
    11. Drop through the silo doors to land on the bridge below and jump to the sub level beneath you to collect the indicated flamethrower, then approach the blast doors beside you and open them with the nearby keypad.
    12. Use the large metal containers behind you as cover and keep a line of sight on the opening blast doors to pick off the approaching soldiers with your scoped rifle, then proceed forward down the next corridor ahead to enter the room at the end and collect any available supplies.
    13. Approach the indicated nest of eggs at the center of this room and use the flamethrower to destroy all of them, then move through the tunnel directly on your left to set fire to a second nest and throw a cyber-heart to distract the nearby blood dragon.
    14. Navigate the series of catacombs to approach the indicated nests and burn the three required eggs without being killed by the dragons that protect them, then sprint towards the next objective marker that appears to escape the underground lair.
    15. Cross the long corridor again to return to the silo’s sub level and activate the indicated keypad at the back of the room to call down the elevator, then approach the stack of metal containers behind you and wait for the dragon to appear in the room.
    16. Run backwards in a consistent circle around the metal containers to stay ahead of dragon and open fire on the creature repeatedly until it’s destroyed, then step onto the elevator that descends to enter the jeep’s gun turret and ride the platform upwards.
    17. Aim the jeep’s turret towards the sniper on the ledge across from you in the distance and detonate the explosive container beside him to eliminate the threat efficiently, then point the gun upwards to continue eliminating hostiles on the bridges and ledges above by looking for the source of their red targeting lasers.
    18. Continue mowing down the soldiers and detonating the explosive containers to survive your ride on the elevator, then get behind the wheel of the jeep to drive forward off the platform and navigate the sharp turns of the exploding tunnel.
    19. Drive through the collapsing building without delay to escape the facility before time expires and activate the next cut scene to complete this mission.

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