Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away

    1. Fast travel to a liberated garrison near the current objective marker and commandeer a jeep to start driving towards the indicated location.
    2. Exit the vehicle to approach the outpost slowly on foot and tag the soldiers patrolling in the area, then use a scoped rifle to clear them out by first detonating a barrel at the top of the exterior staircase.
    3. Finish clearing the outpost to safely climb its exterior staircase and turn right at the top, then interact with the glider to take to the skies and read the tutorial to learn the basic flight controls.
    4. Steer the glider towards the current objective marker in the distance and approach the entrance to the large facility that’s been built into the mountainside, then zig-zag around the red targeting lasers of the two snipers positioned out front to avoid their gunfire as you fly in closer to this area.
    5. Land at the base of either of the sniper towers and pick off the guard above on the perch across from you, then eliminate the other soldier to proceed forward into the mountainside facility and equip a rifle with a long scope on it.
    6. Use the first barrier wall ahead as cover to snipe the soldiers in the distance that occupy the waterway below and the bridge above, then drop onto the dock below you and commandeer the nearby jet ski to proceed forward up the river.
    7. Step onto the first dock ahead on the left and use your rifle to pick off the guards patrolling in the distance, then jump back onto the jet ski and continue down the waterway to reach the platform in front of you on the right.
    8. Snipe the soldiers patrolling the bridge in the distance and return to the jet ski to proceed forward up the river, then climb the staircase ahead on the right and eliminate any remaining enemies.
    9. Ascend to the top of the bridge and look out towards the structure in the distance to snipe another group of patrolling soldiers, then use the hang glider on your left to fly forward above the river and navigate it in the direction of the current objective marker.
    10. Drop into the water in front of the biolab and swim towards the guards at the edge of dock to execute a double takedown, then ascend the staircase on the right to find cover at the top and turn around to eliminate the approaching soldiers with grenades or your flamethrower.
    11. Proceed in the direction of the current objective marker and move between the cover points to fight past the remaining soldiers in the vicinity, then drop into the next area below on the right and continue towards the indicated structure.
    12. Climb the crates to reach the grated platform above and shoot the tank on the back of the nearby soldier to blow him up, then enter the building marked “05″ to use the indicated computer terminal and open the blast doors outside.
    13. Approach the blast doors you just opened and toss grenades through them to clear out any approaching guards, then enter the underground facility and use the indicated keypad below to access the biolab.
    14. Drop down through the biolab’s elevator shaft to land in the area below and climb up into the adjacent hallway to use the weapons store ahead on the left, then pass through the next hall on the right to approach the current objective marker and equip the mini-gun to mow down soldiers that stand in the way.
    15. Move slowly around the corners within the facility to anticipate approaching enemies and take cover as often as possible to eliminate them safely, then continue towards the objective marker to navigate another series of corridors and collect additional supplies as you go.
    16. Use your sniper rifle to pick off soldiers positioned at the opposite ends of the corridors you must travel through and toss grenades to occasionally eliminate the more heavily-armored enemies, then enter the large laboratory area occupied with bodies floating in green-lit tanks.
    17. Fight your way across the laboratory to reach the opposite side of the room and climb the staircase in the corner, then use the catwalks on the upper level to move towards the current objective marker and approach the indicated set of locked doors to activate a countdown.
    18. Turn around from the locked doors to enter one of the rooms beside you and take cover in it to prepare for the oncoming wave of enemies, then equip the mini-gun and mow down the soldiers that come into your line of sight until the countdown expires.
    19. Sprint out of the room momentarily each time a grenade is tossed your way and use the walls of the entrance as cover to successfully defend yourself, then equip a scoped rifle to eliminate enemies hiding in the distance and target explosive containers for more efficient kills.
    20. After the countdown has expired and the indicated set of doors have opened, enter the next corridor ahead to make a right through it and eliminate any soldiers standing in your way.
    21. Descend into the corridor lined with bodies inside green-lit containers and approach the open laboratory area at the end to tag the surrounding soldiers in the room, then toss a grenade at the group of hostiles directly in front of you and climb the ramp on your right to eliminate the flamethrower enemy above.
    22. Cross the bridge above on the left to eliminate another group of approaching enemies in front of you with grenades or your flamethrower, then pick off the remaining soldiers below to finish clearing the area and continue moving in the direction of the cut tent objective marker.
    23. Use grenades to clear out another wave of soldiers on the upper balcony and pick off any stragglers with your scoped rifle to pass through the indicated corridor, then enter the chamber at the end and step onto the gravity elevator’s electrified platform to ascend into the area above.
    24. Stay on the move consistently in this arena location by sprinting in a repetitive pattern between the upper and lower levels. Pass through the small enclosures below whenever possible to avoid dragons in pursuit and pilfer from the corpses nearby if necessary.
    25. Toss cyber-hearts in the distance across from you to keep the dragons momentarily distracted and hit them with grenades whenever they come to a stop.
    26. You can also target distracted dragons from a distance with your scoped-rifle and wait for them to stand on their hind legs, then shoot the vulnerable white spots on the creatures’ chests to inflict critical damage.
    27. Continue evading and attacking the blood dragons in the previously described manner until both of them explode in a splash of purple goo, then approach the indicated exit and retreat to a safe distance to open fire on any hostiles that emerge from within.
    28. Exit the arena through the open doorway to climb the staircase on the other side and complete this mission.

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