Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • You Got Time to Duck?
  • They’re Hee-eere
  • Save a Nerd
  • Punch It
  • What is This Shit?
  • I Don’t Deal with Psychos, I Put ‘Em Away
  • Summon the Plague
  • The End
  • The End

    1. Cross the bridge in front of you to approach the Danko Compound ahead and use your new Killstar weapon to destroy the Main Gate, then proceed forward to enter the enemy base and fry the wave of surrounding hostiles by sweeping the laser over them in one long motion.
    2. Proceed forward through the compound in the direction of the current objective marker and use the crates lining the area as cover to continue safely wiping out the enemy waves with the Killstar.
    3. Back up from the blood dragons that eventually emerge in front of you and move sideways to dodge the energy blasts that shoot from their eyes, then keep the Killstar’s laser trained on their heads until the creatures fall over dead and continue moving forward across the compound.
    4. Look to the rooftops above on your left to pick off the snipers and target the explosive containers for a more efficient killing spree, then enter the next open building ahead on the right to collect surprise and proceed across the area within the cover of an enclosed structure.
    5. Finish clearing the initial area to enter the corridor at the end and make a left to reach the entrance to the Docks, then wait for the doors to open and immediately fry the wave of enemies waiting on the other side.
    6. Destroy the jeep on your right to proceed safely up the road ahead and eliminate the threats occupying the two buildings above on the left as you go, then use these structures as cover to fend off the enemy waves approaching from the base in the distance and detonate the explosive containers in the surrounding area for more efficient kills.
    7. Continue moving across the compound by hugging edge of the cliff to your left and approach the current objective marker ahead to climb the indicated ladder, then look down into the distance below to fry whatever hostiles you can and use the nearby zipline to reach the opposite side of this area.
    8. As soon as you disengage from the zipline, sweep your laser across the areas beside and below to clear out the next wave of hostiles before they can mount an assault.
    9. Move through the indicated green-lit entrance to navigate he next corridor ahead and use the Killstar to remove any threats standing in your way, then exit into the cave at the end and take cover to eliminate the soldiers first, before targeting the dragons.
    10. Weave between the stone columns inside the cave to evade the approaching dragon and its volley of laser blasts, then defeat this creature to proceed forward through the cavern and exit back into the outside.
    11. Target the next group of hostiles above the right to proceed forward safely and climb up onto the metal platform in the corner that looks down on the indicated entrance, then fry the next enemy wave that emerges from behind it and enter the room beside you to collect health if necessary.
    12. Pass through the indicated entrance below and use the surrounding crates inside as cover to eliminate any remaining enemies, then enter the next corridor ahead on the left and continue clearing the area with the help of your Killstar.
    13. Navigate the series of underground corridors to continue in the direction of the current objective marker and exit into the weapons lab at the end, then search the area for supplies and open the next door ahead to encounter the Battle Dragon.
    14. Approach the Battle Dragon on the platform above to take control of this customized vehicle and maneuver it through the the doors that open in front of you, then sweep the robot’s laser turret back and forth across the next area to clear out the surrounding soldiers.
    15. Proceed forward through the exit below on the left to continue wiping out the soldiers and enemy vehicles with the Battle Dragon’s laser turret, then enter the next cave ahead on the left and shoot down the surrounding hostile aircraft as you go.
    16. Pass through the cave to defeat the blood dragon waiting on the other side and the enemy choppers hovering above, then look further up into the skies and destroy each of the rockets that are launched before they can leave the atmosphere.
    17. Sweep the laser turret across the skies to destroy all available rockets, then wait for the Blood Dragon’s primary weapon to destroy the large television screen across from you and activate the next cut scene to complete the game.

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