Far Cry 3: Fearless or Stupid & Free Fall Achievement Guide

Whether you’re at the top of a mountain, or deep below the waves, there are achievements to unlock in Far Cry 3. Here, you’ll find two methods for unlocking the “Free Fall” achievement, where you’ll need to survive a long drop. As an added bonus, you can also find out where to dive to unlock the “Fearless of Stupid” achievement, challenging the player to get 60m underwater. Stop searching the open world of Far Cry 3, learn where to dive and where to drop right here.

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  • Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

    Free Fall (5 points / Bronze):
    Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).

    Fearless or Stupid (15 points / Bronze):
    Dive more than 60m (Single Player only).

    Free Fall Achievement Guide

    Method #1:

    • Several hours into the game, you’ll take a ride in an airplane. This is a story mission, and can’t be missed.
    • Dropping out of the airplane, you’ll have a wingsuit equipped. Don’t activate it! Instead, just drop like a rock into the water below.
    • The mission will fail, but the achievement will unlock. Simply reload the checkpoint, and get on with the game.

    Method #2:

    • Instead of falling from a plane, you’ll fall from a glider. Open the map and get a hold of the glider at these coordinates; X:442, Y:651.
    • Find your way up the mountain, then use the Glider. Don’t move left or right, or up or down. Simply glide forward.
    • Once you’re over the deep blue of the ocean, drop out of the Glider and fall. As long as you land in the water, you’ll survive and unlock this achievement.

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    Fearless or Stupid Achievement Guide

    • Look at your map for very dark blue sections of ocean. These are outside the shallow beach surf — your map gives general depth information. The darker the blue, the deeper the water is.
    • Sections of the map are revealed by finding Radio Towers. Find one out of nine, then check your map for a spot of dark blue.
    • When you do, swim out to the dark blue section. Start at the surface, then dive directly down until you hit ground. Don’t forget to hit the dash button to give yourself a short burst of extra swimming speed underwater.

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