Far Cry 3: Swartz Mod Compilation

If you’ve already breezed through Far Cry 3 and are excited to run another play through, you may want to do so with the Swartz Mod Compilation, a “New Game+” style of mod that enhances the experience on a few levels.

For instance, all weapons are unlocked from the start, but you still have to pay for them — letting money be the limiting factor rather than an arbitrary lock is much more realistic. You get the Wingsuit from the start (yay!), you can purchase the wicked Silver Dragon Knife, all crafting recipes are unlocked, all skills are unlocked (though you still have to earn them), the second island is unlocked, and much more.

In order to install the mod, place the downloaded patch.dat and patch.fat files in your FarCry3/data_win32 folder — back up the originals before you do so, of course.

The full list of features follows:

*All weapons unlocked at start but you have to pay for them (note: towers will still give pop-ups saying you unlocked free weapons but you haven’t)

*”Welcome to Neverland v2″ added. It makes it so that you get a choice whether to take control of a safehouse or leave it be for pirates to take over. All outposts that are not unlocked as safehouses will reset to hostile strongholds once you exit the game. Animal Hunt and Wanted Dead quests available regardless of option chosen.

*Attachments mod with max attachment slots opened up

*Shotgun silencer attachments unlocked

*Silver dragon knife unlocked

*Wingsuit unlocked at start

*All crafting recipes unlocked at start (note: except “cheating” ones)

*All skills unlocked at start (Note: You still have to earn them, they’re just unlocked)

*2nd island unlocked at start (tested, works)

*Modified wallet sizes to carry more money since you can end up with lots of money very easily in the game

*Modified extra large ammo pouch size ammo amounts, and modified amount of C4/Mines you can carry with various pouches.

*Prices on almost everything modified. Good guns are now more expensive, some ammo is cheaper and some more expensive, and animal hides are now worthwhile (hunting a bear will net you $120 whereas something like a dog was originally $15 is now only $5)

*Doubled the range of all guns

*Slightly increased radius of all explosives including hand grenades (except the AI explosives, they remain the same)

*Gave all weapons their real-life magazine sizes

*Standardized damage across calibers (except for sniper rifles and LMG’s). The bizon will no longer do so much damage but will instead do the proper damage of a 9x18mm bullet (same damage as the 6P9) [note: Changed these values slightly. Bizon and special variant of P416 do slightly more damage]

*You can now craft explosive arrows using white leafs (because it sucks having to waste a grenade making them)

*”Cannon” signature revolver unlocked from start.

*Player sprint speed increased by 15%

*Laser beams on enemy sniper rifles have been disabled (it made spotting snipers too easy)

*Better Sights mod included

*Increased XP gained for unlocking a tower to 2000 to give you a reason to climb them (since they no longer unlock free weapons)

*Pistols with the exception of the Desert Eagle and revolvers will now shoot basically as fast as you can pull the trigger

*Slightly increased the radius where you can interact with objects

*Made Famas full-auto

*Decreased recoil of Desert Eagle

*Fall-damage radius increased slightly. You\’ll survive slightly steeper falls.

*You can deploy wingsuit a little faster

*Added “Weed” postfx to Nature Boy syringe. Nature Boy now lasts for 5 minutes and gets you high as f*ck in addition to helping you see plants :) :420:

*Incorporated part of “Hud Annoyances” mod: there will no longer be squares all over the camera

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