Far Cry 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Make a Break For It
  • Down in Amanaki Town
  • Harvest the Jungle
  • Secure the Outpost
  • Mushrooms in the Deep
  • The Medusa’s Call
  • Playing the Spoiler
  • Prison Break-in
  • Island Port Hotel
  • Keeping Busy
  • Meet Citra
  • Bad Side of Town
  • Kick the Hornet’s Nest
  • A Man Named Hoyt
  • Saving Oliver
  • Piece of the Past
  • Down in the Docks
  • The Motherlode
  • Ling Cong I Presume?
  • Unhappy Reunion
  • Ambush
  • Warrior Rescue Service
  • New Right of Passage
  • Payback
  • Fly South
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Doppelgänger
  • Triple Decker
  • Defusing the Situation
  • Deepthroat
  • All In
  • Paint it Black
  • Black Gold
  • Aced in the Hole
  • Betting Against the House
  • The Doctor is Out/Hard Choices
  • Make a Break For It

    1. After the opening cut scene, stay behind Gran to follow him down the trail and follow the on-screen prompts to decrease your chances of getting caught by ducking down.
    2. Follow the Grant through the first camp made up of pig pens to exit out the other side and move quietly beneath the floor of the next structure to slip past the barking dogs, then head left behind the next guard’s back and enter the nearby building.
    3. Approach the table on the other side of the building to collect your various possession and exit the room with Grant, then stay hidden behind the well on the left to avoid being detected and wait for instructions.
    4. Turn right to see the indicated target and follow the on-screen prompts to throw a rock at it, then follow Grant around behind the distracted guard and climb through the window of the next hut to activate a short cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, follow Grant out of the hut to climb the stack of crates in the corner and enter the next building ahead.
    6. Exit the building with Grant to hide in the plants below and push forward through them to the edge, then throw a rock at the indicated target to distract the guards ahead and cross the path in front of you to move beneath the floor of another structure.
    7. Move beneath the next bridge and platform ahead to activate a cut scene, then press the indicated button to unsuccessfully stop Grant’s bleeding and wait for the lunatic to finish yelling at you.
    8. Sprint forward through the jungle in the direction of the next objective marker to escape the gun fire and slide down the next steep hill ahead to momentarily black out at the bottom, then continue down the path in front of you and press the indicated button to jump across the gap in the road.
    9. Press the indicated button to heal yourself and continue sprinting along the jungle path ahead to cross the log bridge at the end, then climb up the vines above to continue moving forward at the top and crawl through a narrow cave tunnel.
    10. Approach the next objective marker to have an armed guard drop on top of you and press the indicated button repeatedly to kill him, then continue sprinting in the previous direction to cross the rope bridge ahead until it collapses beneath your feet and the next cut scene is activated to complete this mission.

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