Far Cry 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Make a Break For It
  • Down in Amanaki Town
  • Harvest the Jungle
  • Secure the Outpost
  • Mushrooms in the Deep
  • The Medusa’s Call
  • Playing the Spoiler
  • Prison Break-in
  • Island Port Hotel
  • Keeping Busy
  • Meet Citra
  • Bad Side of Town
  • Kick the Hornet’s Nest
  • A Man Named Hoyt
  • Saving Oliver
  • Piece of the Past
  • Down in the Docks
  • The Motherlode
  • Ling Cong I Presume?
  • Unhappy Reunion
  • Ambush
  • Warrior Rescue Service
  • New Right of Passage
  • Payback
  • Fly South
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Doppelgänger
  • Triple Decker
  • Defusing the Situation
  • Deepthroat
  • All In
  • Paint it Black
  • Black Gold
  • Aced in the Hole
  • Betting Against the House
  • The Doctor is Out/Hard Choices
  • Ling Cong I Presume?

    1. Commandeer a vehicle to head in the direction of the current objective marker and speak with Buck to activate a cut scene, then approach the edge of the cliff beside you and dive into the water below.
    2. Swim towards the objective marker to climb back onto land and ascend the rope vines on the right to reach the ledge above, then enter the cave at the top and open the stone gate ahead on the left.
    3. Move forward through the ruins to climb the rope vines at the end and reach the ledge above, then approach the indicated opening in the floor and shoot the enemy in the room below.
    4. Drop through the hole in the floor and toss a grenade to help clear out the remaining enemies in the area, then cross the bridge that descends to move through the doorway on the other side and continue eliminating the pirates in your path.
    5. Approach the next objective marker to use the zipline and land on the ledge below, then turn left to mow down another group of enemies and look down over the edge to eliminate more pirates on the levels below with your sniper rifle.
    6. Move right along the ledge to continue sniping the enemies below and use the zipline at the end to reach the other side of the cavern, then approach the next objective marker in the cave entrance beside you and detonate the barrel to clear out more pirates.
    7. Use the next zipline to cross the gap and detach from it to land in the area beneath you, then move forward to eliminate the enemy ahead and descend the next scaffolding structure to reach the river of hot water below.
    8. Fight past the group of enemies on the platform below to continue down the scaffolding and reach the hot water beneath you, then move forward along the narrow banks and jump across the river when necessary to proceed towards the current objective marker.
    9. Equip a scoped weapon to take out the enemies on the ledges ahead in the distance and continue forward along the river banks, then use the surrounding rocks on the right as cover to pick off any remaining pirates above and follow the path around towards the left to enter the next cavern area.
    10. Follow the stone path forward in the direction of the next objective marker and take out the enemies on the ledges above, then cross the lake of hot water to reach the opposite wall and toss grenades to continue eliminating pirates.
    11. Approach the vines at the end of the stone path in the right corner and climb up them to reach the next ledge above, then ascend the steps on your left to continue clearing out any remaining pirates and enter the room at the top of the ramp ahead.
    12. Move through the doorway on the right to collect supplies and approach the symbol on the indicated gate to open it, then follow the next path in front of you forward to climb the vines at the end and reach to ledge above.
    13. Drop over the ledge in front of you and move forward to the left across the wooden pallets ahead, then make your way down them to reach the land surrounded by hot water below and pass through the nearby stone archway.
    14. Make your way to the right along the stone path to pass through another arch and ascend the incline beside you, then move right again across the ledge and climb the vines at the end.
    15. Move forward at the top of the vines wall to climb up onto the next ledge ahead and approach the objective marker in front of you to enter the tomb, then ascend the stairs to interact with the symbol above and open the indicated door.
    16. Descend the steps that appear to make your way down through the sarcophagus and clear out the lizards blocking the stairwell, then turn left at the bottom to approach the casket and pull the lid off to acquire the knife inside.
    17. Sprint towards the next objective marker that appears without stopping and slide through the circular opening at the end to pass beneath the closing door, then continue crawling forward through the collapsed tunnel to reach the cave’s exit and complete this mission.

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