Fargo Working on New Torment Game in Numenera Setting

UPDATE: A Wizards of the Coast representative reached out to us to clarify that WotC never actually received any request to license Planescape from Brian Fargo or InXile, and that they wish the InXile team the best in their Planescape: Torment sequel.

Planescape: Torment fans have been waiting for a sequel for over a decade. They’re finally getting one.

In an interview with RPS, head of inXile Brian Fargo revealed that the setting for this new Torment will be Numenera, created by tabletop RPG legend Monte Cook, a contributor to the original Planescape pen-and-paper RPG and other Wizards of the Coast projects. According to Fargo, his team is “very early in Torment’s preproduction right now. We have a basic story outline, design sketches of the major characters, and thematic concepts defined.”

While there were issues acquiring the licensing for the Planescape setting, Fargo explained how the Numenera setting is perfect for conveying the themes of a Torment game. He said:

“A Torment game requires big ideas and a truly exotic setting in order to explore the underlying thematic elements. Colin described it best when he said “Torment’s themes are essentially metaphysical, getting to the heart of what it means to be alive and conscious, and it’s easier to ask those questions in a setting that is far removed from the familiar.” Numenera is such a setting, and it has tremendous potential to cultivate those ideas. We won’t have faeries or devils, but we’ll have diabolical creatures from far dimensions with schemes beyond human imagination. We won’t have gods, but we’ll have creatures who have lived for millennia with the powers of creation and destruction at their fingertips, with abilities honed over countless lifetimes. We won’t have other planes per se, but we’ll have pathways to hostile worlds and bizarre landscapes and ancient machines that catapult the players into places where the ordinary laws of nature no longer apply.”

With a different setting, different characters, and the absence of different planes, this may be seeming less and less like a Planescape game. Fargo addressed this, explaining how he wishes the franchise to be a thematic one that encompasses diverse narratives. He said:

“We know it hasn’t been done often in the game industry, but we’re envisioning Torment as a thematic franchise with certain themes that can expand over different settings and stories. We will focus on the same things that made people appreciate PST so much: overturning RPG tropes; a fantastic, unconventional setting; memorable companions; deep thematic exploration of the human condition; heavy reactivity (i.e., choice and consequences); an intensely personal (rather than epic) story.”

Fargo also revealed that, while nothing is set in stone, the team is currently leaning towards a real-time with pause combat system, and that Kickstarter is almost a certainty.

Would you help Kickstart Numenera: Torment?

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2 Comments on Fargo Working on New Torment Game in Numenera Setting


On January 10, 2013 at 10:41 am

i’d like to try my wasteland 2 copy before :) but i think yes.


On January 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm

The Obsidian guys who worked on it blessed it, even if they won’t be affiliated with the project. That’s something…

The only question is, what RPG tropes can this one overturn. That’s what made Planescape so interesting, was it did something that really hadn’t been done before. I mean come on, you could “beat” the final “boss” via a philosophical discussion if you so desired.

They would have to show some basics of what the game would conclude beyond words to get me to fork over money, but it certainly is a worthy project, especially given how weaksauce most RPG’s are nowadays.