Favorite Video Game Glitch Videos

5. Skyrim: Team Rocket giants

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a creature swatted into the stratosphere by Skyrim’s giants. Apparently, the Nords were the first to develop a space program.

Bonus Skyrim glitch: Do a barrel roll

It’s a good thing you were sitting in crazy glue as that other wagon cartwheeled over the wall.

4. Battlefield 3: Vehicular Somersaults

You should visit a mechanic — I think there’s something wrong with your suspension.

Bonus Battlefield 3 glitch: Ping pong tanks

Apparently, BF3′s oceans aren’t filled with water. They’re filled with Portal’s repulsion gel.

Bonus Battlefield 3 glitch: Crawling in my skin

The special forces have developed a new military crawl that involves holding your gun between your butt cheeks and slithering around like a cobra poised to strike.

3. Red Dead Redemption: Rag Doll Convention

Physics silliness in the Old West. Be sure to catch:

  • The Looney Tunes gravity at 1:20 — objects in motion tend to stay at the same altitude until gravity is noticed.
  • Water skiing? Pah. That’s easy compared to cowboy-boot land-skiing. Check out John Marston’s perfect form at 2:50 as he is dragged behind a horse.
  • The townsfolk at 3:06 have balls of steel to casually ask, “How you doin’?” right before a train transforms them into a crimson mist.

Bonus Red Dead Redemption glitch: I believe I can fly

Red Bull DOES give you wings.

2. Oblivion: Super Punch-Out!

0:54 highlights the heart of this glitch: ragdoll bodies that twitch about and fly into the air, and NPCs that have no reaction to you punching someone right next to them. You’ve just knocked out Arriana Valga, and the guard beside her, who saw you do it, says, “Body’s still warm. Looks like there’s a killer about.” YA THINK?

1. Skate 3: Physics fail

Physics is meant to be a huge part of this game, which is what makes it especially funny when it goes wrong — and it goes wrong constantly.

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