Few People Watched the Stupid Spike VGAs

Being that I hate the Spike VGAs, I thanked my water bottle today for small favors once I learned how the show did in the ratings Saturday night. The results were, uh, poor, and it looks like most of the people watching were, in fact, us. Even the very late addition of Neil Patrick Harris to the proceedings couldn’t save it.

Variety says the show managed to muster a mere 627,000 viewers, which is actually 20,000 fewer than last year’s stupid show, and that one didn’t even benefit from new Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 trai-lers. Seriously, though, this is good news for everyone. The masses realized this show is a sham and that they can watch the trailers online after they sober up, and that way they don’t have to suffer through Dane Cook being on their televisions.

Hey, Spike, maybe you should try to shake things up next year. You know, by not having a fake awards show.

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5 Comments on Few People Watched the Stupid Spike VGAs


On December 16, 2010 at 10:46 am

The only one that should have been hosting was Olivia Munn. Being she is actually a gamer. The other people they added just made a mockery of gamers. Dane cook talking about bongs? Cmon lol… I mean, I do burn but still even I thought it was cheesy…


On December 16, 2010 at 12:04 pm

I’m glad people are starting to figure out this Lame scam of a show has little to do with the actual making of games and more with the business of advertising .


On December 16, 2010 at 6:57 pm

I don’t watch anything that spike has to offer, that’s why I stay way from TV cause all they do is advertise the Wii and xbox 360(with Kinect), and you guys know how I feel about the two. Plus I don’t think VGA is necessary because its just like some stupid wannabe celebs that think they are gamers, in which they are not. I’m sorry I am not a big fan of celebrities telling me about video games that they have no clue about, maybe we should get some people that are actual hard core gamers, like me, to do a show that actually makes sense to the people that play these things!! Have them talk about graphics technology, new systems implemented into games, features in a game people want to hear about other than just multi-player and a brief summary of it. Give gamers details of what is to be expected in the game but leave out some super cool things to surprise gamers to make them want to buy a game, maybe like a special weapon you get or give a hint about special mode that is hidden in the game. Plus give gamers facts like does your game have poor frame rates…big one that nobody seems to give a damn about, or detail descriptions of key features of a game and maybe an angle or two about how they built it(if they are allowed to talk about it). something like how they did the bad company videos showing off the new technology they had for the battlefield series that most games lack and yet are rated higher than the superior technological(I’m using big words, I’m a man now!!) game. In other words just get a hardcore gamer in a booth that doesn’t just only play world of warcarft and has played at least over 60-100+ games that aren’t just Wii and 360 titles only has to be at least on 6 different platforms:2 at least Nintendo; 2 Playstation; 1 PC or Mac; 2 hand-held systems not just Nintendo (sega is fine but I’m more looking towards PSP or any other system than pokemon gadget and actual hand held system!! ). In all other words you need someone that actually likes to play games and talk about them not just some nobody that wants to be a gamer. somebody that has had a bunch of experience playing several types of games like James Rolf the Angry Video Game Nerd (very good example that someone has played different games) I mean just look at the guy’s video game collection of NES titles. In all other words than other words than these words…JUST GET SOMEONE THAT IS A HARDCORE GAMER THAT SHOWS A TON OF INTEREST IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY OTHER THAN ADAM SESLER(don’t care if I spelled his name wrong I don’t like him anyways and their stupid interns) AND MORGAN WEB!! For crying out loud! Plus don’t review a game and try to compare it to another game based on graphics that just dumb. That’s like comparing 2d Mario game to Killzone 2 makes no sense. I don’t mind comments like graphics need to be more touched up, but you need to give a reason and just don’t point out one tiny detail. Wow this Comment is becoming longer than I thought, you guys get the point right? hope you do…


On December 19, 2010 at 10:22 am

Who said Olivia Munn was a gamer? She is just a attention whore where she can get it. She knows nothing about any game, unless it’s written on a card for her to read. Anyways, the whole show was just moronic. Why get that guy from Lost? Why get anyone from outside the industry, unless they’re selling a game that has their name on it – ala Dane Cook’s Lousy Jokes on WII. I watched it only for the videos like everyone else.


On December 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Tru Dat(help me out here peers that know that teen slang) James, why get someone like me or you to do a good show, oh that’s right cause they wouldn’t get as many horny men to watch it(ooh burn on us am I right fellas?). Anyways I totally agree with you James.