Fez Walkthrough

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The Sewers

  1. Welcome to the underground. The water down here is deadly, so don’t think you can futz around with it like you do on the surface.
  2. Rotate the screen so you can safely cross on the platform to the left of where you start. Use this valve to lower the water level three turns. Cross back to beneath where you began for a cube bit. Enter the door on this level to enter the level proper.
  3. From where you come out, head over and then up to grab the bit above you. The door on this level leads to a simple room with a bit and a chest. Grab the bit above you and use the valve to lower the water level four times until you expose the pivot beneath you. The solution to the puzzle here is easy, but it may take a few tries. Rotate the extension so that it will catch the platform when the water is lowered. Then you will rotate it so the float moves between the towers so you can reach the chest. It’s a whole cube! Score!
  4. Head back out and raise the level to use the floating platform to access more doors. You can grab one bit if you climb a couple of ladders, and there are two doors on this level. Enter the one below the bit for another bit. Lower the water level for a door puzzle. The key here is right, up, left, down, jump, rotate left, rotate right, jump. There’s a secret door on the other side of this platform as well that will warp you to another area. Head inside the newly unlocked door.
  5. Rotate once to the left and enter the door. Rotate once to see another door. Enter that one first. Climb up to a tuning fork, and the key here is to rotate: left, left, right, left left, right right right. Yay anti-cube! Head back out.
  6. The red sections here are a bit treacherous. When you rotate, you can get edged off ledges, so don’t stand too close to them when you start turning. Otherwise, hit the valve and start ascending. When you reach the tall pillar, you’ll need to rotate to keep Gomez from climbing through the barriers and taking damage. This is a long climb! When you reach the next section, rotate the platform twice to keep climbing and then get ready for some skilled jumping with a rotating platform! And then some more. Then wait for the water level to rise to the floating platform to get carried the rest of the way up.
  7. Ride the platform to the top, rotating to stay safe, then enter the door. Within is another anti-cube! The warp it gives you is way easier than back-tracking.
  8. Raise the water a level and head for the locked door past the warp gate. Enter it for an easy bit (rotate 180 degrees) and a puzzle that is a pain in the ass if you don’t have a smart phone. The directional key is to rotate: right right, left, right right right, left left, right, left, left, left, right, left, right left, for another anti-cube.
  9. Head back out to the main hub and now enter the door just beneath the warp gate. Take the four platforms across to reach the next tower, then rotate the screen to return to where you started to grab the bit. Then return to the tower you leapt to and enter the door. In the next room, use rotation and the floating platform to cross to the far side and find a bit there near a locked door.
  10. On the side of the tower you came through there is ivy. Climb it to the valve and raise the water. Head all the way across for another bit and a door. In here, jump to a platform, rotate, jump again, and rotate once more to reach the top and grab a key. Back to the locked door!
  11. Behind the locked door is a bit and a tuning fork puzzle. The solution for me based on the rumbling was left left left, right, left, right, left, right. Grab another anti-cube!
  12. Head back out and use the valves to ascend two levels now. Head to the next valve and raise it halfway. Drop onto the floating platform and rotate the screen until you can reach the next bit. Then head back and raise everything one more level and enter the door that is above where the last bit was.
  13. Leap to the floating platform when it is on the water, rotate, leap to the next platform, rotate one more time, and leap to the top for a full cube and a warp door to take you back. Way to finish the sewers!

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2 Comments on Fez Walkthrough

Delusional King

On May 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

On the first Level, In the room with the picture of the dude with the crown, I think it’s the last room you found the cube in. If you enter RT,RT,LT,RT,RT,LT,LT,LT really fast a anti cube appears.


On October 17, 2013 at 9:50 am

This game looks like its made up of Minecraft and Mario