Fez Walkthrough

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The Village

  1. Well isn’t this old school as all get out. A lets you jump, pressing up goes through doors, and then you get a special delivery! Jump up to grab the roof of your house and get a quick tutorial on mechanics. You have a lot more control over your movement than in the old games that look like this, including pulling up over ledges and shimmying along them. Very handy.
  2. Head up, talk to the villagers, learn to climb vines, and eventually you’ll reach Geezer at the top. And then things get all dimensional.
  3. Damn, that’s a powerful hat! Instead of using the R stick to adjust the camera as in most 3D games, you’ll use the trigger or shoulder buttons to spin your perspective. You’ll start over again, completely, and everything will be much more accessible. Wow.
  4. As with most games like Mario, you need to collect things to advance. Here in the village you need to find 8 bits of the cube to complete one whole cube, and unlock the door below your house.
  5. The first cube is immediately to your right. Above you is a room with a door. Inside you can rotate the room so you can find a secret room behind it for your first key! Head up a level and enter the door with the lock. There you’ll find a treasure map! Inside this room is a key, each direction on your controller is represented by a Tetris-looking icon. This room explains that code if you’re paying attention.
  6. Head up another level and rotate 180 degrees, another cube is revealed just above you. Behind the windmill is a door to a very empty room. Head across the walkway to find the Geezer at home. On the next level up there is a door on either side. One is a classroom, both have cubes. Head up to the level with the guy with the monocle and rotate to find a cube and to be able to reach the chest. That earns you another key!
  7. Head back to find another door on this level with another cube. Rotate to the left once to find another one. To reach the top, where another cube part waits, rotate the screen until you see two small platforms to one side of the tower or another. Jump to the farthest one, and then rotate until you can make an easy jump to the top of the tower. Yay for your first achievement get a cube for 10 points.
  8. Head all the way down to your house, then rotate to see the ivy you can climb down to reach the secret door at the bottom. And now the game really begins.

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2 Comments on Fez Walkthrough

Delusional King

On May 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

On the first Level, In the room with the picture of the dude with the crown, I think it’s the last room you found the cube in. If you enter RT,RT,LT,RT,RT,LT,LT,LT really fast a anti cube appears.


On October 17, 2013 at 9:50 am

This game looks like its made up of Minecraft and Mario