Fez Walkthrough

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The Waterfall

  1. Jump to the right for your first cube bit, then rotate while on this platform to spot the next one. Head the rest of the way up to the top for an introduction to Warp Gates.
  2. All of the doors on this screen lead not to rooms, but to other screens. Head to the door on the upper left to check out another area featuring a big waterfall.
  3. If you want a clue, enter the level when it’s dark and go talk to the owl. The pattern illustrated on the purple pillar (grab the bit) there is left, rotate left, right, rotate right, up, jump, down, rotate right, and rotate right again. This will open a secret door.
  4. Head up to find the door in the tree. Inside is a clue in a pillar. The text expresses the visual you are seeing with the fox and the dog. I’ll let you put that together. Otherwise, use the mushroom bouncers and rotation to get to the top and find a chest and an Achievement.
  5. Back in the main area, rotate the screen so you’re on the “back” of the level from where you started, and look for the bomb. Climb the ivy to reach it. You’ll get a brief tutorial on how the bombs work, but it doesn’t mention that if you don’t get rid of it fast, it’ll blow you up, OR the fact that it makes you heavier, meaning you’re more vulnerable to death by falling. Use the bomb to explode the door beneath you and enter it.
  6. Find the bomb. Grab it, rotate to the right, and drop down a level. Then throw it at the broken wall to reveal another cube bit. Head back up to the bomb and this time rotate twice after you pick it up to break out a big wall section for another door.
  7. Inside the second mine section, you’ll see a small point on your level to blow up. Set the bomb next to it to reveal a cube bit. Then look for the next big section of fragile wall. This you will blow, and then rotate to follow it, or it’ll run out of steam. When it’s all cleared out, there’s another bit to grab. Then you’ll do the bomb rotation trick again on a much bigger scale to reach the top. Ascend after the fact for your first full cube!
  8. That brings your cube total to four, so you can warp out of here, but you should head back the way you came instead. At the bottom of the section you just finished is another door that is blocked. Blow it with a bomb and enter. There’s a bit hidden behind a fragile section of wall next to where you start. Then use another bomb to blow out the fragile section beneath the chest. Then use the ladders to ascend above it, drop to it, and open it.
  9. Return to the bomb that got you into the mine. Pick it up, rotate to the right, move around the corner, and then rotate back to the left to reveal a blocked door. Clear it with the bomb. This door will lead to a very vertical area.
  10. The fun thing here is that this area loops around, so you can just keep dropping down and see all there is to see. There are two cube bits, and one full-size cube which works as a warp gate. Again, don’t use it. Head back to the main room, but first, if you zoom out, you might notice a pattern. The whole room is a clue. Here the pattern is right, rotate left, right, jump rotate right, down, jump, up. Another anti-cube is yours!
  11. Enter the door behind the waterfall itself. Drop down and use the valve to lower water levels. This will be a trick you use more in the future. Head for the door beneath you for a treasure chest. When you go back to the main area, you’ll notice the water level has dropped, and there’s a door beneath where you started that is now accessible, only you won’t be able to do anything with it yet.
  12. Finally, one rotation to the left from the waterfall door is a blank wall. At night a door outline will appear. The code to open it is left, rotate left, left, right, rotate right, down, up, rotate left. Inside it will be very dark! First head up and just keep heading up. Visibility sucks, so be prepared for that, but you should be able to manage it by now. The music syncs up with the platforms appearing and disappearing, which is very useful. The first door on the way up gives you another tuning fork puzzle. The rotation sequence is left, right right right, left, right right, left.
  13. Now head all the way up. When you reach the top, there’s a door, do the same thing again, and you’ll find another anti-cube.

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2 Comments on Fez Walkthrough

Delusional King

On May 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

On the first Level, In the room with the picture of the dude with the crown, I think it’s the last room you found the cube in. If you enter RT,RT,LT,RT,RT,LT,LT,LT really fast a anti cube appears.


On October 17, 2013 at 9:50 am

This game looks like its made up of Minecraft and Mario