Fez Walkthrough

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The Belltower

  1. From the main hub area, look for the small tower to the right of the first door with a little tree on top. Rotate to the right to see a door there, and make for it to reach the Belltower.
  2. Once again there’s a nifty exposed room beneath you and HOLY CRAP! The tiny window of sanity will follow you, so mostly this is a lot about exploring gently. At the top is a anti-cube that will warp you back out. Return to the belltower and go in the next purple door. And…damn. It could take quite a while to open THIS door!
  3. Head up the belltower and look for two bits along the way. The bell itself is another puzzle. Use a button to ring the bell, and ring it from each perspective to match the number on the bell. The U shape is 1, the L shape is 3, the = sign is 6 and the four dots are ten. Hit them all in whatever order you want for an anti-cube.
  4. All the way up the top is another door. Flip the rotation to go through the door up top and drop down to find another purple door. This puzzle is pretty simple. From the beginning, jump up and push the right block into the center light. Then rotate 180 degrees. Pick up the block on the left, rotate 90 degrees to the right, and the throw your block up onto the next platform. Pick it up and stack it atop the left block. Rotate 180 degrees to the left, pick up the last block carry it to the left, then throw it up on the platform. The blocks will come together in a Tetris shape and you’ll get a reward.
  5. Move up to the next tower in the air, rotate to see a bomb block, and take it out to find a bit. 180 degrees from where you started is a bit on a lower level. Rotate around to see a bit on one of the narrow ends of the tower. Keep heading up to find a door to another big tower. Climb the ivy and rotate to get the bit in the center, then keep climbing for another treasure chest. Head back down to the door.
  6. Look for another double cube shortcut in this section. Rotate to ascend and grab another two bits along the way, and up top is a whole cube! Don’t hit the warp just yet, but rather look for a door in the tree near you.
  7. Mysteriously, this room won’t let you rotate at the moment. Head up for the totem to change your perspective. 90 degrees to the right will let you get the bit above you, and 180 degrees will reveal another door. There’s a bit on the level below where you started as well.
  8. Match the four blocks to complete the “circuit” in the large block above you. That will open a secret door below. Enjoy another anti-cube! Now head back to the main hub.

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2 Comments on Fez Walkthrough

Delusional King

On May 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

On the first Level, In the room with the picture of the dude with the crown, I think it’s the last room you found the cube in. If you enter RT,RT,LT,RT,RT,LT,LT,LT really fast a anti cube appears.


On October 17, 2013 at 9:50 am

This game looks like its made up of Minecraft and Mario