Fez Walkthrough

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Industrial Zone

  1. Head back to the lighthouse for the level you haven’t visited yet. Head inside the lighthouse, all the way up to the water tower, and through the door at the top. In the new section, start climbing. You’ll need to use the spinning platforms to keep ascending. When they rotate, they won’t throw you off, but they will change your perspective, so be prepared to be quick with the triggers. All the way up the top is your first two-way warp gate.
  2. The first door on your way up leads to a lot more level, so skip it for the second door first, where you’ll find a bit. Keep heading up, the door immediately below the warp gate has another bit in it, as well as a shortcut door that isn’t active yet.
  3. Also on top of the tower is the first working Warp Gate you’ll find, but leave it alone for the moment. Take the door under the big orange tree to reach the most straightforward next area. Rotate the screen to ascend the ladder, then use the platforms, to keep heading up.
  4. Rotate to avoid the black holes, use the launching platform to grab a bit, then use the small rotating platforms to avoid the black holes and reach another launching platform. Rotate until you can see the bit above and to the left. Rotate the screen so the launcher throws you up to some ivy so you can ascend. There’s a bit on the back side of a red brick platform as well.
  5. Use the rotating platform to reach the brick island next to you, and then use the spinning platforms to keep going up. These are small and WILL dump you off, so proceed with caution. You can jump on place in them to let them spin before you move on for safety. The next platforms’ rotation changes their length, so approach and timing is vital. When you reach the other side, rotate the screen so all the cubes form a road, and charge along it, dodging the black holes.
  6. Next you’ll be introduced to the lift! Use it to reach a bit above you, a chest to one side, and then keep ascending to find one more door. Inside is a mechanical tower like the lighthouse. At the top of the rotating ladders is another full cube and a warp which you won’t use. Instead go back to the main screen.
  7. Drop down two tiers to near where you started, where there is a door with ivy above it and enter. Welcome to the windmill. Rotate around to see a bit you may have to sacrifice yourself to retrieve, then start ascending. Look for an owl roosting in an orange tree to speak to the second of the four. Keep an eye out for a bit or two and us the rotating platforms to safely reach them an proceed.
  8. Rotate to access the next ladder, use the small rotating platforms, and ignore the next door as it takes you to a new screen instead of goodies. Head all the way to the top for a bit, and enter the locked door for a rotating pillar. Match the door to the opening to enter for another bit and a chest with another full cube in it!
  9. Return to the windmill and drop to the door you skipped earlier. Ascend here and go all the way to the top. Rotate the pivots on both sides to create a thru-tunnel and access a total of three bits. While you’re up top, travel over to the fourth tower up there and through the door.
  10. This isn’t a room, but it’s the same idea. Use the spinning platforms to ascend, but the difficulty is you’ll have to rotate while doing it! It’s not as hard as it looks, just always be in the air when they rotate. Reach the top, use the pivot to expose a bit, and then head back where you came from.
  11. Now drop down a level and head through the door here. The next section is one big pivot, which is operated from the top and the bottom. Keep rotating to keep things in perspective, but you must line up a gap within the two pivots to expose a door.
  12. Here’s another mechanized tower room. Rotate the screen so that you can land on a platform easily when you’re shot up into the air. The third, top most launcher platform will throw you onto a ladder. This will take you to the top of the last windmill and a full cube!
  13. Rotate until you see a door directly beneath the Warp Gate. Drop down to it. Inside, you’ll find another tower, this one accessed by free-floating platforms that are very Mario-esque. Contact with them will cause them to move up, pausing at corners, but they will not rotate or drop. Use them to ascend and look for a locked door at the top of the first tower. Behind that door is the entrance to the sewers, and we’ll come back to that.
  14. Keep heading up. When you jump onto the second moving platform, be prepared to rotate to stay on track. Keep doing that to ascend the next platforms all the way up. At the top, enter the door.
  15. Here’s another mechanical tower. Ascend by rotating so the ladders connect until you reach the pivots. Rotate these three narrow towers so the ladders are all on the same side, the rotate so the ladders line up. That makes it easy to reach the top, grab two bits, and cross all the way over to the bottom of the next tower, where there is a door.
  16. Keep on ascending! There’s a lift, some rotating platforms, and some new cog-looking big rotating platforms, that move on a much bigger axis. They’re quite easy to ascend, so you can reach the big cube at the top. Instead of warping back to central, follow the path back to the sewers.

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2 Comments on Fez Walkthrough

Delusional King

On May 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

On the first Level, In the room with the picture of the dude with the crown, I think it’s the last room you found the cube in. If you enter RT,RT,LT,RT,RT,LT,LT,LT really fast a anti cube appears.


On October 17, 2013 at 9:50 am

This game looks like its made up of Minecraft and Mario