File-N-Forget Podcast Episode 10: Multiple Roles, Singular Worlds


It’s Friday, and that means another episode of the Gaming Today File-N-Forget Podcast. This week finds Ron and Shawn debating whether the MMORPG is killing the singleplayer RPG, both in sales and in terms of saturation.

Also, instead of our normal Rant or Rave segment, we instead reveal the first details about a new project in the works here at Gaming Today, FileFront Frag Nights.

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4 Comments on File-N-Forget Podcast Episode 10: Multiple Roles, Singular Worlds


On October 26, 2007 at 3:00 pm

Just listented to it, nice and quick huh?

Firstly, Shawn…do you do any filler work at a comedy club? Seriously, you had me laughing quite a bit over here!

Ahem, anyhow. I also have to agree with Shawn in the idea of MMO’s/RPG’s fulfilling different things, or, you being different. What I mean by this is, as that isn’t terribly understandable, is that in a solo RPG, you play as someone else. Take the Final Fantasy series, you tend to play as the primary (male) swordsman of Tidus/Cloud/Zidane etc. An MMO has you play AS you. YOU pick the looks of your character. YOU pick what your character becomes/does. RPG’s traditionally follow a given path/s.

With that in mind, I find it hard to think that MMO’s will ‘kill’ RPG’s because they’re simply a different genre and that some of the more casual MMOers might find their way into serious gaming by exploring genre’s on a similar level…such as traditional RPG’s.

I guess that’s it. Don’t think you fooled me with your few minutes shorter than usual episode! But I forgive you, mostly due to your hilarious comments about the frag fests. I don’t WANT to kill you guys, but…you know, I would do, if we were there…y’know, so that you felt like you were really part of it. Unfortunately, Saturday frag fests American time is sleepy time over here in the UK. Shame, really.

Shawn Sines

On October 26, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Well I loosened up a bit more this week. Traditionally I’ve kept things pretty clinical for the last 10 episodes since the star here should be Ron and not Me:)

I’m more like this in my other podcast GameOn! (which you can find if you search Google pretty easily using my name or on iTunes).

Thanks again for the comments Joel. Maybe we can make something happen early enough that even you Brits can take a few shots at us. You’re not too far ahead of US Eastern time – which is the zone I live in.

I secretly like the shorter episodes because they mean less time editing them.. but I’m selfish. I think we just didn’t want to go on and on about this topic since it’s mainly an opinion piece.


On October 26, 2007 at 7:45 pm

That was something I was considering, the fact that the time difference isn’t exactly THAT horrific. I think it should more be like “almost sleepy time”. I think the UT3 demo will work on this PC (though HDD is anothe problem…just ordered Orange Box with about 20gb left!!) but there are other games I can play. I’ve been watching the development of the FileFront clan and whilst I don’t think I’d particularly join it as such, I’d happily play along. It’s not that I dislike the FileFront clan…it’s just that I tend to dislike clans in general, because of bad bad bad past experiences with some and the fact that they can take quite a bit of effort, effort I’d rather put into losing in Command and Conquer 3.

As for episode length, I think the around-fifteen-minutes is the sweet spot; attention remains high whilst still giving a lot of time to say everything, but as you said, opinion pieces are only that and can’t go on forever.

However, I do have a podcast suggestion; Too many FPS’? I’m not saying they’re bad (the owner of Orange Box, the source games, Battlefield 19/2142, Star Wars: Battlefront, Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior, Quake 3, Halo 1/3, Unreal Compilation etc. etc.) but from E3, all I seemed to hear about was this or that FPS. We’ve had Halo 3, Metroid Prime 3. We’ll be getting Haze, Crysis, Far Cry 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, UT3, Call of Duty 4 and so on and on and on. It seems that 50% of all new games now are FPS’. I’m not saying that’s ALL bad because clearly, all the games I’ve mentioned above have some sort of good quality about them (except maybe for Fire Warrior)but I just worry that developer’s are believing that we only like to play them and should therefoer inundate us with them.

I’m not saying either that there aren’t FPS games coming out (Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Spore, Super Mario Galaxy, Gran Turismo 5 etc.) but, the question I ask again is, are there TOO many FPS’?

Shawn Sines

On October 26, 2007 at 9:16 pm

I know how it feels to lose at C&C3. I don;t think the concept of the Frag Fests is to be a true Clan experience.. more like a gathering of people with a tenuous connection – i.e. Gaming Today and Filefront. It’s more about being social in realtime… oh and for some I guess there are bragging rights involved… not me unless I’m bragging how much I got shot or how badly I felt I played.

Good suggestion on the FPS topic, I could talk about that one easily.