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Well, E3 is behind us all now. We’ve survived the flights, the crowds, and the Dead Space 2 demo. You’ve survived all the hype explosions, mass hysteria, and literal oceans of content flowing out of the LA Convention Center. So, now that we’re all still OK, there’s one colossal question left: What were the best games at E3 2010?

To find out, we grabbed our crew from E3 and locked them in a dark room deep inside the secret FileFront volcano lair until they gave up their top 5 games of E3. To be fair, it didn’t take long, as all they wanted after a week of E3 was sleep and coffee.

Several games were mentioned, and we’ve assembled the best of those into our Top 5 of E3. Check out the compiled list, and the lists of all of our E3 team members, after the break.


FileFront’s Top 5 of E3 2010 shook out as follows (links will take you to our E3 pieces on each one):

  1. Dead Space 2
  2. RAGE
  3. Portal 2
  4. The Witcher 2
  5. Twisted Metal

That’s the short list. If you’d like to see how each of our E3 attendees voted, read on.

Mark’s List

  1. Dead Space 2 – What I can say? It blew my face off. It had a few things going for it right away. The fact that you can use Kinesis to throw enemies’ limbs for damage is a biggie. And just generally, the faster pace, and frighting new enemies looked like a pretty exciting package for Dead Space 2.
  2. Portal 2 – Valve is taking a ballsy risk here. It looks like they’re layering in quite a few new gameplay mechanics: the “painting” thing, the high-powered vent tubes, etc. The pace of the puzzle solving looks more frenetic, which I can dig…I just hope they don’t kill the charm of the original.
  3. RAGE – This had me right when I saw id Software’s Matt Hooper use a “Wingstick” (basically a bladed boomerang) to decapitate some mutants. The streamlined gadget-creation system looks like fun, as well. Remote control car bombs, anyone? Lastly, the enemy AI was pretty impressive, almost ninja-like in how they flipped, ran on walls,etc.
  4. Mafia II – This was my “surprise” at E3. It’s been 8 years since the original, and I didn’t really know whether I should be excited or not. But it’s bad ass. The cutscenes are Alan Wake-grade, and the combat mechanics felt tight and satisfying. The realization of the 1950s also felt pretty stunning in the short demo I played.
  5. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge – This seems just like a simple, violent, action-packed co-op medieval action game with a Gears of War 3 feel to it (it uses Unreal Engine 3). The version I played was in alpha, but it already looked great. Powering arrows with ice was fun, and the execution moves were a nice touch.

Ron’s List

  1. The Witcher 2 – The first Witcher game was one of my favorite new IPs in several years, so it’s no surprise I was stoked for this one. The new engine, improved animations, and the player’s actions affecting the storyline all combine to make this as good a sequel as I could hope for.
  2. Dead Space 2 – DAMN. I had to grab a mirror and check my face after this demo to make sure it was still attached. Faster enemies, plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments, and Isaac talks – that’s enough for me right there.
  3. Mafia II – Another anticipated sequel for me. I was delighted to see how solid the game was. Combat was tight, cutscenes are amazing, and the poor driving mechanics of the original game have been completely replaced. A definite winner.
  4. Twisted Metal – OMG. I love me some Twisted Metal, and this announcement was huge. It plays just like the old games, and has all the fun, zaniness, and competitiveness of the classic titles.
  5. RAGE – id’s new Tech 5 Engine looks amazing, and RAGE fits it like a glove. Outdoor environments reminiscent of Borderlands mixed with gameplay along the lines of Fallout 3? Sign me up.

Ross’ List

  1. Dead Space 2 – Absolutely the best thing I saw at E3. It looks like EA took into account every critique of the first Dead Space and removed everything that didn’t work (while vastly improving everything that did). If the demo can be trusted, this game will have it all: Better weapons, better suit, better (and more disgusting creatures) and, best of all, the Church of Unitology HQ.
  2. Metroid: Other M – I’m not saying this is the most technically impressive or original game ever. But it’s damn nice to see the Metroid series finally returned to its 3rd person roots after spending a decade as a boring, and inexplicable FPS. Other M boasts a beefier storyline, the return actually getting to see Samus’ awesomely upgrading suit, limited squad based combat, and a long overdue investment in a classic franchise Nintendo appeared to have lost interest in. CANNOT WAIT.
  3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – I’ve said all I can about this one in my impressions piece
  4. APB – I’m generally lukewarm on MMORPGs, but this World of Warcraft take on the GTA concept is a blast. Crazy detailed character creation and ridiculous, cartoonish combat. Plus you get to play male or female, cops or criminals. I was lucky enough to get included in the beta test and will be reporting more later. So far, I love it.
  5. Civilization 5 – People who don’t play this series won’t care. People who have spent the 5 years since Civ 4 came out playing and replaying and replaying are as obsessed with this as I am. There are a few gameplay changes I’m not so sure about but overall, from what I saw it looks very much like Sid Meier has cranked out yet another brilliant game.

Jon’s List

  1. Dead Space 2 – In short, this one is quicker, meaner, and more deadly than the first game.
  2. Portal 2 – Great new gameplay features make Portal 2 look like a superior puzzle challenge when compared to the original.
  3. RAGE – If you liked Borderlands, RAGE appears to be a high speed, low drag shooter in the same vein, plus it has id Software’s twist.
  4. Twisted Metal – A classic is reborn with more evil, more blood, and more destruction.
  5. F.3.A.R. – I’m intrigued to see how this pans out. It could be the next great cooperative shooter if it’s properly refined.

Jeff’s List

  1. Dead Space 2 – A dark and very creepy game. I’ve been longing for a game to freak me out while playing with all of the lights out in surround sound. It certainly gives that feeling. Also, being able to beat enemies with their own limbs and curbstomp some skulls leads to some great stress relief.
  2. RAGE – It feels like a mixture of the action of borderlands with the awesome looking graphics and details of Fallout 3. Put that together with some creative weapons and awesome gore-splattering weapons and you get Rage.
  3. The Witcher 2 – I’ve been a big Witcher fan since I first started playing the game. This time they remade it all from the ground up with a swanky new game engine that, of course, has better graphics but also throws in better physics and the combat looks a hell of a lot more fluid and intense. It’s certainly one I’m pre-ordering.
  4. Twisted Metal – OK, I admit it, I sucked donkey balls when trying this game. But I had fun being terrible. This is definitely something to pick up and play with your buds for some fun filled carnage. The hilarious weapons that can be used alone make this game worth it.
  5. Dungeon Siege 3 – I’m a big RPG fan and loved the first two Dungeon Siege games. Breathtaking graphics and all that you would expect of a fun dungeon crawler keep this game on my top 5.

What were your E3 highlights this year? Tell us below!

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